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Larry was with the hunting party, and his job was a simple one.  He and about five other guys were to wander though the woods, making loud noises as they walked toward the area where the shooters stood on the plains, waiting for their prey to come running out of the tree line.  If done right, as it had been done in the past, they should get at least one or two of the large deer that wander the woods.


But, for Larry and the other five me, they knew that the danger wouldn’t be the arrows that would be fired at the prey escaping the woods.  Their danger was more from the monster women that also roamed these woods.  For this reason, they always kept in just within sight of each other.  They thought that if they could at least see each other, then the men would come running to help each other and protect them from the monster women.


Since the alraune were not blooming at this time of the day, their scent, while still permeating the air, was not thick and cloying.  If they had been in heat and seeking to mate, their scent along with the constant droning of buzzing insects would easily befuddle the mind and raise the lust of the hunters.  This was a lesson learned after losing several hunters who had “tamed” some alraunes.


As the sun slowly rose just above the horizon, Larry could see the shadows of the leaves playing on the ground as he watched his steps carefully, making sure to step on as many fallen tree limbs and twigs as possible.  Every so often, the six men would call out their own name, to let the others know they were still around, and to add to the noise they were making.  Plus, their voices helped let the shooters know how much closer they had gotten since the five minutes when they last called out.


“LARRY!” he yelled into the woods after hearing Sam yell out his name.  A short second later, he heard “BILL!” echo through the trees.  Looking in the direction, he just barely saw Bill step behind a tree and come out on the other side, still safe.


Turning his attention back to the ground and looking for a nice loud branch to stomp on, Larry saw a large shadow flash across the ground.  Looking up, he didn’t see anything, but he felt a nervous fear begin to build up along his spine.  He’d heard rumors from other hunters about large spider women dropping out of the trees and trussing up men in their webbing and carrying them away in their clutches.  God he hated spiders.


He’d heard from a few men that had been attacked by some monster women and released from their sexual grasp to survive another day.  Those men spoke of the wildest sexual pleasures they had ever felt and many of them even disappeared the next day, last seen wandering toward the area where they had been captured before.  Even the thought of an arachne catching him and fucking his brains out wasn’t pleasing to Larry.  The whole thing just made his skin cringe.


“Tom!” came an echo far off to Larry’s right.  He looked over and saw Sam just as the man tilted his head back and called out between his cupped hands.  “SAM!”  Doing the same, he emptied his lungs with a long echoing, “LAAARRRRYYYY!”


Smiling, he saw Bill look at him and chuckle before calling out, “BIIILLLLL!”


As his friend’s echo died away, and Sam started walking forward, Larry heard the buzzing insects right above him increase their volume and felt a sharp pain just barely pierce his skin between his shoulder blades.  His body froze in place, his legs locking up as he felt the world moving to rush up from behind him.  His fall was stopped when he reached a 45 degree angle with the ground and he saw a woman’s face looking at his.


Extreme fear filled Larry’s mind, suddenly remembering the large dark shadow and the stories of arachne coming out of the trees and carrying men away.  But he lost his fear of a spider woman cocooning him like a fly when he moved his eyes down so that he could look at the body and found she was standing on two very strong looking legs.  Her fully naked body had very broad black and yellow stripes around it, a bright yellow stripe covering the large breasts that hung with pride before her agile body.


One of her hands was holding a long staff with a nasty looking point on it that dripped with a drop of clear fluid on it, and what looked like just a tinge of red, possibly Larry’s blood.  Her other arm was holding onto the front of Larry’s pant’s waistband.  She pulled at it and he felt his body moving back to a stand position and found himself eye to eye, nose to nose, with the woman.  Her arm slid around his waist as she stepped up close to him, and he could feel her large boobs mash into his chest, and her hard nipples poke into his skin.


Her head went to Larry’s shoulder as she seemed to hug him, and he was able to see that she had a thorax just like that of a bee, and Larry now knew that he had been caught in the clutches of a hornet.  No man had ever been seen again after they were seen being carried away by a hornet.  As long as they remained here, his friends just might be able to save him from her grasp.


Unable to move from her paralyzing sting, Larry waited, hoping that she wouldn’t grab hold of him with both arms and then her legs and begin to fly away.  As he kept his eyes down, looking past her wings and at the black and yellow thorax, he saw a hard, smooth, pointy barb protrude from the end.  A drop of yellowish liquid fell from the tip and then the entire thorax began to bed downward.  As he watched it bend and curl out of sight, Larry felt the soft flesh of the thorax come up between his paralyzed spread legs.


No, he screamed in his mind.  Not again.  She’s going to kill me before taking me away.  They’re not going to be able to save meeee.


The last of his thoughts screamed loudly in his brain as the sharp point jabbed into one of his ass cheeks.  The pain of the shot was excruciating, and he could feel something like a pumping sensation, as her body seemed to grind against his.  He felt her large breast sliding up and down his chest as her lips started kissing and licking as his bare neck.  Her groin was even grinding at his very flaccid cock.  His blood raced, though, with fear of the oncoming death that was being pumped into his body.


But the pain in his backside was subsiding.  At first, Larry thought it was death numbing his body from the injection sight and moving out, but the skin wasn’t staying numb.  Instead, his flesh was beginning to tingle after the numbness.  It was like when a part of his body would fall asleep and then wake up.  Right behind the tingling sensation was a pleasantly warm feeling.


All of these sensations ran through his body like the waves of a ripple after something falls into water.  It worked its way out from the stinger and began to wash his skin with the warm pleasant sensation.  After a few seconds of his entire body feeling like this, Larry noticed that it was more intense in areas than in others.  Where his arms were bare and not being touched by the hornet woman, there was just a nice feeling.  Where his clothes or her body pressed against him, the heat increased and felt unbelievably good.


Soon, he noticed that not all of his body had been paralyzed by the first sting, as the grinding on Larry’s hips pressed incessantly against his suddenly hard erection.  As she continued to push his body into high arousal, his eyelids began to close half way with the rising lust that was filling his mind and body.  He felt the need for sex growing so quickly that he didn’t know or even care if his friends were nearby or not.  Right now, all he wanted was the physical release of the orgasm that was nearing.


Through the haze of lust, he saw the beautiful woman’s face looking at him, her eyes hard even though her face smiled at him.  In the back of his mind, Larry knew that he was just a resource for this monster woman; but his body didn’t care and needed, at this moment, to be a resource for her.  It ached from his bones all the way to the tips of his hair.  He was hers and he could not, nor would not, put a stop to it, as long as she kept humping him the way she was.


“SAAAMMMM!” echoed Sam’s voice through the woods.  Larry’s eyes fluttered at the memory of his friends, and his mouth automatically tried to move on its own and call out his name.  After a moment he heard Bill’s voice echo out his name and then silence.  His friends now knew that he wasn’t with them; but where were they?   Why weren’t the running to his aid?


A moan escaped from is partially open lips as he felt the hornet woman’s hand reach into them and grasp his erection, using his pre-cum as a lubricant to start stroking him.  His body shuddered involuntarily as he moved quicker to orgasmic release.  The hornet, her eyes looking hard at Larry with a knowing smile beneath it, leaned forward and pursed her lips.


They were as soft as he thought they would be as she pressed them against his partially opened mouth.  He felt her hands moving rapidly over his body, his clothes being ripped off over stimulated flesh.  Every touch sent dizzying pleasure through his mind, sinking him further under her influence.  With in a minute, his whole body was bare for her seductive fingers to tease him back toward the fiery lust that she had been building within him.


Larry could only groan with unmet release as the hornet woman started up her ministrations with her hand again.  One of her legs slid up the outside of his and her arm wrapped around his shoulder.  The other hand positioned his cock’s head and he felt her bare pussy’s heat and fluids caressing and dripping onto it.


His mind tried to fight through the gauzy desires that now wrapped it in a lustful dream.  It tried to scream for him not to let her mount him and make him her personal consort.  His body, slowly regaining its ability to move, pressed the hips forward, but only just barely before he heard his name being called out nearby.


“LARRY!  WHERE ARE YOU, LARRY?” Bill’s voice echoed.


Larry’s mind rejoiced and tried to let his position be known by calling back.  At the same moment, Larry’s body rejoiced as the hornet woman’s sex sank a little and engulfed the head of his dick.  All that escaped from the enraptured man’s throat was a guttural call of pleasure, as his body went rigid, thanks to being pushed right to the very edge of his orgasm.


“Larry, are you over there?” Sam called from nearby.  Limbs cracked and snapped under the men’s quick movements and the hornet woman’s head turned in the direction.  She started to rise up off of Larry’s cock, the head easing out from between the tight lips of her pussy.  He moaned into the air and felt his voice returning to him.


“No,” Larry whispered, looking at her, fear playing across his face and in his eyes.  He could feel it, but wasn’t sure if it was fear of being her lover or fear of his friends ripping him from this wonderful erotic embrace.  “No.”


She smiled at him and slid her other arm around Larry’s waist tightening them both around his shoulders and back.  Her other leg quickly wrapped around his thigh and tightened with the other one as her body fell downward and impaled herself on Larry’s cock.


“YES!” he screamed in monumentous pleasure as he sank deep into her gripping sex.  His head was suddenly filled with buzzing as her wings started flapping at an extremely fast pace.  He felt the world leave him behind as his orgasm exploded with her sex massaging his cock to greater pleasure.


He barely heard Bill and Sam crashing through the trees and then calling out his name as they watched him being lifted into the air by the hornet woman.  Her legs gripped and released his thighs as she flew on, causing his hips to push in and out of her.  Larry’s mind lost all thought but that of his new mistress and lover.


After on a few seconds in the air, but several lengths from where she had caught Larry, the hornet woman landed on a soft patch of grass near a large group of alraune were beginning to wake up with the morning sunlight.  As the air filled with their perfume, Larry’s mind slipped further into thoughts of sexual pleasures, his cock remaining hard deep inside the monster woman’s sex.


She pressed his back into the grass as her hips continued to impale her pussy on the prey’s hard dick.  Within minutes, her hips pressed hard against Larry’s hips and she started to grind insistently on the prick that was giving her so much pleasure.  A second orgasm was building closer and closer to the crest of his release.  Larry’s hips, no longer paralyzed by the hornet woman’s staff, were willingly thrusting deep into the glorious pussy that milked his cock for the hornet woman’s release.


All thoughts of anything besides sex were wiped from his brain when the insect woman atop his body pushed her hips hard into his groin and held her body still.  Her sex convulsed around Larry’s trapped erection, her juices flowing freely as her face contorting with the orgasm that this man had just given her.


Larry’s own explosion of bliss was just as exquisite, his cum shooting out of his dick with a release he had never felt before.  As it began to subside, he felt his cock beginning to wilt inside her sex.  Through half-lidded eyes, he saw the still stern and hard visage of the hornet woman looking down at him, but her eye still showed a lustful wanton need in them.


Larry’s muscles all began to relax the unbelievable orgasm he just finished having came to an end.  His eyes closed as he felt the hornet woman’s arms pick him up with ease and her loud buzzing filled the air.  When Larry next opened his eyes, he saw that he was kneeling on the floor of giant honeycomb, the entire surrounding area made out of some form of thick waxy material.


As he looked around, Larry’s brain began to clear out the cobwebs of the exhaustive sexual frenzy that had been forced upon it.  He felt the soft, but firm, hand of the hornet that he suspected of abducting him earlier, keeping him in place.  He looked over his shoulder and saw that he was probably right, since this monster woman behind him looked just like the one that had attacked him.


She stood just inches from him, her hand firmly placed on his shoulder, looking forward.  He could see that her legs were slightly spread apart, possibly to keep her stance.  When he turned his head to look in the same direction as the hornet woman was, Larry saw that they two of them weren’t alone.


Another hornet woman was walking toward them.  She was much taller with an even more pronounced hourglass figure than the one that had brought him here.  Her hips swayed seductively as she made her way toward them, one foot in front of the other.  Her large breast swayed hypnotically as she approached.  It took a lot of Larry’s willpower to look up from those breasts and into the face of this woman that had to be a superior.


As if to show that this was the queen, the hornet woman behind Larry shoved him hard on the shoulder, forcing him to bow over and prostate himself to the leader of this colony.  He heard the women buzzing between each other as he remained that way, too scared to look up since the rumors said that the hornet women were cruel to anyone that they captured.


Suddenly, he felt the hand of the woman behind him grab his hair and pull him back up to the kneeling position.  As his head was brought all the way up, the sharp pain of the stinger of the hornet woman behind him pierced his skin near his lowest rib.  Larry cried out and his mouth was quickly filled with the sex of the queen, who had stepped forward and pulled his head between her legs.


As the venom began to pump into his body, Larry felt the aphrodisiac venom coursing through his veins, filling up his mind with such erotic thoughts that he wasn’t sure where they had ever come from.  The pain of his pierced back no longer hurt but actually thrummed pleasantly with the pumping sensation of the venom.


Larry’s mind shut down all thought of anything besides copulation, and his mouth and tongue quickly began to work on the labia that were being forced against his lips.  Suddenly, another stinger pressed into his lower chest, arching upward under the rib cage and began to flood his body with the queen’s venom.


Larry learned quickly, though he couldn’t think straight to know that he had learned anything, that the queen’s aphrodisiac was much more potent than the regular hornet’s venom.  As it filled his body, his mind’s synapses began to shut down everything but the necessities of living.  His mouth latched hungrily to the queen’s sex and drove his over-excited tongue as deep into her as he could.  His dick swelled to a painful erection and began to leak pre-cum in copious amounts.


The queen mewled in pleasure at her new consorts ministrations as her venom began to take affect.  She would enjoy this mate’s body immensely.  She buzzed her pleasure to the hornet that had brought him and leaned forward.  As she did so, a large drop of perfectly clear liquid formed on her lips and held there as an offering to the drone.  In appreciation, the drone leaned forward and placed her lips on the queen’s offering of the precious queen’s private nectar.


As she sucked on it, taking all of the liquid into her mouth, her stinger pulled out of the human’s back.  When her lips finished sucking the liquid deep into her own mouth and down to her stomach, the queen’s lips pressed to the hornet’s and they began to love on each other above the human that was eating out the queen’s private parts.


In excitement, the queen’s stinger pulled back from the human and then jabbed his stomach, while the other hornet’s stinger plunged into another area of his back.  As their hands began to roam across each others breast, their stingers pulled out and stung the man relentlessly, over and over, injecting more and more of their venom into his body.


Unable to take so much unbearable pleasure, his mouth left the queen’s sex and he groaned as his body slumped sideways.  Both of the hornets looked down at him with angry looks until they saw that his erection stood straight up, waiting to be impaled upon.  Since he was the queen’s new sex toy, she straddled his hips and sank fast and hard on Larry’s cock, engulfing it with her sex and taking him all the way to her cervix.


Larry could only groan with the sudden exquisite engulfment of his cock in such a glorious universe of pleasure.  Before he could make another noise, his arms were pulled above his head and then the other hornet sat on his face, smothering his mouth and nose with her dripping sex.  As they both began to grind and hump his body with abandon, he felt the most pleasurable assault of stingers poking into his arms and legs while he heard the muffled moans of the two hornets kissing each other as they used his body to their own pleasure.


Larry’s mind sank deeper into the focus of mating, his cock quickly spurting out a load of seed deep into the queen.  Her pussy grasped at his cock and milked the cum out of his dick until there was nothing left, and continued to stroke the shaft as it pulled the seed deep into her womb.  The human sex toy’s erection did not fail the queen, remaining hard deep inside her succulent pleasure center, his hips still pressing deep into her body.  He bucked up into her continuously, while his tongue worked consistently in the quivering sex of the hornet still riding his face.


Larry was never heard from again, but his friends told the tale of seeing him being carried off by the hornet woman, his back with two holes in it where she had stung him horribly.  The people of the local village always cringed when they heard the horrible part of how Larry yelled in pain just as she had left the ground, her arms and legs most likely cracking some of the bones with her great strength.


Larry’s body was found a few years later outside the hornet’s empty nest.  His arms were wrapped tightly around the queen hornet’s body, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his body.  The queen’s mouth was stuck to Larry’s in a weird sense of a kiss, beeswax formed around their lips and locking them together.  The queen’s thorax was curled up between Larry’s legs, her stinger buried inside his lower back, a clear fluid leaking from the hole that it had caused.


Larry’s body showed signs of hundreds of healed stinger wounds, and his cock, when pulled from the queen’s pussy, was hard and erect, but looking terribly red and chaff from over use.  It was never told to others that, even with all those atrocious, painful acts committed to his body, Larry’s face had the look of a man that died in blissful pleasure.


No one knew that the hornets had found their aging queen in sexual embrace of her favorite consort.  Her heart must have given out during the use of her mate, and since he had no escape from her gripping arms and legs, or her stabbing stinger, Larry’s body gave out after hours of fucking the queen.  In her death throes, the queen must have locked her prey’s mouth to hers with the wax they created in their mouths before she died.


As was the usual instinct of their kind, they lifted the deceased queen and the human trapped in her arms and removed them from the colony.  A new queen was soon chosen and to preserve the nest, they all moved on to another area for better hunting grounds.  The humans that found Larry and the queen were pleased with the predicament.  The honey that was left behind lasted several years for everyone in the village, and was a great item sold to other villages nearby.


Monster Girls Encyclopedia

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Perentie said

at 12:01 am on Jul 4, 2009

Well in a sense its tragic, but in another it could at least have been a lot worse for him too. At least he didn't suffer. For all their aggressiveness I doubt the hornet's were intentionally cruel. Men are a highly valued commodity after all, especially one the queen considers worthy.

But well written as always. I do like the increased closure on this story, kind of hoping you might one day edit some extra closure to the Holstauros and Scylla stories at some point.

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