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Harry Potter Chapter 2

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I do not own the rights to "Harry Potter" nor any of its characters. This story is written purely for the entertainment of the reader and is in no way connected to the series, its creator or should in any way reflect on them.


This story is copyrighted 2008 by Jason Morris, may not be excerpted, reprinted, reproduced, or reposted in any form without the express written consent of the author. Visitors to this web site may read or temporarily download pages but are not permitted to modify or re-distribute them.


The story contains sexual activities and situations that are to be read only by readers above the legal age of consent. The story is not to be read in locations where such stories are illegal. If you are not of legal age, or live in the wrong place, please exit this site immediately.






Chapter Two





The next morning, Harry woke up to a lot of noise in the Burrow. Still on edge from the past years battles, he was on his feet with wand in hand and grabbing his glasses before he recognized the voices from downstairs.


“Well, you should have told us you were coming over on your anniversary, Bill,” Mrs. Weasley’s voice came echoing up from below. “We would have had a nice big breakfast waiting for the both of you.”


Harry sat on the edge of his bed and let out the deep breath he had been holding. Setting his wand on the night stand again, Harry rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Grabbing his robe and putting his glasses on, he picked up his bag of toiletries and made his way down the hall to one of the two bathrooms that was shared by all the Weasley’s but the parents. They had their own connected to their bedroom.


He had just reached the closed door, ready to stand beside it and wait his turn when the knob turned. Harry saw Ginny come out of the bathroom and look at him and they both smiled at the sight of the other.


“Morning, Harry,” she said, walking over to him. She leaned in and kissed his lips gently, letting her body press against his for just a moment. Harry’s free hand reached up and caressed her cheek as they kissed. He could smell the fresh clean smell of soap and Ginny’s shampoo, along with the underlying scent of both her perfume and her own excitement from their kiss.


As she pulled away, he became a bit worried she would see the arousal she caused with her closeness, but he didn’t need to worry about her seeing it as she just leaned back, still looking into his eyes and walked past him toward her room. Harry looked over his shoulder at her retreating flaming red hair.


“A very good morning,” he whispered to himself, before retreating to the bathroom. After cleaning up and taking care of the morning necessities, Harry put on his clothes and carried his bag down stairs. Just as Hermione had done with her own bag last year, his small bag was imbued with magic to be as small as the normal backpack, but to hold nearly three times as much as his old school trunk.


As he entered the dinning room, he saw that Bill and Fleur were sitting at the table, side by side and holding hands, while Mrs. Weasley busied herself around the kitchen.


“Morning, Harry,” Bill said, standing up and reaching to shake Harry’s hand. Fleur stood up as well and came around the table. As soon as Harry let go of Bill’s hand, Fleur turned Harry to her and kissed both of his cheeks. Harry couldn’t help but blush as he had felt the swell of Fleur’s breast brush against his chest when they were so close.


Harry knew that Fleur still considered him a hero, but not like others. She looked at him with great happiness more from trying to save her sister from the mer-folk during the Tri-Wizard Tournament, than from saving the rest of the wizarding community from Voldemort.


“Good morning, Harry,” she told him, after the two kisses. “I am very glad we caught you before you, Ron and Hermione went on your holiday.”


“Is something wrong,” he asked, worry that something had come up and would cause him to miss the opportunity of going on this trip with his friends.


“No,” Bill said, taking his seat after Fleur had come around and sat down. “We just thought that since you three were going to take the same trip you went on last year, but without all the stress and fear as before, we wanted to make it as much like it was last year.”


Harry’s look of puzzlement caused Fleur to giggle behind her hand. She took her hand down and spoke to Harry with her deep French accent.


“Last year, you left our wedding and we saw the three of you disappear. We wanted to see you off again this year, only to at least have a chance to wish you well this time, as we did not have that chance last year.”


“Oh, right,” Harry said, taking his seat across the table from them and was just reaching for some toast when Ron and Hermione walked into the room. He caught the blush on both of their faces, guessing that the two of them had probably been tangled in each others arms before coming into the kitchen.


“Happy Anniversary, you two,” Hermione said to Bill and Fleur. Harry’s face flushed at forgetting that it was their anniversary so easily after being told by them it was the same day they were married a year before.


“It’s about time you two showed up,” Mrs. Weasley said, walking over to the table with several serving plates full of breakfast foods for them. “I’ve got a few small packs of food sitting over on the counter for you three to take with you, once you’re done eating.”


They looked over at the counter she had nodded toward with her head and Ron’s mouth dropped open.


“How’re we going to carry all that?” Ron asked, looking at his mom.


“Very simple, really,” Hermione spoke up. “I’ve put a spell on your bag like I had on mine last time. You’ll be able to carry a lot of stuff in there and it’ll feel like a normal back pack.”


“When did you do that?” Ron mumbled through a mouth full of sausage.


“I did it last night, before you packed your bag. Didn’t you notice when you were filling it up that you had a lot more room?”


“Oh, right. I wondered how I had been able to get my broom into the bag.” Ron winked at Harry, who smiled in return. Hermione looked surprised for just a second before smiling at both of them. “But won’t it spoil before we need it?”


The trio had already told their plans for the first part of their journey. After a quick bite to eat that evening at the same diner where they were nearly caught one year before, they would return to Harry’s home, number 12 Grimauld Place. Once there, Kreacher, the house elf that Harry had received from his godfather, Sirius Black, would pamper them.


“Oh, don’t worry, dear,” Mrs. Weasley told Ron. “I’ve sealed the bags with magic so that it will remain fresh until you open them.”


“I helped,” Fleur declared, happy to show that she was just as good as the Weasley matron her ability to be a good wife for Bill.


After a lot of jovial talking, and the rest of the Weasley family trying to get specific locations and time when the trio would be arriving at, Harry, Ron and Hermione walked out into the middle of the yard, waved good-bye to everyone and apperated away.



- - - - -


Just like before, they were determined not to be tracked down and followed by anyone. Since defeating Voldemort, wizards the world over wanted to find and meet Harry Potter to shake his hand, pat him on the back, and, according to a few posts in the Dailey Prophet, bear his love child for him. But, like at Hogwarts, the secret that Harry carried the Death Wand wasn’t that much of a secret. Some of Harry’s “admirers” were likely to stab him in the back to get the wand.


They walked along Tottenham Court Road toward the small café that had begun their journey one year earlier. Ron kept looking over at Harry and snickering a bit. Harry understood as Ron had never really seen a baseball cap before and it must have looked funny to his red haired friend.


Not much to their surprise, a group of men were singing and weaving along the sidewalk across the street again. Since their last visit, a couple of new pubs had popped up in the area since their last visit. As they walked, the group of men across the street began yelling at Hermione, just like last time, even though she and Ron were holding hands.


“Hey, lov’, dump that ginger and come join our lot for some real fun,” yelled one man, causing the rest of them to start laughing more loudly. Ron spun around, his face red in the streetlights. “Oy, look out boys, we got ginger angry. You know, I love it when red-heads are angry. Come on, boy, give us a go.”


“Ron! Don’t!” Hermione said, grabbing his hand and pulling him along.


After a few more steps, Harry stopped in front of an alleyway and looked down it.


“Come down here for a sec,” he said. At her Hermione’s and Ron’s faces, he added, “I want to test something out.”


The three of them went down the alleyway, Harry in the lead, the other two following close behind. Harry kept looking over his shoulder until he was certain his plan was working and turned to face his friends, his wand out. Ron and Hermione were just as quick after a year of running and being tense for danger, spinning to look behind them and seeing the group of six men that had followed them.


“Oh, you three need to be careful with your little sticks or you may poke our eyes out,” one of the said as all six men suddenly charged toward them.


The word Stupefy reverberated off the high walls of the alleyway and six large men lay on the ground. The three of them laughed for just a second before deciding to make a break for it. As they exited the alleyway, they heard the loud pop’s of the Ministry of Magic wizards appearing.


“I can’t believe we did that,” Hermione said, still laughing over the cappuccino. Ron, remembering how much he didn’t like the taste of them, was sipping on a drink that Harry had ordered for him. “Ron, don’t drink that shake to fast, or you’ll get a brain freeze.”


“Wot?” he asked. “You mean this is a potion that will freeze my brain? Harry, why didn’t you tell me – Ahhh!”


“Sorry, mate,” Harry said, waving the waitress over. “Can my friend get a glass of warm water for his frozen brain?”


The same gum-chewing waitress from their last visit giggled at Ron’s predicament as she walked away. When the water came, Ron was still sitting there, holding his forehead with one hand and trying to push the chocolate shake away from himself.


“I don’t want any more of that stuff,” he said; but Harry stopped the waitress from taking it away, knowing that as soon as the pain was gone, Ron would be back at it again.


“Has anybody got muggle money for this lot,” Ron asked about twenty minutes later, after sucking the last of the shake from the bottom of his glass.


“Your money’s no good here,” said a deep baritone voice, causing all three of them to jump and grab for their wands. “Don’t pull them out on me, mates,” said the man standing at their table, holding up both his hands and smiling.


All three of them looked up at the large bellied man with a handlebar mustache and pleasantly plump face. His front was covered by a greasy-looking apron. He squatted down and looked at all three of them for a moment, his face staying on each one of theirs, studying it before speaking again.


“I was in the back area, one year ago, and watched in silence what you three did,” he said, his voice hushed. “When the Ministry showed up afterward, I lied for you, saying that I had heard a commotion but when I came to the front there was nothing wrong. Luckily, they believed me.”


“What are you talking about?” Hermione asked. Ron and Harry caught on and looked just as puzzled at the muggle, knowing that they weren’t allowed to give away the secret about the wizarding community.


“My name’s Marley,” he said, reaching his hand out to Harry first. “Marley Fletcher. I’m a squib, and my brother’s a rotten wizard, but still playing for the good guys, I think; or so I hope.”


“You don’t mean Mundungus,” Ron blurted out, receiving a laughing smile from Marley but a scowl from Hermione.


“That be him, alright, the scoundrel. And you three, by my guess and the Daily Prophet, are Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley and, the one and only Harry Potter. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me and anytime you three wish to come back, I won’t tell anyone you were here or charge you a knut for a single item on the menu.”


“Thank you,” Harry said, giving the large man another hand shake.


- - - - -


As they arrived at Number 12 Grimmauld Place, they were greeted at the door by Kreacher, who bowed them into the home and pleasantly took their coats from them.


“The beds are prepared, Master,” the house-elf said.


“Thank you, Kreacher, good job,” Harry said.


As the house-elf walked away, they could hear him mumbling something under his breath, Harry only able to catch the word “shroud” out of the mess; but they ignored it as Kreachers mumblings were no longer grumblings but hidden compliments to his new Master and friends, even Hermione.


“I’m still surprised that you were able to keep this place unplottable, after I left Yaxley on the doorstep,” Hermione said, while the three of them settled down in the sitting room.


“I asked Kreacher about that, but all I get out of him is that he took care of ‘the intruder’,” Harry stated. “After seeing how he attacked Mundungus, I’m not sure I want to know what he did with Yaxley.”


After a short talk, all three of them retired to their separate rooms, Ron and Hermione taking the guest room and Harry taking the master bedroom. Sirius’ room had been left as it is, cleaned regularly by Kreacher but not to be lived in again. Out of respect for Kreacher’s love to his former master, Regulus, Harry left the room closed off and locked, so that no one would go in there except for Kreacher himself.


After stripping down to just a pair of undershorts, Kreacher appeared in the room with what looked like a shoe box in his hand.


“I have a birthday present for the new Master, that used to belong to the old Master,” Kreacher said, bowing low. “It should make Master Potter very happy, just as it made Master Black very happy on lonely nights.”


“What is it?” Harry asked, thinking that Sirius must have kept this item secret but Kreacher had found it.


The house-elf lifted just a small portion of the box’s lid and something black as the night seemed to slide out of the opening. Harry hesitantly stood there, wondering what could be inside the small box. Kreacher kept the rest of the lid held tight and held it out and up toward Harry.


“Feel it, Master, and you will enjoy its touch.”


Harry tentatively reached out his hand, his other hand reaching for the Death Wand sitting on the nightstand beside the bed. As soon as his fingers touched the item, his other hand stopped reaching for the wand and moved forward to touch it as well. The feeling was like holding liquid silk, as it slid across his finger tips and caressed the edge of Harry’s palm.


Noticing that the material was beginning to cover his hand, Harry started to pull it back. As he did so, it felt like a light suction was trying to keep his hand wrapped in the silk material; but it wasn’t strong enough to keep him from pulling his hand completely free.


“The old Master caught it on a trip to a far off island,” Kreacher said, closing the box as the material moved itself back into the darkness of the box. “He trained it to not be of danger to its owner and a pleasurable pet. On long nights that the old Missus would not allow the old Master pleasure with her, this pet would give him much comfort. I have taught it that you are the new Master.”


“Thank you again, Kreacher,” Harry replied, reaching out his hands to take the box.


The house-elf handed the box over with a smile and bowed low before leaving the room. Harry looked around the room and made sure the door was fully closed. With the wave of his wand, he locked it from where he stood and looked at the box, his mind whirling at what Kreacher had just told him.


Harry’s desires got the better of him, and he stripped off his undershorts and climbed under the covers. Once he was settled in, he reached for the box, but hesitated for just a second, trying to think of any dangers that could happen to him with playing with his new pet. After a moment of staring at the box, Harry heard a slight thumping noise coming from the floor below his room.


At first Harry reached for his wand, thinking that someone was trying to break in, but when Herimone’s voice rose up through the ventilation calling out Ron’s name, Harry just grinned and quickly made up his mind. If those two were going to go at it, then Harry had a right to have some fun himself.


Harry waved his wand and extinguished the lights in the room before reaching for the box. He placed it under the blanket and sheets, next to his chest and slowly lifted the side of the lid that was closet to his bare skin. Before he could remove the lid completely, he already felt the soft, gentle touch of the material on his side. As his arm removed the whole lid completely, the material moved much faster in the dark thin space between Harry and the sheet.


The creature certainly felt like liquid silk as it caressed Harry’s chest and along his stomach, gliding across his body with the gentlest touch. In his mind, Harry thought it felt like many soft hands touching him everywhere. It glided over his chest and down his side, covering his opposite arm and softly pulling it to his side. Harry reached to his chest with his free hand and caressed the creature and felt a tingling in his skin where it already covered him.


It moved under his arm and made its way underneath his body. Harry’s free hand glided along the material and found that even as it continued to wrap his body, already half way underneath him, there was a lot more of it still in the box. The creature’s caresses now covered Harry’s entire torso and began to spread lower. As it did so, he felt it glide across his stomach and neared his growing erection.


When it reached his hardened member, Harry was surprised that it went between his lower stomach and the head of his dick. When it reached the base of it, the creature glided around it and just continued down his legs, avoiding Harry’s scrotum other than to move past it.


As Harry lie there, letting the thing cover his whole body, he began to grow a bit concerned. His legs were, almost lovingly, pulled together with the material fully wrapped around them, between the legs and around the outside of them. Even his toes felt individually wrapped, but held together by the silky creature. Harry’s frustration began to grow and reached down with his still free hand to his hard erection and touched it softly.


He pressed it against his now covered stomach, and the thing did not react as Harry hoped. It didn’t reach up to grab his member, but instead began to move more up his chest. It finally covered both of Harry’s shoulders and he felt its gentle touch start caressing down his arm. Harry resisted for just a moment before he felt the material between his legs start to cover his balls. The feeling was so pleasurable, his body slightly stiffened. This moment of hesitation was all that was needed as the material moved faster than it had and covered Harry’s entire arm and wrapped it tight to his body.


Harry, seeing that he was no trussed up, began to panic. He started to struggle again, wiggling inside the silk shroud that now wrapped him completely. With each movement, his body’s desire for more of the creatures touch grew. The caressing of his skin was growing more and more arousing by the moment; and it has begun to move on its own, as well.


Harry felt the movement first at the bottom of his neck, making its way up to his chin very slowly. His mind raced with fear that this was going to cover his mouth and nose and suffocate him; but that fear disappeared quickly as the movement on his neck was forgotten by the movement along his shaft.


Harry wiggled again inside the living shroud, but not for the purpose of escape. He rubbed his body against the caressing touch of the creature, enjoying the feeling. His fear rose up again when he felt the shroud touch his bottom lip and moved to cover his mouth. Think quickly, Harry tried to call out for help but his mouth was quickly covered, while it was open. Just as quickly, the head of Harry’s cock was engulfed by the creature, sending shockwaves of near bliss through his mind.


Harry’s back arched as he tried to thrust up into the silk enclosure that his shaft was covered with. He didn’t notice the liquid that now seemed to pour into his mouth, nor did he care that the creature was moving over the top of his head from the back, but not going any higher on his face than the base of his nose.


His breathing grew heavier and he tried to breathe through his mouth, only finding it full of some strange yet delicious liquid. He swallowed it and felt it coat his dry throat and hit his stomach. The pressure around his body tightened a little, holding him tighter, but not in an aggressive manner. Harry’s cock was no longer just sitting inside the wrappings of the creature, but it moved continuously around the shaft and head.


Harry’s mind was becoming fried with the shocks of pleasure that were shooting through his body. Before he knew what was happening, his back arched harder than he had ever done before and an orgasm wracked his body from the tips of his toes to the ends of the hair on his head. Harry felt his cum shooting through his cock and rushing out of it, but there was no feeling of it once it had left his body.


Harry began to relax when the shroud started to move past his eyebrows and cover his eyes. Harry let the darkness take him as the slow movements of the silky sex pet started manipulating his cock again. Harry, luxuriating in the feel of the creatures embrace, and knowing that there was now no way he could escape it, let it take full control.


The liquid has filled his mouth again, and he swallowed it once again, thankful that it wasn’t disgusting. If anything, the liquid turned him on even more. After his mouth was empty, and the creature was bringing him excruciatingly to a full erection, Harry reached out with his tongue and licked the creature where it covered his mouth.


To his surprise, he felt his tongue sink into it instead of pressing against it. As he did, more liquid began to seep into his mouth and straight down his throat. Wanting more of it, Harry prodded and licked faster into the sex shroud; but the liquid was no longer his only reward.


The caressing and what seemed like suction at his cock brew in more intensity. Harry kept up the licking and probing of his tongue, picking up his own speed to get the material to take him over the edge once more. When Harry came, he cried out into his new favorite pet and nearly passed out as his body continued to try and pound into whatever it was that now had a hold of him.


Harry finally relaxed again; but the creature started up once more with the caresses. He tried to ignore it, but his body was primed for more and the creature seemed to know it. Harry tried to resist, but his mouth filled up with the liquid once more. Unable to spit it out, he swallowed and lost himself to the sexual power that the fluid had over his body. Once again, the living shroud started the slow movement to claiming a third orgasm from its new owner.


When Harry was nearing that orgasm, he felt the material that now covered him almost completely close off the last of his body. Harry’s nose was instantly plugged and his sense of smell was accosted with the scent of all things he thought of when he thought of sex. His mind overwhelmed and his lack of oxygen caused Harry to have the hardest and most explosive orgasm of his young life.


He screamed for the entire duration as his body writhed in the full sensual, sexual massage it was receiving. His brain began to shut down from lack of oxygen and full orgasmic bliss. The last thought on Harry’s mind before he passed out was hoping that he would survive to find out if Ginny felt this good.


- - - - -


When Harry’s eyes opened the next morning, he was surprised to find that he was able to breathe, let alone move again. Raising his head, he looked down his form showing from through the tightly tucked blanket and sheets and saw the rise of the box he had placed under the coverings.


Throwing the covers off his nude form, he saw that the lid was completely closed again. Cautiously, he raised the lid and just a small part of the creature lifted out and touched his bare hand, the caress almost loving and enticing.


“Later, I promise,” he told the creature, carefully closing the lid as the black silk slinked back into the darkness of the box. After cleaning up and making his way down stairs to the kitchen, Harry found Ron and Hermione sitting close together at the table. He took the seat across from them and couldn’t help but remark on the evening’s noises.


“So, I heard that you two had fun last night,” he said to them before taking a bite out of his sausage. He took a quick look at the two of them and couldn’t tell who was blushing more. “Don’t worry, Kreacher showed me a new pet I’ve received that gave me quite a thrill, too.”


At the look on Hermione’s face, he felt compelled to tell his friends of his personal experience with the new creature. He noticed, but ignored, Hermione’s look of concentration and then one of fright as he finished his slightly abbreviated story of being wrapped tightly in the creature’s body.


“Harry, you don’t know what you were getting yourself into,” Hermione exclaimed when he finished talking. “That monster sounds like it was a lethifold.”


“That’s what the original master called it,” said Kreacher, walking into the kitchen with a large plate of mash and bowl of porridge floating in front of him. His magic lowered it onto the table as he continued, “Master said the lethifold tried to take him, but he trapped it and taught it his own personal tricks. Master told Kreacher that he could use it any time that was necessary to protect the family home. Kreacher used it while Master Harry was away this past year.”


“But, wasn’t Yaxley at the Battle for Hogwarts,” Ron asked, his mouth agape and still full of food. “I know I saw him after it was all over. At least I think it was him. He wasn’t that recognizable after Jenny used her bat bogey jinx on him.”


“Yes, Kreacher was caught unawares when the foul wizard showed up and didn’t stop that one from showing up inside the home,” the house-elf said, walking over to the fireplace. “He came into the house without much trouble getting past the wards blocking the foyer, and then forced Kreacher to tell what he knew after forcing a nasty liquid into Kreacher.”


“Sounds like veritaserum,” Harry said, looking at the other two. His eyes quickly darted to Kreacher and yelled, “DROP IT!” at the house elf.


Ron and Hermione both turned to the fireplace just as the fireplace shovel clattered to the floor. They both turned back to Harry without a second thought. They had heard tales of how the house elf, Dobby, would punish himself by inflicting horrible pain upon himself when he had done something wrong.


“So, you’re going to get rid of it, aren’t you?” Hermione asked.


“Why would I get rid of the shovel?” Harry asked, taking a bite of his porridge.


“Not the shovel, you idiot,” Hermione scolded. “The lethifold. It’s dangerous. It could have killed you last night, Harry.”


“Well, it didn’t,” he said. “And consider the noises I was hearing, it helped me get to sleep.”


This caused a sudden blush on Ron and Hermione’s face. They both took a quick look at each other, before turning their attention back at their plates and finishing breakfast in silence.


“So, how did you use the lethifold, Kreacher?” Ron asked through a mouthful of food, hoping to change the subject from his and Hermione’s evening endeavors.


“Kreacher showed the master’s pet to wizard that was left behind to watch the household,” Kreacher croaked with a leer on his face. “The wizard didn’t enjoy the way master’s pet played, as it was well trained to only play nicely with the master of the Black home. The master’s pet grew an extra three inches around the edges after that night’s dinner.”


Harry suddenly had a sickening feeling in his stomach, thinking that the creature he allowed to molest him last night had actually devoured a man before.


“That’s awful,” Hermione cried. “Harry, you must not use it again, or it may try to eat you too.”


Harry looked at her face and could see fear in her eyes. He nodded affirmation at her request, but he couldn’t shake the memory of the most intense orgasm he had last night, or the slowly rising bulge in his britches that came with these thoughts.


Copyright 2008 by Jason Morris, mjm202036@hotmail.com. All rights reserved.


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