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Harry Potter Chapter 1

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I do not own the rights to "Harry Potter" nor any of its characters. This story is written purely for the entertainment of the reader and is in no way connected to the series, its creator or should in any way reflect on them.


This story is copyrighted 2008 by Jason Morris, may not be excerpted, reprinted, reproduced, or reposted in any form without the express written consent of the author. Visitors to this web site may read or temporarily download pages but are not permitted to modify or re-distribute them.


The story contains sexual activities and situations that are to be read only by readers above the legal age of consent. The story is not to be read in locations where such stories are illegal. If you are not of legal age, or live in the wrong place, please exit this site immediately.




Chapter One




Harry Potter had finally turned 18. As was expected, he did not have the party at his own home, formerly the home of the Black family; but he celebrated it with friends and those he considered more family than anyone else.


The sun had just set behind the trees at the Weasley’s home, The Burrow. The table was set with many simple foods and a table off to the side was piled high with many gifts from not just the few that were in attendance but from all over the wizarding community.


Since his defeat of Voldemort, Harry was the greatest hero to be known and everyone wished to pay him respect in any way possible. For this reason, he had now found it nearly impossible to have any time alone without someone coming up to him and shaking his hand.


“And many more,” sang the group sitting along the sides of the table.


“Make a wish Harry and blow out the candles,” called out Ginny from beside Mrs. Weasley, a short distance from the end where Harry was sitting.


Harry blushed at Ginny’s comment. Even after defeating Voldemort, he was still unable to cope with his decision to break it off with Ginny before hand and her decision to start dating someone else during his absence. Ginny had told him she did it so that it would throw suspicion off of her as Harry’s girlfriend, but she fell in love with Johnathan Blakely during the few months they had been dating.


Harry thought to chastise the youngest Weasley for such a childish thing to say but decided that he would make a wish after all. Closing his eyes, Harry thought real hard about how much he wished to feel a woman’s touch again, they way he used to hold Ginny when they were snogging in the dark corners at Hogwarts and the stolen kiss they had just before he, Ron and Hermione had left for their trip around the countryside.


Opening his eyes, Harry’s first sight was of Ron and Hermione kissing each other. Their friendship had truly expanded during their run from the Death Eaters and Voldemort over the past year. Now that they were both over 18-years-old, no one could stop either of the two from going at it together, except for Ron’s mother, that was.


“Stop that, you two. This is Harry’s birthday, so don’t ignore him just for you little flings,” Mrs. Weasley said as Harry blew out the 18 candles.


As soon as the last one blown out, they all re-lit themselves again. Harry blew harder this time, making sure to blow all the flames out, but as he got the last one to go out, the first to go out kindled back to flame. The others followed.


“Is it magic?” Harry asked Mrs. Weasley.


“Not our magic, Harry,” said Mr. Weasley. “I thought you’d like something from the muggle world at your party, so I got some trick candles at a novelty store. I’m still trying to figure out how they work, though.”


“Whoa!” Ron exclaimed. “You mean muggles came up with that trick?”


“Ron. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the muggle world,” Hermione said. “The trick is with the wick. There’s tiny sparks on it that will reignite the smoke shortly after the flame is blown out. Not really magic, you see? More like alchemy.”


Harry laughed at Ron’s expression as he tried to understand everything that Hermione had just told him. When Ron looked at him, Harry just closed his mouth from the laughter and looked away, using the excuse to reach for a cup of Pumpkin Juice as an excuse.


Dipping his finger into the juice, he brought it out with just a drop of liquid hanging from the tip. He blew out the closest candle, then placed the precariously dangling droplet atop the wick, extinguishing the fire before it could restart again.


As he did this 17 more times, Harry thought about his and his friends’ plans for this summer before they went on search for their lives in the wizarding community. As was the tradition for many wizards, Harry was going to take several months off from studying and keep out of the close knit circles of wizards and witches in hopes of finding some anonymity from others.


When he had spoken of his plans with Ron and Hermione, they both loved the idea and invited themselves on his travels. Harry thought about how some people would be upset at having someone force themselves into their plans, but the three of them had been friends from their first year at the school for witches and wizards.




“So, what are we going to do?” Ron asked, a touch of worry in his voice. “You know I can’t afford much or to travel very far.”


Harry had learned early not to throw his wealth out in front of Ron and didn’t offer up to pay for Ron’s way the entire trip. It would only make his friend feel less of a man if he did that.


“Well, we could work our way around the United States,” Harry suggested, knowing that this might give Ron some hope for traveling to the other country.


“Oh, Harry, you don’t want to go there,” Hermione said, sitting next to Ron. “They already know about your duel with You-Know-Wh…Voldemort. You’re as much of a hero there as you are here.”


“That’s all we need for this trip,” Ron mumbled. “More groupies, but with funny accents.” They all laughed at the joke, but each of them knew that it had become a problem for Harry, no matter where he went.


Every time that he or the others had traveled to any place in the wizarding community, they were swamped with well-wishers or younger witches and wizards asking for their autographs or a retelling of their ordeal avoiding the Death Eaters or fighting Voldemort.


They sat thinking in the living room of Harry’s home while Kreacher brought them piping hot tea and biscuits.


“Will Master Harry require anything else, sir?”


“No thanks, Kreacher,” Harry responded. “I think this is more than plenty.”


While the three watched the now pleasant house elf leave the room, they each shook their heads at how much he had changed over the years.


“I can’t believe that’s the same Kreacher that we met when the Order was meeting here,” Ron said through a mouth full of biscuit.


“I can,” Hermione stated defiantly. “Harry’s treating him the way anyone would want to be treated, with respect, and Kreacher’s just returning that kindness.”


“Well, yeah, but he still gives me the creeps sometimes.”


Harry chuckled at the bickering between his two friends and how much they fight like a married couple made him come up with an idea.


“I’ve got it,” he said aloud.


“Well, don’t give it to me,” Ron said, laughing before he took a sip of his tea.


Hermione gave him a slight scowl, but on her, the scowls were no longer as mean looking as they used to be. Ron had been right when he told Harry in private that Hermione was beautiful when she was angry.


“What have you got, Harry?” she asked.


“Let’s go camping.”


The look both Hermione and Ron gave him caused Harry to break out in a raucous laugh. Then they both looked at each other and then back at Harry before Ron spoke up.


“Are you bonkers, Harry?” he said. “I thought you would have had enough of camping after the last time we were wandering the countryside.”


“It’s brilliant,” he replied. “Our last camping trip, we were running for our lives and unable to enjoy it in the least bit. This time, we can go to all the places we were at before and enjoy the sights and ourselves.”


“But, Harry, that’s not a good idea. You’ll be out in the open all the time and interacting with people when we go into towns. People will find you wherever you go.”


“They didn’t find us when we were moving around last time…until I gave our location away. So, we just set up the spells we did last time and keep ourselves hidden away from sight while we can. When it comes to getting supplies, we can always go into the muggle towns to get them. They won’t recognize us as well as magical people will.”


“He’s got a point, Hermione,” spoke up Ron. “Plus, it’s within my budget for a year off.”


Hermione shook her head, and sat back, drinking the tea while she thought about the pros and cons of the idea. The whole time, both Ron and Harry watched her, waiting for her to come up with a good reason they couldn’t do it.


“Okay, you win, but we pack plenty of saltpeter.”




After the birthday dinner, Harry returned to the room set up for him at the Burrow and made sure he had all his supplies packed. Still looking over the items he began to wonder more about Hermione’s only request for something they must take with them.


Saltpeter was packed away, separated from the rest of the foodstuff. Both he and Ron were carrying a small shaker of the material and it was explained to them afterward by Ron’s brother why it was necessary.


Harry smiled at the attempts that Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had tried to explain the need and use for saltpeter; however, both of them were turning redder in the face than their color of their hair. Finally, George spoke up, always easy to speak about delicate subjects.


“It’s like this Harry,” he said, matter-of-factly while sitting down at the kitchen table. “When a wizard and witch turn 18, they are suddenly open to a new danger that isn’t there before that age.”


Harry’s look of confusion must have explained that he still didn’t understand, so George continued.


“The age of 18 for any human is called the Age of Lust by the magical society. Most parents will sit down and talk to their children before they reach that age; and it’s one of the lessons that is taught during the seventh year at the magical schools, as well. Since you didn’t go to school during that last year, and those blighters that were supposed to be taking care of you never cared if you lived or died wanted to know about our kind, I guess it will be up to us to explain it.”


George looked at his parents and their expression was just too comical. He began to laugh and Harry couldn’t help but laugh with him. Ever since the battle at Hogwarts and the loss of his twin, George had become very solemn. Harry couldn’t remember hearing him laugh once since that day and wondered if he ever would again. Here in the cozy home of the Weasley’s and hearing George’s laughter was another good memory that Harry would cherish.


“Come on, Harry. Let’s go outside and I’ll explain it to you so Mum and Dad’s heads don’t explode,” he said, getting up from his seat and heading toward the door. Harry stood up and walked around the long wooden table, smiling at the Weasley’s sitting there in silence. He kissed Mrs. Weasley on the cheek as he passed her by and thanked her and Mr. Weasley for their help and for dinner.


When he stepped through the door, Harry pulled it tightly closed and took a deep breath of fresh air. He saw George standing a short distance away, near the garden, looking up at the stars. Harry walked up beside him and just stood, letting the lone twin have his moment of peace.


“You know, Harry, sometimes, I’d swear I can still hear Fred telling me his horrible jokes,” George said. He looked at Harry and smiled. “He’d be having a great time talking to you about this stuff right now. We’d be spinning tales out our bums at you, mostly to get a rise out of you, but not like the kind we used to. Here, let’s go sit at the picnic table.”


They walked over to the table and sat down across from each other. Suddenly, Harry could sense that George was getting serious again, which was so much unlike him before the battle.


“When Fred and I left Hogwarts, Harry, we didn’t go to Mum and Dad’s” George started. “We went to Bill’s place and stayed with him for a bit until the business was up and running full on. After a few months and galleons were rolling in, we decided to take our trip and see the world.


“We decided to see the States, but we never got past the southeastern area of them. We took one of the muggle’s transports called planes across the Atlantic and landed in Atlanta. As soon as we were there, we made reported to the wizarding authority there and let them know we were there for both business and fun. He apparently didn’t like our candies too much, though.”


George let out a laugh as his memory flashed back to that time. “That man’s face turned bright green with the gum we showed him. He thought we had poisoned him until we showed that with each piece of gum there is an quick-cure spell written on the wrapper.


“As soon as we were allowed to leave the city, we went straight to one of the smaller wizarding communities in the north Georgia mountains. Donovan’s Bend, I think it was called. Anyway, we got there just in time for their annual Spring Equinox celebration. I’m telling you Harry, when you get a chance, you really need to see how the Yanks celebrate their holidays.


“Anyway, during this celebration, we found out that all the young men in the village were being made to draw lots from a pot. Fred and I asked if we could play, but they wouldn’t let us, because we were outsiders. After a bit of talking with the kids and showing them our wares, we found out the lots were being drawn so two of the men in the village at the age of lusts would be offered to the furries roaming the forest around the village.”


“You mean they had those nasty flying biters infesting the forest?” Harry interrupted.


“No, Harry. Not furies. Furries. We didn’t know what they were talking about at first, but we found out later. I’ll get to it in a moment for you.”


“Okay. Go on,” Harry said, noticing the gleam in George’s eyes at being able to hold an audience again.


“So, there we were finding out that they had a problem with sexual predators and had no clue how to fight them off. We found out later it was because none of the villagers had ever had the money to pay for all seven years at their school of witchcraft and wizardry. We offered them our services to take care of the furries for them, and they kind of took us at our word.


“Fred should have told them we would kill the furries for them instead of take care of the furries for them. Blimey, Harry. Would you believe those back wood loonies used some kind of potion on us called Moonbeam, or Moonlight, or something like that, on us. We were passed out in no time and woke up several hours later buck naked in the forest without our wands. We were lucky that we had eaten dinner earlier with the salt peter sprinkled on.


“Sure enough, as soon as our heads had begun to clear, we saw the predators clear as day. At first, both of them looked like foxes, only a little larger than the usual fox. They were walking with their heads and tails in the air, sniffing around as they walked right to us. They were within just a few meters when they stopped sniffing and looked right at us. The next thing we knew, they leapt at us, and changed into two of the most gorgeous female bodies you’ve ever seen, Harry.”


“You mean furries are animagi,” Harry asked.


“No, they aren’t completely human. They didn’t change to human from animal, like Professor McGonagall can. Their human form is still covered in their animal fur and just as soft as it can possibly be. Their faces don’t change completely, either. Their noses and mouths still protruded out from their face a bit, kind of like a snout; and their hands and feet keep the paw shapes of their animal, too. Basically, Harry, they were vixens that could walk on their hind legs if they wanted too. Oh, and the tails, Harry. You’ve never seen such fluffy tails.”


“Are you okay George?”


“Sorry, Harry. It’s the effect that sexual predators have on ya once you’ve been attacked by one. In normal fashion, just looking at one may scare you and make you want to run, but once they get their paws on you, and this time, it was paws, you fall under their spell. You find yourself giving yourself to them. Though your mind is screaming of the dangers, your body desires them more and more. The next thing you know, you’re mind actually gives in and you’re just a willing slave of theirs.


“Fred and I were instantly pinned by these vixens and their musk was all over them. Though my mind was screaming for help, my mouth kept shut and my nose just breathed in more and more of her fur as she rubbed her scent glands around my head, like a cat. Next thing I knew, she had begun to…well, let’s just say that Fred and I were being shagged like we had never expected to be shagged before.


“We found out afterward that these creatures mate twice a year, but since it was just the two of them and they were both females, they wanted the human males to help them have kits. None of the young men had ever lived the shagging, though. These two vixens would go non-stop, you see. They would drain the magic out of their victim as well as their cum with constant orgasms.”


Harry felt his face turning red, talking with George about this.


“It’s okay, Harry. I know it’s embarrassing to hear, but I want to give you warning of the things you will be facing now that you have reached the age of lust. We were safe because at our first orgasm, the vixens were hit with the spoiled seed that Fred and I had, thanks to the saltpeter. After that, they stopped what they were doing and ran into the wood, changing back into their fox shape and yipping at us.”


“How did you get your clothes and wands back?”


“That was the funniest part, Harry. We found the trial that we had been drug along into the wood and walked right back into the town. They thought we were ghosts come back to haunt them and took off running. Fred made a big show, waving his pecker around and demanding that the entire village go out into the wood and find our remains and give us a proper burial.”


At this point, both Harry and George were laughing aloud together and nearly fell off their seats. When they had calmed down enough to catch their breath, George continued.


“As soon as they were all gone, we went through most of the homes, found our wands, clothes and luggage and decided we had seen enough of the states and came home.” George took on his serious look and tone again and Harry calmed down even more at that point. “Watch yourself, Harry. It’s not going to be all fun and games on this trip, if you’re not careful.”


“We’ll be careful, George,” Harry said, growing solemn again. “Hermione’s loads intelligent on the dangers and Ron and I have our supply of saltpeter.”


“Hermione’s in danger, too, Harry. The age of lust is for both wizards and witches. She’ll be just a vulnerable as you and Ron without the saltpeter. Make sure you guys are taking plenty with you.”


Harry nodded and was glad he had bought extra saltpeter at the meat store. A couple of hours later, Harry was still lying in bed in Ron’s room asking himself how sodium nitrate was going to help them against such predators. There was the rumor that it was used by the military in curing the meats that were eaten and put in the food so that the men wouldn’t be so randy when in training. Harry figured that there must be something to that rumor since it was used by the entire magical community to protect the young adults.


As Harry drifted off to sleep, he thought back to what George and he had been talking about. As the darkness carried him into slumber, his dreams came rising up with his last thoughts fresh in his mind.




Harry felt the rough ground beneath his bare backside and quickly sat up. He looked around and found himself in a wood that was growing dark. He looked down and saw that he was naked, but it was okay because the temperature was very comfortable.


He stood and looked around, to try and get his bearing and figure out where he was. He could see trees as far as his eyes could see, but not very close together. The ground beneath his feet was covered with soft grass. Standing still, he kept his eyes open and was a little surprised he could see clearly without his glasses. The thought ran through his mind that the doctors at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries must have fixed his eyes when they took care of his injuries during his duel with Voldemort.


As Harry looked around, he began to feel trepidation at being in the wood alone and naked. The question of how he got there and why he was there popped into his head. He suddenly remembered talking to some strange looking villagers and they forced the Moon Beam potion down his throat, causing him to pass out. Now he was trapped in the woods with two predators coming for him.


Harry began to spin around quickly, looking around for the danger, but not seeing it anywhere. Hearing a twig snap behind him, Harry spun around, only to see nothing but more wood and then feel something grab him from behind. He smelled a perfume and felt his dick begin to grow with arousal as he recognized that whoever was holding him from behind was a woman by the crushed breast in his upper back.


Turning his head as far as he could, Harry felt the hard whiskers tickle his ear and cheek. He then saw the long red muzzle of a fox and saw the sharp bared teeth. As he began to struggle in the tight grip of the arms, he looked forward again, feeling the warm wet black nose on his ear as it sniffed at him. Just as quickly, a large fox came out from behind a tree in front of him and rose up on its hind legs.


The vixen changed to look like a woman, but still kept the tawny fur of the fox and the long bushy tail had grown longer and bushier as she became the size of a full grown woman. As she approached, Harry saw her tongue lick her black lips and drool fall from them. His dick still grew hard at the scent of the creature holding him, and was quickly pressed between his body and the warm furry body of the vixen that had now stepped up and pressed her breast to his chest.


Harry felt a rise of lust he never knew before as the two shapely female bodies pressed him between them. He could feel their tails coming around his sides and the soft fur caressing his legs as they ran up and down his thighs. The arms from around his back had slid up his chest and the rough paw pads rubbed along it. He felt the tips of the claws just barely grazing his skin, their sharp points adding just a touch of pain to the pleasure his body was craving.


The vixen in front of him had slid her arms around Harry’s waist and her paws were now on his lower back. He felt them slide down to his lower cheeks and pull his waist into her as her groin ground into him. Unwanted desire rushed through his cock as it rubbed along the soft fur of her lower belly. Harry felt her right leg come up and her inner thigh caressed his outer left leg. At the same time, the vixen behind him bent her knees, causing Harry to bend his, lowering him just a little and putting his face right into the furry breasts that were before him.


One of the bare nipples rubbed against his lips and Harry’s mind refused to allow it access to his mouth; however, his body was already giving in to the sexual assault of the vixens and his lips parted and his tongue reached out and licked the nipple before it was pressed into his mouth. Harry screamed no in his mind as he began to suckle on the nipple, hearing the vixen behind him and in front of him murring with pleasure.


He then felt the leg wrapped around his side tighten around his thigh and his body forced itself to stand up. As it did, Harry’s lower arms reached around the vixen’s waist, against his minds screaming protests, and lifted the vixen off the ground. Her other leg came up, wrapping around Harry’s other side. He could tell that both her lower legs were actually wrapped around his and the vixen’s legs behind him, holding the three of them in this erotic embrace.


Harry’s arms lowered the vixen’s hips down and he felt the tip of his overly sensitive cock head tough something hot and wet. His mind began to scream as loud as it could for him to stop before it was too late, but his body didn’t care. His arms quickly lowered her down onto his shaft and Harry woke up panting and with a raging hard on under his covers.


His hands quickly went to his erection as he looked across the room at where Ron was still asleep and snoring loudly. Harry was thankful that Ron was lying with his head turned away from him, not wanting his friend to see the problem he had at the moment. Lying back down, Harry stared at the ceiling, trying to shake off the feeling that he was still surrounded by the soft sensual fur of the two vixens and think of something that would not cause his dick to twitch like it was doing now.


Against his will, Jenny came to mind. Her nice young body pressed against his while they were snogging near the back wall of The Burrow. Knowing he would not be able to sleep with those thoughts, Harry let his hand begin its work to relieve his suffering and drifted off to sleep when his lust had been taken care of.


Copyright 2008 by Jason Morris, mjm202036@hotmail.com. All rights reserved.


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