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Red Slime

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Nathan was a bastard, or so he was told; but he knew who is father really was.  Many of the men in the villages around the area helped to keep the human population alive and growing by going to the village love house.  It had become a place for men to meet their primal needs.  In an attempt to keep the human race from completely dying out, all of the villages started gathering young women who were of age into the public sex house.  Here men of procreation age would come, spread the seed, and everyone would hope that a child would come from the couplings.



Most of the time, the women wanted girl children; because women were in short supply all around as it was.  If a boy was born, they were usually raised to an adequate age before their childhood was over and they were sent to apprentice with craftsman for the task that the child would grow up and supply for the village for the rest of his life.  When he reached of age, he too would be taken to the sex house to spend a night with a woman in hopes of adding to the human population.



Nathan was one of those boys, and he was placed in apprenticeship with the blacksmith at the nice early age of eight.  But, he hated the job.  He always the sense that he was better at something else and on the rare occasion that he had gone hunting with his adoptive father, Nathan found his calling.  He heard the animals before the town blacksmith did.  He also saw the tracks and signs letting him know that there had been animals passing through the area.



The blacksmith would always give him scorn, and that became his last hunting trip with the older man because he didn’t care to, in the smithy’s words, “be showed up by a bastard child.”



Nathan had received a hard back hand across the face when he wasn’t a bastard and knew who is father was.  What Nathan didn’t know was that the blacksmith hated the man that Nathan looked so much like, even at such an early age.  The blacksmith had hated Aaron because of his daughter.



He had caught the hunter coming out of the procreation house one day and asked him if he would take his daughter to be his bride.  The hunter was in his early 20’s and already doing well for himself, bringing food to the table and enough game back from his hunts to sell in the market for a fairly good price.  Aaron was a prized catch for most of the families to keep their teenage daughters from being sent to the carnal house.



Aaron had promised to be the smith’s future son-in-law.  Then he disappeared.  Nathan had found been told by others in the village while he was a young boy that he was the spitting image of Aaron the hunter.  For this reason, the smithy did not like being tasked to train the boy as a blacksmith.  His daughter still lived in the carnal house, and had fathered two daughters.  It upset him that his daughter was there and not in a home with the hunter, and he took his anger out on Nathan.



When Nathan had walked through the doors of the carnal house for the first time, his mother recognized him right off the bat and welcomed him by taking the young man to the newest girl.  When he walked out of the place, Nathan felt pleased with doing his duty; but he was not happy at just having sex.  He wanted a relationship instead.  On his way back to the blacksmith’s shop, where he still slept, Nathan mad up his mind that he was not cut out for the job of blacksmith.



Instead, he let his feet carry him where they would take him, his eyes and ears open to the sounds that were all around him.  It was nearly an hour later, and under the light of the sinking full moon, that Nathan had come to a stop.  He looked around and saw that he was in what many called the haunted field.



Nathan could easily see why it was said to be haunted.  The moon gave the large grassy field an eerie glow; and far in the distance, there was a single lone dead tree standing.  It had no branches on it, and the trunk seemed to curve out to the side and then back again.



As Nathan stared at it, he got the feeling that he had seen something just like it once before.  A moment later, he knew just what he was looking at.  It was the curved wood of a bow.  Without a second thought, he raced across the open field straight for the curved piece of wood.  When he reached it, he saw that he was right.  It was a bow, the string long since broken and lost to the elements.



Nathan lifted the wood out of the ground with hardly any trouble, and cleaned the dirt off the end that had been planted in the ground.  He couldn’t think of why anyone would put it here and leave it.  It looked like it must have been a perfectly good bow in its time; and even now, with a little care, it would make a great bow again.



Looking around, Nathan caught the full moon’s light gleam on something white not too far away.  He carried the bow in his hand as he walked slowly and cautiously toward the object.  He remembered now that this was supposed to be a haunted field; and even though he didn’t believe in ghosts, he wasn’t going to just let his luck carry him all the way.



Nathan reached the white object and wondered what could have happened to his small wild animal.  He knelt down next to the tiny white bones and saw that they were just the right size for a bird and of the right weight too.  Looking around, he saw something that shocked him even more.



Lying close by was a quiver full of arrows.  Picking it up, he found a pocket on the side of it.  Nathan looked inside the pocket and pulled out an oily cloth wrapped around four long strings with loops at the end of each one.  No one had to tell the young man what they were for.



Immediately, Nathan placed all but one of the strings back into the pocket and set the quiver back down.  He took the bow in one hand and placed one of the loops at one end.  Bending over, he stepped his foot through the arc and used his upper back muscles to pull the bow down close to his head.  He stretched the string out and fitted the second loop around the other end of the bow.



Carefully easing the tension, Nathan felt very proud at the fact that he had just strung his very first bow.  He smiled big as he pulled an arrow out of the quiver and nock it to the string.  He pulled it back all the way to his cheek, the feel of the feathery fletching tickling it a little.  Not wanting to waste the arrow, Nathan raised it high into the air and aimed for the center of the moon and let the string loose.



He had known for a long time his sight was far better than others in the village.  His eyes watched the arrow in the dark of night arch high above him before it started to descend.  Nathan let out a whoop as he raced in the direction that the arrow fell, his feet carrying him as fast as they would go.  His heart raced with excitement at finally finding something that he knew he would be able to use to get away from the blacksmith.



His eyes proved to be as strong as ever as he was able to keep the arrow in sight all the way to the ground.  Nathan reached it only a few seconds after it stuck in the dirt and pulled it back out and cleaned off the tip.  He was even more excited than he had been when he found out that he was going to the carnal house earlier this night.  This was the best present ever for the gods to grant him.



Nathan could easily seen the trail of crushed grass he had left behind, and he followed it more slowly so that he could listen more carefully to the sounds of the open field.  He heard some rustling here and there, telling him that there were some nocturnal animals out and about; but he didn’t think he was in any danger.



When he reached the quiver stilly lying on the ground, Nathan saw another white object a short distance away.  He hoped that this would be another gift from the gods and his mind raced with the thought that this other set of wild animal bones would have a hunting knife around them.  So, he rushed over to the white objects and nearly fell over when he reached them.



The sight of the human skeleton lying so peacefully in the grass was so much more than just frightening.  It was completely unbelievable.  It looked as if this person had come out here, lay down to sleep and then died where he rested.  Nathan went to his knees and set the bow and quiver down next to him.   He slowly reached out with his hand and lightly touched the head of the skull.



“Get away!”



Nathan jumped to his feet.  In the same movement, he slipped one arrow from the quiver on the ground and put it to the string, ready to fire.  He looked around for the owner of the voice, but even in the full moon, he saw nothing in the open plains.



“I said, get away from him,” said the voice, this time not sounding so demanding and sounding more like a woman’s voice.



“I’m not doing any harm,” Nathan spoke to the bodiless entity.  “I just wondered who he was.”



“He…he…I don’t know who he was; but I know my mother and her mother before her and the one before her kept watch over him.”



“Show yourself,” Nathan said, loosening the tension on the bowstring; but he still kept the arrow at the ready.



“You’ll run, like everyone else,” she whispered, and Nathan could actually hear the loneliness in her voice.  “They always run when they see me.”



“If you are not a threat, I will not run,” Nathan said, lowering the bow but still keeping the arrow in place.  “If you are a threat, well…I won’t run then either.  I will defend myself and fight you.”



“I don’t like fighting,” she spoke once more, her voice a couple of feet behind him.



Nathan jumped and turned, shocked that she had moved behind him so quickly without making a single noise.  If she was a threat, he thought to himself, she would have had plenty of opportunity to attack him by now.



“I don’t like fighting either; but it is necessary when ones life is in danger,” he said to the empty open plain.  “I mean you no harm, nor any harm to the man who now rests in piece at this spot.”



There was silence, and then she spoke once more, again from behind him, but the voice sounding close to the bony feet of the skeleton.



“Do you swear not to run away?”



“I swear,” he replied, facing where her voice came from.



“Then you may see me,” she spoke once more from behind him.



Nathan felt his muscles tense, suddenly fearing that he was about to be ambushed by at least two, if not more, women.  But he kept the bow down and the arrow nock to the string.  He turned slowly and saw something rising out of the tall grass several feet behind him.



The bright full moon light shined on the red form that rose from the grass, showing through it with very little trouble.  As he watched, the top bulge came down to a thinner area which spread out much wider than the small bulge.  Nathan quickly recognized the form of a human’s head, neck and shoulders as the person slowly rose straight up.



Nathan stared, with shock and surprise, as the person continued to rise as if they were coming up from a full sitting position.  As the shoulders rose higher, he could see from the curves of the slender neck, the slight bulges to the side of the chest where her large breasts hung, the thin waist line and wide hips that it must be a woman.  He couldn’t help but feel pleased with seeing such a shapely woman before him; but his mind kept going back to the things that were off.



He couldn’t ignore the fact that he could see the moonlight shinning with a red glow through her body.  Even her shadow had a red tinge to it.  There was also the fact that she was dripping.  The ground was completely dry; but she was rising straight up, dripping wet.  And the drops were red, just like she was.



When she stopped moving to a standing position, the top of her head was just below the height of Nathan’s chin.  He thought to himself that she had the most beautiful form he’d ever seen on any woman; even the younger women in the carnal house did not look this good.  The light breeze blowing across the open plain carried a sweet citrus scent on it.



“What are you?” he asked, staring intently at where the woman’s face was.  All he could make out were two very large glowing eyes.  The creases from the eyes had looked like she may be smiling up until he asked that question.  They suddenly changed to the look of sorrow and sadness.



“You don’t like me,” she said, and Nathan saw the entire body disintegrate into millions of red drops which fell to the ground, splashing in a puddle.



“Wait,” he said; but not fast enough before the whole image was gone.  “I didn’t mean to insult you.  It’s just that, well, you’re different than anyone I’ve ever seen before.”  Nathan continued to stare at the spot where the red stuff had fallen to the ground.



“Does that mean you really won’t run away,” she asked from behind Nathan.  When he spun around, he saw that she was standing up again, her entire body showing to him in the moonlight.  From this angle, he could see the shadows of her face and chest, along with those still amazing glowing eyes.



“No, I swore I would not run away,” he said, smiling at her.  “I would just like to know who, and what, it is that I am speaking with.



“As for who, I am, and that is all I know,” she said, her feet moving slowly as she stepped forward.  Nathan noticed that she did not make a single sound as she moved forward.  “As for what, I think your people might call me a red slime.”



“A red slime?” Nathan said, looking down as he tried to think what that might be.  He’d been warned by the blacksmith and other men and women in town of the monster women; but the only slime they ever spoke of were the slime women that were blue.  There was a traveler who came through town who talked about bubble slimes; but those were not found around these parts.



“Does what I am scare you?”



Nathan looked up and saw that she had gotten much closer to him while he was looking down; but she looked worried and was taking a step back from him now.



“I don’t want to scare anyone anymore,” she whispered, moving away from him again.



“It’s okay,” Nathan said, bending down slowly and placing the arrow back in the quiver and picking it up.  “I’m not afraid of you.”



“You’re not?” she asked, her eyes growing huge again as the shadows of her face appeared to take on a huge grin.



“No, I’m not,” he answered.  “You’ve not attacked me when you had plenty of opportunity to; plus you seem quite pleasant.  But I am curious about something though, if you don’t mind sitting here with me and talking with me for a bit.”



“I love to talk,” she replied quickly, and her lower body lost all cohesion and she sank into a puddle of red goo.  It quickly changed to look like she was sitting cross-legged on top of a shallow pool of red slime, her legs showing beautifully with the glow of the moon.



As Nathan moved to sit down about two feet in front of her, he saw from the shadows and lighted areas that she was all woman, and every part of her body was completely unclothed from the elements.



“Why do you guard this skeleton?” he asked her, motioning with his arm toward the bones.



“I told you, because my mother and her mother before her did.”



“But that doesn’t answer why you’ve been guarding him for so long, though.”



“Oh, it’s not been that long, really,” she said, a chuckle in her voice.  He saw her reach out with a hand and stroke the thigh bone of the skeleton.  “He’s the one that helped create my kind, you see.”



“I don’t understand,” Nathan said, shaking his head.



“I will try to explain, but I hope it does not make you run away.  You’re the first to sit down and talk with me before…well; you’re the first, anyway.”



Nathan felt the urge to press the red slime to explain what she was holding back; but he wanted an answer to this mystery first before getting the answer to the new one that just presented itself.



“This man was attacked by a blue slime,” the red slime woman said.  “He was tricked and trapped by it, and before he could even escape, it had taken him in the ways that all blue slimes do.”



“You mean it raped him?”



“Yes, it used his body for its own pleasure and feeding,” she answered.  “When the blue slime was done, she divided and left the man weak and exhausted, unable to escape the new part of the blue slime that was hungry.  It attached itself to him and used him as well until it too divided and left.”



“So, he was fucked to death?”



“You can put it that way; but please do not interrupt,” she said.  Her face still smiled at him though and he could tell that she was too happy to have someone to tell this story to than to be angry at his questions.



“Okay, no more interruptions,” he said, returning her smile with his own.  “Go on, please.”



“As he fed each blue slime, she would in turn feed some of herself to him, to keep him fed and alive and aroused.  But the continuing use of his body and the exertion of so much strenuous activity finally took the toll on this man’s body.  After eight risings of the sun, the man’s eyes grew dark, as the last of the slimes took the last of his seed.



“By this time, the constant feeding him of blue slime and it being processed through his body and fed back to blue slimes, each one left behind began to change color and grow a little more intelligent.  In the end, he died in the arms of the first of my kind, the red slime.”



“So, you are just as dangerous as the other slime women,” Nathan said, jumping to his feet.



“You promised,” she said, looking up at him with fear that he was about to run away.  Nathan suddenly felt like his heart had been hit with one of the arrows in the quiver.  He did promise not to run and here he was about to break it.  She was too polite to be a danger to him.



“You’re right,” he said, sitting back down, a little closer to her than he was a moment before.  He wanted to show that he really did not feel threatened by her.  “I did promise and I will keep my word.  Plus, you don’t seem dangerous, as you have not attacked me when you had the chance.



“So, please continue and tell me more about how your kind, the red slimes, began; and why do you not attack men like the blue slimes?”



“We think more clearly than those blue slimes do,” she answered.  “We don’t like to attack our prey and scare them, make them die of fright when they feed us.  The mother of my mother’s mother was the one that fed off this man last.



“When she divided, she left that bit of information with her daughter, who in turn left it with her daughter, who then left it with me.  Each one has come here to watch over the body of our creator until the need comes upon us to feed and divide.  When that happens, we leave the body for our next to come back and watch over.”



The red slimes body sat still as her arm continued to reach out and caress the pelvic bone region.  The sight of her shiny hand caressing that area caused Nathan’s groin to stir with arousal; and he shifted in his place to try and adjust the growing erection into a more comfortable position.



“Now it is my turn to watch over him until I need to feed,” she said, not taking her eyes off the area where her hand played with what was, at one time, a man’s groin.  “I can feel the urge coming upon me, but it’s not a necessity just yet.”



“How do you feed?” Nathan asked, his mind thinking about how this man must have died in agonizing pain, yet quite possibly he died in blissful orgasm.



“Just like our ancestors, we take a human male and mate with them,” she said, slowly looking at him.  She still smiled, but there was a bit of a feral look in her eyes.



“Do…do you…kill the men you mate with?”



“We don’t want to,” she answered, and that look of feral hunger suddenly left her eyes.  It was replaced with sorrow.  “We want to coexist with the humans; but when we grow so hungry from lack of feeding, we can’t help but just take all that we can get.  We gorge our self on the man’s seed until he expires, then we weep and cry ourselves apart for the loss of the ability to join the rest of the world.”



Nathan saw her cheeks start glistening with the light of the moon.  She was crying now, and as she did so, he could see the puddle beneath her growing while her body started to lose some of its form.



“So, why do you starve yourself then?”



“Everyone runs away,” she answered, her pool growing larger as her legs disappeared into it.  “Each of my mother’s lovers tried to run away when she found them; but she was so hungry she was unable to stop.  I divided from her with most of her intelligence and she just kept feeding while crying.”



“Why didn’t she stop?”



“I don’t know; but I watched her feed until her lover expired, then she covered him with her whole body and cried.  In the end, she just lay there and cried herself into a red stream and disappeared.”



“Do you think that if you fed a little at a time, on a regular basis, you wouldn’t end up killing the men you mate with?”



“But, they always run away,” she said, her hands swinging wide open to show her point.  “I don’t want to hunt down lovers again and again like those stupid blue slimes do.  We are more intelligent than that.”



“I don’t mean to be rude; but you aren’t acting all that intelligent if you ask me,” Nathan said, looking at the slime woman dripping away into her puddle.  She looked up and her entire body seemed to harden with the angry glare that she gave him.



“I am much more intelligent than those blue slimes,” she said, her voice echoing her anger.  “I can speak, and I think clearly, too.  Those things are stupid and vulgar and just mate with any man they can catch.  And then they just leave him to be raped by her offspring while they go hunting for another man to rape.



“We red slimes are capable of talking to men, and if we had a chance we’d be able to live with them and love them, and we can take care of them, too.”



“So, why don’t you prove it?  Why don’t you find yourself a mate and prove it?”



“Because, I’ve already told you, damn it,” she yelled at Nathan, leaning toward him, he eyes flashing with rising anger.  “They always run away!”



“Not always,” he said, sitting perfectly still where he was.



“Yes, they do,” she said.  She stared hard at him with her glowing eyes, her body sinking further into the mire of goo that was still part of her.  “No one has ever stayed with my mother’s willingly, and the last man that saw me ran away.”



Nathan stared at the melting slime woman intently.  She just sank more into her puddle as it grew wider and wider beneath her.  He didn’t even move his feet when it began to reach him and easily slide beneath his ankles and legs.  Finally, his stare turned into a big grin.



“Not the last one,” he said, leaning forward toward her as well.



Suddenly, she stopped melting into her pool, only her upper body remained and the pool spread out from her.  He had noticed the whole time that it did not spread out evenly but actually oozed toward him.  It was already beneath him, and he could feel it on his bare skin.  He knew that her slime was destroying his clothes; but he didn’t react because he knew that it would make her attack.



Nathan knew that he was already trapped by her and that there was no escape; but he figured that if he could talk some sense to her; he should be able survive the assault.



“You didn’t run away,” she whispered.  “You’ve known all along that I was going to try and catch you, didn’t you?”



“I figured it out not too long ago,” Nathan answered, reaching down and grabbing what was left of his pants and pulling them away.  He tossed them aside and began to lift the shirt over his head.



“You…you want to die?” she asked, tears starting to fall from her large eyes again.



“No,” he answered.  “I want to give you what you need, as much as you need; but not as much as you want.”



“I don’t understand,” she said.  The slime that had pooled beneath him slowly slid up his inner thighs, and began to nestle around his balls.  Nathan’s hands moved slowly to the slimy liquid that was moving slowly up his shaft, giving his flesh a tingling feeling.



“Let me cum for you a couple of times, but no more,” he answered, wrapping his hand around his slime covered cock.  He began to stroke, spreading her red slime all over it for her, enjoying the sensation of the feeling.  “After my second orgasm, stop yourself, so that I may live and you won’t have to weep for my death.”



Her slime started to coat his legs completely and was quickly moving up his torso now.  Her breath was coming in gasps, as if he were sliding into her vagina with each stroke of his hand along his shaft.  She moaned with pleasure, and he got the sensation that no matter where he was to stick himself inside her, it would feel like he was sliding into her sexual organs.



“You will…umm…feed me…ooh…willingly?” she cooed, her upper body sliding closer to his.



“Yes; but not too much this time,” Nathan answered, feeling his pleasure rise with each stroke.  He then groaned as her upper body pushed itself over his crossed ankles and into his lap.  Her hands brought her slimy red breast together around his cock and began to stroke them up and down his shaft, his one hand trapped inside the bulging slimy bubble of one of her breasts as she covered it to give him this wonderful tit-job.



“This time?” she asked huskily, her eyes staring lovingly up into his face looking down upon her.  “You will let me have you again if I don’t take everything now?”



“If it feels like this…oooh, that’s sooo gooood,” he answered her, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them half way to try again.  “I don’t think I will ever find a more devoted creature to my…oh yeah.”



Nathan stopped talking and just grunted as the red slime’s head ducked down and swallowed the head of his erection between her lips.  Her insides were hot as fire; but it didn’t burn so much as just caused his erection to strain to reach more of the pleasurable tingling feeling it was giving him.



He felt his hand be released from the slimy bubble of her breast and then her hands reached up and grabbed onto his shoulders.  She pulled her upper body up, the rest of her hips, waist and then her thighs formed in the pile of slime that was in the opening of his legs.  She pressed her breasts to his chest and slid her hands around behind his head and quickly coated his hair with the ooze.



“Let’s feed each other then,” she said wantonly, her hot citrusy breath blowing across his face.  She then covered his mouth with hers and her tongue drove past his lips and teeth and coated his teeth and tongue with her slime.



Nathan did not let her take full control and forced his tongue right into her red slippery tongue.  His slid right through it and into her mouth, where he could feel her voice vibrate with the sudden penetration of her ooze’s layer.  Just as he expected, her body shook at the point of penetration, and he started to push and pull his tongue out of the ooze tentacle that she forced into his mouth.



She seemed to be trying to hold onto her form as her body shook more with what was like an orgasm flowing through her body.  Suddenly the tongue broke off in Nathan’s mouth and he felt it slide into his throat and pass straight to his stomach, making his insides tingle with a raging lust.  The red slime in his lap shuddered, letting a guttural moan escape her wide open mouth as she came right then and there.



As Adam thought his lust couldn’t get any stronger, the red slimes head flew forward and she uttered a single word before she attacked her prey.



“Mine!” she said, and her mouth covered his in another searing kiss.  He lost his mind to the raging pleasure of her taste.  Her body also melted around his waist and from his hips down, Nathan was buried inside her red goo.  It tingled everywhere, the sensation along his rock hard shaft too much and causing his balls to contract and shoot a full load of cum deep into her core.



She didn’t stop her actions as rapidly increasing currents inside her slimy interior stroked all around his cock and sucked his sperm deep into her body.  She grunted and moaned into his mouth as he did the same.  Nathan’s arms wrapped around her body and tried to hold her as tightly to her as he could; but he could tell she was having another orgasm from his own, because his arms sank through her back and into her body.



“Yes,” her voice whispered in his ear, filled with a husky need.  “Penetrate me everywhere, my lover.  Give me all of you.”



Nathan suddenly wanted to.  As her new tongue broke lose and slid down his throat, his mind lost all thought of anything but fucking this red slimy woman.  He not only wanted to give her everything he had; but he felt that he truly needed to give her anything.  With the last part of his rational mind that was still working, he was only able to speak what were sure to be his last words.



“Only…uhh…one…nggh…more…gah,” he uttered as he was pushed toward another threshold he didn’t want to cross so soon.  Her body was relentless, though.  Her slimy currents inside the boiling core of her body raced against the extremely sensitive cock head.  She was driving him insane with need to feed her, and he loved the thought of feeding her until she was well beyond full.



“Yes,” her voice whispered in his ear from the thin layer of slime she had coated his head with.  “More…mmmm….and….mmmmore.”



Her demand for more was all it took for his mind to lose itself into the wild abandonment of the sexual assault.  His orgasm exploded deep inside her body; but the sucking currents continued to try and pull more and more from his balls.  More of her slime that was still pulled inside the cove created by his folded legs began to caresses and stroke his nuts while some of it seeped into the ring of his ass.



It slipped right to the prostate and stroked it roughly, while the slime outside pushed against the prostate through the perineum.  His nuts kept ejaculating long after there was cum to give and Nathan knew that he was not going to live through this now; but his mind no longer cared.  It felt too good to ever want it to stop.  She tasted too good for him to stop kissing her.  She smelled too good to stop her from covering his face like she was doing now.  He was going to drown inside her body, and do so willingly.




Nathan woke up on his back, staring up at the blue sky above him.  He felt bone tired, and his muscles ached all over.  He lay there watching small white clouds pass his vision as they crossed the sky on unseen air currents.  The thought of those currents brought him back to reality and Nathan suddenly remembered what had happened the night before.



He sat up quickly and felt his head try to explode with the sudden movement.  He forced himself to stay in a sitting position; but he put his head in his hands and leaned forward, holding still.  All around him, he could hear birds chirping and cooing and making other noises.  There was the soft rustle of the grass all round in the soft breeze which blew across his bare skin.



The red slime didn’t kill him, he thought, feeling a smile form on his lips.  She had not taken everything he had; but if hat was the case, then where was she?  She wouldn’t have had a reason to tear herself apart since she didn’t kill him.



“Where’d you go?” he whispered through a very dry throat.  No answer was given and he felt a little sad at the fact that she was still not around.  He slowly raised his head and looked around the area and saw that the bones of the man killed by the slimes were still there; but his guardian was no longer about to protect them.



“Who were you?” he asked the bones.  “I guess I will never know; but if you could answer a question, I’d prefer you tell me where she went instead.”



The skull just smiled up at the sky, ignoring the rest of the world as it continued on with its existent.  Nathan rose to his knees and found his body was weak from the exertion of the previous night’s events.  He guessed that she had not stopped at just two of his orgasms, as he had suggested; but it was still a fact that she had decided to stop at some point.



He tried to get up to his feet; but he suddenly fell forward and landed on his hands and knees.  There lying on the ground was his shirt and the remains of his pants.  Close to them was the bow and arrow that must have belonged to the bones lying beside him.  Thoughts raced through Nathan’s mind at the thought that the man beside him must have been a hunter if he had a bow and a quiver full of arrows.



His thoughts focused on the discussion of the night, before the wild sexually blissful events that brought it to a crashing end.  Nathan remembered the red slime talking about the hunter being trapped and attacked by a blue slime a long time ago.  He had helped to create many slimes, including the creation of a whole new slime, before he died.



At the look of the bleach white bones, and the fact that the bow’s original string had long since been destroyed by the elements, this hunter must have died many years ago.  The field that he was now in was close to the village; so it was very likely that this man was from his village.  There were very few hunters; but none of them had gone missing except for about a year or two ago.  Before then, the last hunter to go missing was…



“Father?” Nathan asked, reaching his hand over to the skull again.  “Were you my father?”



“He was,” said a woman’s voice nearby, sounding very sad.  The red slime woman rose up from her puddle which was hidden behind some of the grass.  “I figured it out when I finally forced myself from taking all you had to give.  You’re flavor is just like his, according to my past parent’s memories.”



Nathan looked over at the red slime and saw that she looked much fuller than she did the last time he saw her.  She also had a look of someone that was foot away from reaching the end of a race; and doing everything she could not to take that final step.  Her face was contorted in both pain and wanton need.  He could see that she was in agony.



“What’s wrong?”



“I’m so close, Nathan,” she said, tears forming in her eyes and rolling down the shiny, slimy cheeks.  “I was so close to dividing that I joined with your mind to gain more knowledge, and then I was reminded of what you said.  I had to stop, or you would have died.  You gave me so much of yourself, and you weren’t stopping me.  I wanted more.  I need more.  One more and I can divide.”



“Why didn’t you do it?” he asked.



“I wouldn’t have stopped then,” she said.  “I know from memories that it takes a lot of energy to divide, and I would keep taking from you to replace that energy.  You were so close, Nathan.  So close to the end when I stopped.  A could tell your body would not take much more; and I wanted, needed, so much, much more from you.  I still do.”



“You stopped, and it’s hurting you,” he said, feeling bad that she was hurting because of something that he had and she needed.  He wiped a tear away from his face and looked down when it felt odd on his skin.  The tear was liquid, but it had a red oily sheen to it.  Nathan looked up at the slime woman and she saw the question on his face.



“Part of me is still inside you,” she said.  “It affects your libido, your need to mate.  You are mine now; but if I take what is mine, then you will die.”



“What if I said I want you to take me?”



“It’s just the part of me that is inside you, still controlling your body’s needs and your minds desires,” she answered, her tears flowing more freely now.  “If I take you now you will not be able to stop me, and I don’t think I can stop myself.  The divide will take my memories, leaving me with little to no memories left to remember to stop.  I will kill you in rapturous pleasure.”



Nathan’s mind wouldn’t believe her; but he could feel the need to fuck her again rising inside him the longer he looked upon her body.  He wanted to taste her lips on his again, and plunge every part of his body inside hers so that he could make her quiver with orgasms again.  He started crawling toward her, his eyes staring intently at her face.



“I will give you what you need then,” he said, “whether you intend to take it or not.  I give it to you willingly, and you will take it.”



“No,” she said, holding up her hands toward him as if to plead with him to stop.  Then, as if she couldn’t deny her need, she rolled her arms and they spread open slightly with the palms up and inviting him into her embrace.  “Nathan, I am your death.  Please don’t make me kill you.”



“You won’t kill me,” he said as he reached and started crawling through the large puddle of her goo.  “You will divide your memories with your body, and keep within yourself the thought to stop and save my life when you are divided.  After that, when I have rested, I will give you more to help you build your energy again.”



“I don’t know how,” she responded, but her voice was husky with lustful desires.  Her eyes smoldered with hungry sexual needs.  “I may not be able to stop myself, and take everything.”



Her voice was now a rasping sound with the heavy breathing as his hands and knees plunged into her pool and pulled out of it.  He was penetrating in many different places now, and she was losing control of herself.  Nathan was also losing control of himself, too.  Her smell was everywhere now, and growing stronger as his face got closer to her.



The red slime started to rise up and Nathan found his face was soon perfectly level with her pussy’s lips.  Without hesitation, he pressed his face deep into the cleft, driving his tongue as deep as it would go into her quim.   Her whole body started to shudder as the pool of slime beneath him thrust an open-ended tentacle up around his erection.



The jolt of pleasure that encased his cock rocked Nathan’s body forward, and his entire head pushed through the melting surface of the red slimes groin.  The large and deep penetration into her body sent the red slime over the edge and she fell forward atop his back.  As soon as she struck it, she wrapped all of her slime around his flesh and drove into every orifice of his body.



Nathan’s eyes opened wide as his nose, mouth, ears, anus and even the urethra of his penis was penetrated.  He heard her body pulsing as it sucked everything from his body; but another part of him noticed that she was also feeding him more of her slime.  It was soaking into the pores of his skin, being absorbed into his blood stream, and racing through his body.



The more his body absorbed of hers, the more she seemed to suck out of him; and in the middle of it all, he felt nothing but pure pleasure at becoming one with her.  He didn’t ever want it to end; but he knew that it would end with his own death.  He could feel her thoughts invading his mind; and she thanked him and begged his forgiveness for killing him.  She was not able to divide her mind as he wanted, and she was dividing her body now.



He suddenly felt her mind slip out of his, and thoughts became a jumble of two words, over and over again, overlapping each other.  As her sexual thrusts into his body and blissful absorption of his into her body increased, those two words became Nathan’s world and he gave into the demand of them.



Mine and more echoed non-stop until Nathan blacked out from the never ending exertion of the raging orgasms.  She took and gave; and he gave and took, and they were both a singularity in the universe that only had one being in it, made up of their two bodies and centered on those two words.







“Wake up, father,” said a woman’s voice.  “Please wake up.”



Nathan groaned as his body ached with great pains.  He tried to roll over, but his muscles refused to listen and he remained on his stomach, lying atop the soft ground and grass.



“I know you’re not dead, father; but you need to wake up,” the woman’s voice said near by.



“Why?” he asked aloud, his voice cracking on that single word.



“Because, I want to see you awake, and make sure you will survive,” she answered.  “Please, father, wake up.”



“I’m awake, little one; but I want to sleep a little longer.”



“No, if you sleep, you will never wake up again,” she insisted.  “Wake up for me, so mother will not be alone and die because of your death.”



The thought of Nathan’s wife dying struck him as more frightening than the thought of himself dying.  Then he wondered what was going on.  He didn’t have a daughter, nor did he have a wife.



“Please father, wake up and come back to us.”



He used every bit of his strength and pushed with his arms, feeling his body finally roll over onto his side.  He opened his eyes and saw the dark shadow of a beautiful young woman kneeling on the ground beside him.  He could see her face because it was dark; but the shadows did show that she was a very beautiful woman.



“Who are you?” he asked.



“I’m your daughter, father,” said the woman’s voice, coming from the shadow figure before him.



“I don’t have any children,” he answered, shifting his weight and feeling himself roll over onto his back.  He stared up at a cloudy night sky, and he could smell rain on the air.  The night insects were chirping and squeaking all around him.  Somewhere in the distance, he heard wild animals of the woods.



“You have me,” she said.  “You and mother created me a day ago.”



The clouds let through a bit of moon light just as Nathan turned his head and he saw the body of the beautiful red slime kneeling beside him.  Everything came rushing back to his mind at once and Nathan’s emotions went through a rollercoaster of effects.  He had been scared of his coming death, brave with his bluff, sad that he had been wrong when he almost died the first time.



Then the emotions of excitement that he had survived the first attack quickly followed by sorrow that the red slime was left in such pain.  Then a raging hunger and lust to fulfill the needs of his attacker that was followed by blissful rapture at becoming one with such a creature that wanted and needed him in a way like no one has ever done before.



Nathan broke down in tears and wept with great loss at no longer being in that moment of being one with something or someone that he had so quickly felt great love and affection for.



“Don’t cry, father,” the woman said.  “You need all the fluids you have right now; and crying will not do you any good.  The rains will come soon, and you can cry then, if you still wish; but please don’t waste your fluids now when you need them so badly.”



“Why did she stop?” he asked the woman close to him.  “Where is she and why did she stop and leave me when we were so close to being one?”



The woman was once again lost in shadows as the clouds covered the moon again; but Nathan saw her head look down as her visage looked sorrowful.



“I told her to stop,” she whispered.  “We didn’t want you to die.  With you dead, after trying so hard to help us, then mother would have torn her self apart with sorrow and been no more.”



“But she and I were so close to being one,” Nathan cried, his tears still escaping his eyes.  “It was so beautiful.”



“It was beautiful and we will be one again someday,” said another woman’s voice on his other side.  Nathan turned his head quickly, rubbing it against the ground as he did so.  He felt the first drops of water his face as he turned it, and it became a torrential downpour by the time he turned to look at the other woman.



A curtain of rain hid the face of the woman lying next to him.  His eyes could barely make her out through the warm rain; but it was just as beautiful of a form as that of the one that said she was his daughter.  Then the face was right in front of his, only inches away and the beautiful glowing eyes bored into his.  He knew instantly it was the same red slime he had met and he moved his head and planted a kiss on her lips.



She returned it willingly; but she remained reserved with her kiss, only letting her tongue go a little way into his mouth before pulling back out.  Then she pulled back from the kiss reluctantly.



“Someday, lover; but not today,” she cooed.  “We have many more children to divide before we finally become one and melt away into the world.”





Nathan left the grassy plain behind with his father’s bow and arrows.  The two red slimes helped him to give the remains a proper burial before they came along with him.  They traveled the country side, stopping to let him hunt, eat and drink.  At night, Nathan was ravaged regularly by both red slimes; but they did it in such a loving manner, he was unable to think of the newer one as a daughter.  She was more like his lover’s sister.



Over the next couple of decades, he and the original red slime had brought into the world nearly 200 other red slimes.  Each one would eventually leave her two creators, but they always stuck around to make sure their mother would not kill their father.  During the months after traveling, Nathan would feed them both from his body and they would both share their knowledge with each other, using his fluids to pass the intelligence on to each other.



In his late 40’s, Nathan found that his body was unable to keep up with his red slime’s needs.  He told her it was time; and though she wept, she kept her word.  When she neared the moment to divide, she told Nathan that their someday had come.  He agreed and they started in the early evening hours, giving her all she needed to divide.  The new red slime pulled away, and began to make an attempt to pull her mother off of her father.



Then her intelligence kicked in and she knew that father would not last another year with them; nor would he last one month without mother’s addictive slime.  They were joining completely; and she was going to disperse afterward, because no other man would win her love as this lover had.



The new red slime wandered into the nearby plains, listening to the sounds of her father and mother lost in rut as they mated into extinction.  She hoped that she would be lucky enough to find such love in her time.



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Perentie said

at 7:04 pm on Nov 1, 2009

I honestly never thought of the slimes this story is based on as being deadly as the entries imply to me that even with the regular blue slime the newly born slime would release its "father" and move off once it was done feeding enough to reach it's mother's size. That is I assumed they have to have lived a while before they are old enough to divide themselves and the entry doesn't state that it happens again and again without end. It just seems like if so many slimes could be born from feeding off one man over a period of weeks then they would eventually overrun the landscape, invade towns as their hunger grew, and generally make humans want to eradicate them as they'd drain dry every man around before long. Instead the entries state that slimes are commonly found near villages. And of course the addiction aspect is only mentioned for the Bubble Slime, but it is an alluring thing to write about.

That being said, your interpretation allowed for quite an interesting story about how the red slimes came into existence, and I loved how you characterized the main red slime. She was quite cute, and very sexy.

And its not as if your depictions really counter the entries all that much, as a writer you should be allowed to alter things for the sake of the story. Perhaps it could even be that over time the encounter with Nathan's father even changed the blue slimes that did not become totally red slimes. Perhaps over time they replaced the original deadly blue slimes with the less deadly blue and red slimes of the bestiary entries. After all, the entry states that blue slimes can speak and understand human languages but the one in your story appeared mute aside from making some sounds and when the man's mind was melding with it.

But overall A+ as usual, though I admit the typos can be a bit distracting I understand this, like your other stories, isn't supposed to be a finalized version.

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