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This is an extremely rough draft of my Scylla story.  no comments on this until I'm done with it, please.  I will not make changes just because someone wants to say it should go one way or another.  In short, I hate fucking editors who think they know more about my story than I do.


Enjoy an unusual version of my work:  completely unedited




Sir John stood on the deck of the wooden ship, ignoring all the warnings that he had received from the seasoned seamen that manned the ship.  They had warned John that on the high seas, there were monsters that were unnatural, along with pirates.  Most men that served on these ships did not take all that great care of their features, allowing teeth to rot out and scruffy beards to cover their facial features.  These, plus the rags that they wore, gave the other men on the deck a much rougher and unappealing look.


Sir John stood proud on the deck of the ship, though.  He had not been out to sea on these ships since he was a young boy; and the rush of the sea air and feel of the ocean spray on his face while standing at the forecastle was just as exhilarating as it had been when he was hardly tall enough to see over the railing.  As a noble, he had little time for sailing with the ships like that one time; but now that he was of age, he wanted to feel the rocking of a ship under his feet once again.


Sir John remembered that last time, watching the dolphins splashing in the water ahead of the ship.  He looked down now and was surprised to see dolphins were there once again.  He laughed aloud at the site of these playful creatures as they sped along with the ship, jumping up and breaking the surface every so often.  It was a good day, he thought; but he did not see the hard calculating eyes further below the water’s surface that had watched the ship approach and pass its lair.


The monster watched and made the decision that this large ship should have plenty of food aboard to fill its stomach, and maybe even some treasures to keep in its underwater cave.  Eight long tentacles pushed out and the creature’s body rushed forward as it moved easily through the water.  When it was close enough, the Scylla noticed the dolphins swimming along with the ship and stopped her forward motion.


“Damned creatures,” she said, as she followed the ship from a distance.  She had had trouble with dolphins before interfering with her attacks and learned to hold off until the annoying creatures would move on to other playgrounds once the ship anchored for the night.  Luckily, this would not take long, as the sun was beginning to set already.




Sir John had made sure that he was not a lazy man on this voyage.  So when the sun had neared the horizon and the captain called for the sails to be stowed and the anchor to be lowered, Sir John was right beside the men, helping anyway he could.  Within the hour, the ship was bobbing on the ocean, swaying back and forth with the gentle waves of the calm oceans.  Sir John had broken a heavy sweat and truly wanted a good bath before climbing into the bed of his private quarters.


Some of the sailors thought it was a bit odd, but the captain lowered a rope ladder over the side to allow the young noble to climb down and have a good clean swim in the ocean.  As he enjoyed the waters, Sir John had a feeling that he was being watched by someone other than the men standing on the deck of the ship and in the riggings.  He could hear their laughter over the waves hitting the sides; but it wasn’t their eyes that he felt running along his features.


The Scylla had used her magic to grow several times her usual size and silently moved toward the ship.  She spotted the handsome young man as he entered the water without any clothing and admired his trim features and decided that he would be one of the treasures she would take back to her lair.  But first, she had to distract those on the ship and gain what she could from its stores.


The odd feeling of not seeing who was watching him unnerved Sir John and he decided to quickly finish his bath in the ocean and swam back to the ships ladder.  As he neared it, he saw the first signs of trouble before the other men on the ship could.  Three tentacles were slowly making their way up the sides of the ship and when they reached the deck, he could see three more on the opposite side of the ship rise up high past the main deck.


Men in the rigging quickly drew their daggers, as they had not been carrying swords with them.  Men on the deck raced to grab whatever weapons they could find, all the while leaving Sir John bobbing in the waves next to the ship, not knowing what he should, or could, do from his place.  He had always been a brave man and he wasn’t scared of battle with either man or beast; but he was not sure what possible course of action he could take against six large tentacles.


His mind worked efficiently with the classes that he had received over the years from several teachers.  If I can’t do anything against the tentacles, then I should attack the main body, he thought to himself.  He had seen an octopus before and knew that they were hard to fight creatures; but if you could attack them in a vulnerable place, such as their eye, then you just might be able to make them release their prey and flee from the fight.


Sir John dove beneath the waves and looked through the murky darkness, not much light penetrating the water as the sun had already moved to the horizon and was half way below it.  He swam toward the ship and tentacles, determined to find the main body of the monster and, if possible, attack the eye of this giant octopus.  What he found instead shocked him.


Beneath the ship, hanging upside down in the water, like a giant werebat in a cave, was a woman with tentacles coming out of her waist.  Six of the tentacles were stretched up around the ship and holding her to the underside, while two others just hung off to the side lazily.  The woman’s eyes were halfway closed in concentration as she apparently focused on the feeling of her tentacles as they scoured the deck of the ship and disarmed the men that were trying to hack away at them.


Sir John made for the surface and gasped for air and called out to the men on the deck.


“PIKE!  THROW ME A PIKE!” he called out to them.


As he looked up, two men were grabbed by one tentacle, their bodies stuck to the suction cups on the underside, and tossed into the ocean like rag dolls.  Several more sailors tried to defend the ship; but they were not match for the extremely tough and rubbery tentacles that were attacking.  Even the captain was trying to hack away at a tentacle near the side of the ship; but his sword was doing no damage to it.


“CAPTAIN! GIVE ME A PIKE!” Sir John called out, seeing two of the giant tentacles rise up off the ship, several barrels stuck to the suction cups.  The tentacles quickly sank into the ocean with their booty as the other tentacles searched for more items to pull from its hold.


A scream from several of the men rent the air as the captain and five crewmen were grabbed by the one tentacle they had been attacking.  It quickly pulled them over the edge and sank beneath the waves before anyone could come to their aid.  As Sir John watched, the tentacle and the six men disappeared as they screamed in rage and fear.  He began to swim where he saw the tentacle sink; but before he reached the point, the tentacle rose back up, all six men still attached to the underside.


They sputtered and began to try to break free from the grasp.  Then the tentacle sank beneath the waves again for a few more seconds before coming back up again, still holding the men.  Sir John watched this action and wondered what the Scylla was doing and why she was playing with these men’s lives.  He looked up at the ship and saw the last three tentacles rise up with several more barrels and many chests in their suctioned grasp.  All the men on the ship were at the railings watching their captain with a look of loss and doom.


As the last of the tentacles sank beneath the water with their stolen bounty, the tentacle with the captain and seamen sank one last time and then the six men broke the surface, sputtering and gasping for much wanted air.  Sir John looked on, surprised by the sudden release of these men, before starting to swim toward them, believing in strength in numbers, even against this giant monster.


“Captain, are you alright?” sputtered Sir John as he neared the group of men.  He was almost with them when he felt a sudden fear rush over him.  He could feel the eyes roving over him again and he now understood the dangers for a handsome man on the high seas.


“It’s got what it wanted and has left,” sputtered the captain, looking at Sir John.


“Not everything,” said Sir John just as he felt something soft touch his ankle and slowly start to wrap around it.  “Tell my father and mother I’m sorry for being so foolish.”


Sir John saw the captain look at him funny just before the strong tug of the tentacle around his leg yanked him underwater and pulled him away from the ship.  Keeping his eyes opened in the stinging salt water, he watched the captain and his men dive under and try to give chase, but a dark cloud of ink filled the water around them and they were gone from sight as the feeling of movement picked up with great speed.


Sir John’s lungs began to burn with the lack of fresh oxygen while he held his breath as long as he could.  Just as he let the carbon dioxide out in large bubbles, his head broke the surface and he took a large gulp of air.  He was surprised to find that he remained on the surface while he could still feel the tentacle wrapped tightly around his ankle and lower leg.  Bending over, he looked under the water and could barely make out the Scylla’s body near the bottom with her other tentacles moving around a rock and into a cave, placing her ill-gotten goods inside.


She looked up, her giant eyes looking at Sir John and she smiled a deviant grin that he didn’t think bode well for his future.  He quickly surfaced and took a deep breath, ready to be pulled under once more; but the tug didn’t come.  He remained on the surface for just a few more moments, taking deep breaths and preparing for the monster to pull him under and drown him so that she could enjoy her meal without him wiggling too much.


He was shocked when, instead of him going under, her head, the size of his own, surfaced in front of him.  The Scylla was now normal size, her body that of a slender woman, her unfettered breast bobbing in the waves, just barely breaking the surface.


“You will make a fine specimen for mating,” she said in his own language.  “It’s a long way down, so take a good deep breath, human.”


Sir John was surprised she spoke and in his language; but he focused on the last of its statement and took the biggest breath that his lungs would allow him.  With a wink, she ducked under the water and he felt her pull him under once again.  As they neared the large rock near the entrance, Sir John could see the bones of several huge fish scattered around one end of it.


Then he noticed a pair of huge eyes and a long slit along that same edge.  The slit slowly opened as he was pushed near it, scores of teeth showed in the gaping maw.  Sir John could feel the water around him begin to spin and rush toward the open mouth and feared he was to be a meal for the monster’s pet monster; but the Scylla dashed over to the great creature and wagged her finger side to side and made a song-like noise at it.


The Charybdis closed its mouth, and Sir John was pulled past its unblinking eyes and thrust into the cave entrance.  His chest was starting to hurt from holding his breath so long and he feared that the Scylla was going to drown him inside her cave.  His mind raced and his body began to spasm as he tried to swim toward the surface just as he passed the entrance.


His heart sank when the world went dark as he entered the cave, no light of the outside world reaching inside it.  He knew that he was doomed to drown and become food for Scylla, or maybe even her giant pet Charybdis.  Giving up any and all hope, Sir John decided that he wouldn’t give her the pleasure of taking his life and released all the air in his lungs on purpose.  He opened his mouth wide, expecting a great rush of cold salty sea water to enter it and flow down to his lungs; but his desire for death was stopped when fresh air filled his mouth and he willingly inhaled it with mixed feelings.


The place was pitched in darkness, with absolutely no light anywhere for him to see by.  Sir John’s eyes strained to see anything while the tentacle that had been wrapped around his leg released him.  He felt himself begin to sink and started treading the water, feeling his other senses heighten as his sight was now useless.  He could smell food that he remembered being in the caskets aboard his ship.  He heard water lapping against a hard surface all around him, but closer on his right than the rest of the way around him.  The air seemed to be stagnant and stale, but it was breathable.


He heard the sound of metal clinking off to his right and automatically turned his head to the sound with his eyes wide in hopes of seeing something.  Still pitch black with no light to see by, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to see anything.  His legs and arms feeling sore from trying to stay afloat, he decided that if something in that direction could be above the surface, then he might be able to get out of the water as well.


Sir John swam a very short distance before his hands touched a hard surface beneath the water.  He slowly moved forward and found himself moving up a small incline and out of the water onto what felt like a moss covered rock.  As slippery as it felt, he was still able to make his way up and finally lay down on solid rock, the water lapping at the edge of it all around him.


“Close and cover your eyes, human,” came the soft woman’s voice from all around him.  He tried to look around at where the voice could have come from when it said more loudly and forcefully.  “I said, cover your eyes.”


Sir John did as was demanded of him, lying back down, closing his eyes and placing his arm over them.  Even with this, the sudden light that blared inside the cave and under the edge of his arm burned the retinas through the eyelids.  He quickly rolled over onto his stomach to try and block out more of the light and remained there until he couldn’t feel the pain from the light any longer.


As he lay there, he became aware of his position as he felt a tentacle climb up his bare leg, the suction cups on the underside acting like tiny feet kissing his flesh as it climbed higher.  Even though it tickled, Sir John still had a fear of being pulled back beneath the water and drowned.  His body tensed as the tip of the tentacle reached the juncture where his leg met the bottom of his buttocks and started to move toward the inside of his thigh.


“Roll over, human,” said the woman’s voice again, nicer than her last command had been.  Knowing that he could not escape her, and his life depended solely on the monster being happy with him, Sir John did as he was told, keeping his eyes shut tight.


The light still pressed past his eyelids, but it did not hurt as bad as it had before.  He opened them a little and saw that the light was coming from a floating orb above where he was lying.  It was bright and harsh to his eyes, and Sir John closed them once more, to keep it from burning his eyes blind.


“Do you not wish to look at me?” the woman asked with a menacing chuckle.  The tip of the tentacle that had moved between his thighs tickled his scrotum in a teasing manner.


“It’s too bright,” he said with barely a whisper.  He kept one arm over his eyes and his other hand reached down and cupped his groin, pulling his cock and balls until they were held in his large hand.


“You humans are too sensitive,” she reprimanded.  All the same, the light seemed to dim a little and Sir John slowly opened his eyes again.  The orb was no longer directly over him, and it seemed to be a little dimmer than it had been before.  “Is that better, human?”


“Yes, it is; and I have a name,” he said, lying still as he felt the tentacle that had been on the back of his leg move around the inside of it until it lay along the front of it.


“So do I,” the woman said, her voice sounding angry; “but you still insist of thinking of me as a monster.  When your thoughts are of me as something besides a beast, I will call you by your name, human known by other humans as Sir John.”


“How do you know my name?” he asked, unable to keep the surprise out of his voice.


“Your minds are easy to read for one with my intelligence, human,” she responded, still out of sight from him.  “I have been around for centuries, spawned many children, and spend a lot of time alone, focusing my mind on learning all it can, including how to read yours.”


Demanding woman, isn’t she, Sir John thought to himself and felt the tentacle on his leg raise up, taking his leg with it until he was dangling three feet above the rock.


“If you had thought of me as a demanding monster or beast, I would have smashed you on that rock just now, human; but your ability to recognize me as a woman does please me enough to spare your life again,” she said.  Her tentacle lowered him down to the rock slowly, but let go just after his shoulders and upper back touched it.


Sir John landed with an audible thud as his body fell the rest of the way.   He lay still and thought about his situation again.  He was trapped inside an underwater cave with a half-woman, half-octopus, that was playing with his life like he was little more than a toy.


“That’s because you are a toy, human,” she said.  He felt a tentacle quickly land fully across his body, the end of it curling around the top of his head and into his hair. The suction cups quickly attached to his face, chest, stomach, and groin.  “For me, you are little more than a necessity for creating more offspring.  I will toy with you as I please before I decide you are no longer useful.  And even then, I will do with you as I please.


“So, if you try to escape, give me grief, cause me trouble, then….”  Sir John felt his body being lifted off the stone surface.  He reached up with his arms and legs and wrapped them around the tentacle and closed his eyes.  He felt the tentacle quickly descend, knowing that the rock was just below his back.  In the split second before he impacted with the rock, the tentacle stopped and held him.  It lowered him the last inch back to the mossy covering.


“If you do as I say, respect me, and please me, then….”  Sir John felt the tentacle’s suckers around his groin begin moving in an odd way.  As he laid there, several more tentacles quickly moved up to his legs and pulled them off the other tentacle and the tips of all of them began to play around with his scrotum and penis.  Afraid to move for fear of her retaliation, Sir John tried to relax his muscles and focus on something besides the manipulation of the coiling tentacles and kissing suction cups.  Against his wishes, he felt his erection begin to grow, the touches and caresses very pleasurable while he was in this state of fear.


“Oh my, I do seem to have found me quite a prize after all,” she cooed.  “I think I will take my time mating with you, human.  Not many of your kind have such a nice length and girth.  I wonder how you will feel inside me, as I’ve not had anything like yours for a very long time.”


“Why are you doing this to me?” he asked between sharp gasps of breath.


“Because, it has been decades since I last had a mate, and I need to spawn my eggs.  They will be of no use without your sperm.  For that reason alone, you will become my mate until I am through with you.  I think you won’t mind,” she added as his hips twitched and thrust a little into the mass of tentacles that were now amassing around his cock.


Sir John grunted with the pleasure, his mind losing control with his body’s rising lust.  As she continued to masturbate him expertly, he tried to focus on something that was less arousing.  He tried to think back to seeing the captain and sailors being attacked and fighting for their lives.  He remembered ducking under the water and seeing her beneath the waves.


At that time, he saw her as a monster, a creature from the cold dark depths of the ocean attacking the ship and threatening the lives of its men.  As his mind visualized what he saw then, his growing arousal heightened his image of the Scylla hanging upside down beneath the boat.  Her beautiful red hair was floating around her head like a halo.  Her large bare breast hung suspended by their buoyancy in the water, the nipples sticking out with the excitement.


Her eyes were half way closed with concentration; but now Sir John’s sex addled mind saw them closed with pleasure, like a woman enjoying her lover’s intimate embrace.  Her lips were large and slightly opened, and he could see her tongue just barely slip out and lick them, like she was preparing for a passionate kiss.


As her tentacles drove his lust to greater heights of lust, Sir John’s mind changed the image now of her not hanging under the ship and attacking it.  Instead, she was atop his body, her tentacles lightly touching him as her pussy in the center of the tentacles sucked his dick deeper into her heat.  She lowered herself on top of his body, her breast crushing against his bare chest as her lips pressed lightly to his.


He willingly opened his mouth and felt her tongue slide across them as it entered his mouth.  He met it with his own and tried to reach up with his arms to pull her closer to make the kiss even more passionate.  The tentacles kept his arms pinned down, though, as she wrapped her arms around his head and increased the passion of the kiss on her own.


After a little longer, the woman’s sex pulling and massaging his cock better than any other woman he’d had before, she broke the kiss and moved her lips to his earlobe and nibbled on it.  Her wet hair covered his face and Sir John opened his eyes a little and saw the light and walls of the cave through the red tresses that now caressed his face.


“That’s it, Sir John,” she cooed into his ear.  “Love Cecelia, and become her mate.  It will never be this good again.”


Sir John let out a guttural moan and closed his eyes again as his hips began to thrust into her sex with rapid succession.  His mind screamed for him to stop fornicating with this woman, unable to even think of her as anything but a woman anymore; but his body was too close to such blissful release to be able to stop.  Soon his thoughts were wiped away with another kiss from her lips on his and her body tightened all around him.  Her tentacles wrapped tightly, the suction cups gripping tightly, pushing his body and hips hard into her sex.  He felt her inner muscles gripping and pulling and pushing all over his cock as she rode out her orgasm, the internal twitches pushing him over his own crest and into an erotic orgasm he’d not felt in a long time.


Cecelia’s mouth left his, and released a sound that was like a song and he could understand her singing at such a beautiful moment.  His body wanted nothing more than to remain in her tenacious grasp and she seemed reluctant to let his cock go from her sex as it continued to milk the very last of his orgasm.  Before too long, the pleasure was too overwhelming for him and Sir John closed his eyes and fell asleep under the pleasurable embrace that she had him in.


Sir John awoke to the smell of raw fish and sat up on the rock that he had fallen asleep on.  He looked down at his sore body and found it was covered with hundreds of round bruises, and one big bruise around his hips and waist where Cecelia’s tentacles had gripped him in greater numbers than other areas around his body.


He looked around and did not see his captor anywhere in the dim light of the floating glowing orb.  Standing on shaky legs, he walked up to the highest part of the rock and found two large dead fish lying atop a huge pile of gold coins.  His eyes roamed around the pile, surprised to find that many of the ones on the bottom contained the visage of ancient rulers of the past.


Nearby were several swords and daggers, to which Sir John had the sudden idea of grabbing up one and finding the monster that had attacked him and the ship.  As soon as the thought entered his mind, a tentacle exploded from the surface of the water and hung in the air close to the island.  As he looked at it, the tip wagged side to side, like the finger of a mother admonishing her child for saying something naughty.


Sir John remembered what Cecelia had said before she had forced him to mate with her and turned his back on the weapons to look at the other piles of items on the small rocky island.  He found several different chests, each opened and showing all kinds of knick-knacks ranging from clothing of all sorts to water stained envelopes and papers.  Near these were casks of all sorts, a few he recognized from the ship he had been on before his kidnapping.


Walking over to these, he grabbed one of the larger daggers from the pile and cracked several of the lids to see what was inside them that might be of some use.  In one barrel, Sir John found all types of fruit, and another contained some hard bread that they rationed on the ship.  Thankfully, the barrels had been sealed properly and these items had remained untouched by the sea water when they were taken from the ship.


Inside several smaller barrels, he found the funny smelling black grainy material that he expected to see and left it for the moment while he searched another cask that looked like it had been stuffed tightly with straw.  Not sure why it would be like this, Sir John began to move the straw around and found, to his delight, many bottles of the finest wine from his country.


Pulling out one of the bottles, he turned it in his hand and read the label before pulling the cork off the end and up ending the bottle for a quick taste.  He smacked his lips at the fruity flavor and looked around at his prison to find that five tentacles had slowly moved quietly up to him, one carrying the two dead fish stuck to its suction cups underneath.


“You should eat, human,” said Cecelia’s voice.  “You’re going to need your strength for our constant mating.”


He looked around and could not see her and figured she was purposely hiding in the darkness, where the light from the orb did not penetrate.


“I can’t eat raw fish,” he said, looking at the tentacles that were still moving closer to him.  He gave the raw fish a sneer and turned from it and pulled a piece of fruit from the barrel.  “This however will suffice for now, until I can figure out how to make a fire and cook the fish.”


“NO FIRE!” Cecelia’s voice bounced off the walls with rage as the tentacles quickly dropped the fish and yanked back into the water.


“Why not?” Sir John asked.  He moved over to one of the chests to see if there might be a flint stone to help him with creating a good spark.


“It is an uncontrollable element,” she said.  “You can’t make a fire without killing yourself.  I’ve seen several of your ships catch fire on the oceans and sink to the bottom because you humans think you can control the elements.”


“I’m surrounded by water, Cecelia, and there is very little room for the fire to spread here,” he retorted while scrounging around inside a chest.  “If it starts to get out of hand, I can easily douse it with water, or you could splash water on it from the water and put it out.  Just give it me a chance to prove it, so that I can at least eat something that will keep me alive besides just this fruit.”


There was silence except for stuff scraping around inside the chest that Sir John was looking through.  Finally, he pulled out of it a couple of small stones and appraised them before moving over to a chest that contained a lot of letters.  He found them to be dry from being inside the cave for who knows how long and began to shred them into small scraps.


“What are you doing, human?” Cecelia asked from the darkness.


“I told you,” Sir John said, walking over to a small cask and grabbing just a tiny amount of the black grainy material.  “I’m going to make a fire so I can cook my dinner.”


He took the black stuff and sprinkled some of it on the pile of shredded paper before pouring quite a bit of his handful into the middle of the pile.  He then held the two stones close together and looked toward where he last saw her tentacles, having a sense that she was in that direction.


“Don’t be scared, Cecelia,” he said.  “I’ve done this before and I know what I’m doing.  It’s going to flare up some, but it won’t be any danger to either you or me.  I promise.”


The tip of a tentacle just barely broke the surface of the water as if giving Sir John the “okay” to proceed and he turned his attention back to his task.  He scraped the stones together several times, causing sparks to shoot out close to the paper.  Finally, one of the sparks landed just right and hit the black sand and it flared up with whitish flames, which quickly ignited the papers around it.


An audible gasp was heard all around the cave, and Sir John smiled as the flames died down and began to just burn the paper.  He reached over and grabbed a pile of the papers in the chest nearby and started adding them gently to the flames, keeping it burning low.  After a moment, he reached over to one of the swords that were within reached and looked around for the fish.  He was surprised to see they were attached to the suckers of Cecelia’s tentacle, which was resting near his leg.


“It’s warm,” she said from the shadows.  “Is it safe?”


“It’s safe as long as you don’t play with it,” Sir John said.  “That is when trouble starts.”


He took the fish and skewered them on the sword and held it over the flames while adding more papers to it.  After several minutes, he heard water moving and looked in the direction to see Cecelia moving out of the shadows toward him.


“That smells good,” she said, coming to the edge of the water.  “Give me some of that.”


“It’s not through cooking yet,” Sir John replied, looking back at the fish and turning the sword over so the other side could be cooked.


“I said give it to me,” she demanded more loudly.


“It’s your tongue and taste buds,” he responded, pulling the sword away from the flames.  “Be careful, now.  It is hot.”


Cecelia didn’t listen to his warning and reached out with a tentacle and quickly yanked it back as soon as it touched the fish, the last inch or two having touched the metal blade of the sword.


“You attacked me,” she screamed, staring at him from the water.  One of her other tentacles rose up and landed hard on the water, causing a large enough splash to reach the fire and extinguish it.


“I warned you,” he said gruffly.  “Don’t do that,” he yelled when he saw her pulling the tentacle back toward the water.  Sir John reached for it but it picked up speed and sank beneath the salt water before he could stop her.  An ear piercing scream emanated from her as she thrust it back out of the water and held it in her hands.


“You poisoned me,” she yelled, looking at the rising blisters on the tentacle.


“No, I didn’t,” he yelled, walking into the shallows of the water toward her.  “The sting was from the salt getting into one of the blisters.  Come here with it and let me see if I can find something to help with it.”


“How can I trust you after what you’ve done to me,” she yelled at him, her body moving further away from the island.


“You did it to yourself, you silly woman,” he yelled right back.  “If you don’t start listening to me, that wound is going to get infected and you’re going to have some serious trouble.  Now bring your gorgeous ass over here and let me try to heal your damned wound.”


Cecelia looked at Sir John in shock.  She had never known a human to talk to her in this manner.  All previous men she had kidnapped for mating cowered before her, and then became extremely subservient toward her in great fear.  It also surprised her that he called her beautiful.  She cleared the look of surprise off her visage quickly, but Sir John had seen it and smiled inwardly.  He held his hand, palm open and up, toward her, waving his fingers in a “come here” manner.


Cecelia moved closer to the island and reached the damaged tentacle toward his outstretched hand.  As soon as it was lying in his palm, another tentacle quickly reached up and gripped him by the waist.  It tugged a little as it tightened around his midsection, and Cecelia seemed to float through the water right up to where he was standing, her body just inches from his.


“If you injure me any worse, I will make your punishment worse than you can even imagine,” she seethed, baring her teeth as she spoke.  The tentacle around his stomach tightened its grip painfully for just a second.  But Sir John saw something else in her eyes as she spoke.  He also felt the tip of the tentacle around his stomach reach down and plant sucker kisses along his exposed shaft.


“Come with me,” he told her and moved back toward the chests, where he thought he had seen some medicinal bottles.  He was glad now for the classes that his father had put him in to learn as much about everything as he possibly could.


Possibly hours later, Sir John wasn’t sure since there was no way of telling time in this place, the two of them sat on the large rock, Cecelia’s wounded tentacle end wrapped in a bandage covering the salve to help the wound heal.  She looked at Sir John the whole time he worked on her appendage, and when he was done, she moved it in front of her face and wiggled it around a little, feeling the strange material binding around it.


“You can’t get that wet, you know,” Sir John said.  “If you do, it may become infected and cause even more serious trouble.”


“I have to get it wet,” she said, frowning at him.  “If I don’t, it will dry out and become useless.”


“Well, let me see what I can find for you then,” he said, beginning to stand up from his seated position.


Cecelia’s hand reached out and grabbed his left wrist in it before he could move too far.  Two of her tentacles reached around behind him and up his back, curling over his shoulders.  The suction cups attached lightly to his bare skin and she moved forward until she was practically in his lap.


“You yelled at me earlier,” she said, the look I her eyes not showing any anger at all.  “No one’s ever commanded me to do anything before.”


“I’m sorry, but you weren’t listening to me and I needed to get your attention,” he replied with a smile.  He reached up with his right hand and caressed her cheek.  “Besides, you have been kind to me, even though you did kidnap me.”


“I’ve never had a mate that showed such concern for me like this.”


“Well, you probably scared them too much to be more than just frightened slaves.  I, however, will not be your slave, Scylla.”


“But, you are my prisoner and you must serve me,” she replied, her face taking on the cold haughty appearance he had seen on it since he first saw her.  She had moved closer to him now and her bare breast were pressing into his chest as her hands now slid around the back of his neck.  “You will serve me wonderfully, Sir John,” she whispered before her lips met his in a hungry kiss.


His own hands reached around her sides and back and caressed it as he returned the kiss with fervor.  She tasted of the ocean, and her strong will was enticing.  He let her tentacles begin to wrap around his legs and thighs, not willing to stop caressing her back and run his fingers through her short red hair.  Soon, he felt the suckers find and play with his rising erection, moving it toward the center of her tentacles.


He knew she had him in position when the cap of his penis was surrounded by a mass of suckers that kept latching on then letting go in the gentlest of kisses.  His body trembled with rising lust as she kept him trapped there.  His hands slide down to her waist and he tried to push her down; but her arms tightened their grasp on his shoulders.  When he tried to lift her, the suction cups pulled on him tighter than he had felt with the teasing.  Finally, he pulled his lips from hers.


“Please, Cecelia,” he begged.  “Don’t tease me like this.”


“That’s my lover,” she cooed in his ear, kissing on the lobe.  Her tentacles then pushed his cock up into her center, wrapping the suction cups all the way down his hard shaft and pulling on it.  As they did, she sank lower on him and he felt the tight opening at her center press against the head of his cock.


There was moisture seeping out and he felt it coating the mushroom cap of his dick as the tentacles pulled and pushed it against the opening.  Cecelia moaned into his neck, where she had started kissing, from the teasing she was giving herself.  When she started to let herself sink on him, Sir John decided that he wasn’t ready to stop teasing her after all.


His strong arms gripped her waist tightly, holding her hard against his body.  She pulled her head back and looked into his eyes with astonishment that he would dare deny her; but the playful look on his face made her smile and she leaned in and kissed him deeply again.  His hips began to move on their own, pressing forward and pulling back a little, the tentacles tenaciously gripping and trying to pull him all the way and not let him pull back when he did.


The tip of his penis was just at the verge of pressing between Cecelia’s opening and the teasing of Sir John’s cock was driving her wild.  She’d never had a lover tease her before.  She had always been in control of the mating and wasn’t sure how to take it; but she did accept his strong will and ability to tease her and give her pleasure with his movements.


She was soon shaking in his arms, her head on his shoulder, her lips constantly kissing and sucking on his neck, just like the suckers all over his body that were attaching and releasing him with kisses everywhere.  Whimpers came from her lips between each kiss, and some of her suckling was strong enough that he knew she was leaving her own bruises that would match what her tentacles were doing to him.


Not much longer, Cecelia slowly raised her head and cut loose with a sound like the music they said the whales sang.  It reverberated off the cave walls and redoubled in Sir John’s ears.  He felt himself loosing control of his own pleasure and wanted so much to cum, but he didn’t want to do so too soon, especially since he was barely inside Cecelia’s warm moist interior.


She shook in his arms, even her tentacles seeming to hum all over his body.  Unable to hold on any longer, Sir John loosened his grip on her waist and the gripping and pulling suckers surrounding her sex thrust him deep inside her gripping tunnel.  Cecelia’s song suddenly became a scream of orgasmic pleasure.  Her arms latched onto his shoulders and she brought herself fully against his body, her breast pressing hard into his chest.


He slid his hands up to her nipples and used his fingers to tweak them, alternating between pinches and pulls while her tentacles wrapped his body tightly and kept him immobile.  He knew that if he even dared to try and pull her off, he would end up skinning himself with the grip of the tentacles and their suckers being as tight as they were.  At the moment, though, Sir John could think of no where else in the world he wished to be.


“Thank you, lover,” Cecelia whimpered in his ear, as her sex continued to pull and milk his cock to his impending orgasm.  “No mate of mine has ever thought of such nice things about me.”


Her lips kissed their way along his jaw until they were locked in the war of the tongues again.  Both of their strong wills refuse to give into the other; but willing to play off the others desire.  Soon, Sir John was pulled as deep as he could possibly go and Cecelia had started to sing again.  Her sex began gripping erratically as she climaxed again and he used the opportunity to lower his mouth to one of her breast.


Taking the nipple between his lips, he suckled on it, applying the same suction that she and her tentacles had been giving his body.  Her song took on a new tone when he started and her arms gripped the back of his head, pulling him harder into the soft breast.  He scrapped the tender nub between his teeth and the tentacles tightened even harder around his body as her pussy’s grip pulled him as deep as it possibly could.


When he lightly bit down, Cecelia’s song became a scream again, her pussy sucked non-stop on his cock and ripped his orgasm from his balls.  Sir John shook in her tight hold, his arms going limp as she drained his semen from his body.  His orgasms had never felt this good before, and she wasn’t through, from the way her grip tightened.  It felt like she had just started a new orgasm with the way her pussy was now sucking his cum out of his body.


He twitched in her tight grasp as his orgasm raged on longer than it ever had before.  When he was spent, her body still kept its grip on him.  Her pussy continued to send aftershocks of pleasure along his cock, keeping him hard inside her moist heat.  He felt her body moving around him, as her tentacles began to manipulate his body so that he was now lying down instead of sitting up.


Sir John looked up at Cecelia and saw the look he had seen earlier in her eyes after he had tended to her wounded tentacle.  She looked at him as a human woman would her lover, with care and devotion.  He felt a rush through his body, warming his mind, heart and even his soul.  As she worked his body to another raging orgasm, his thought about how wonderful it felt to be in this tight intimate embrace.


Her pussy continued to slide up and down his dick, every inch of it that escaped from her hot interior was immediately kissed with relentless sucking tentacles.  They tenderly gripped along his shaft and held it as she slid up and just barely off of him, allowing the suction cups to just latch onto his over sensitive cock’s head.  Then she would lower herself down as the tentacles would try to pull him up off the ground and push him in faster than she was taking him in.


Soon she started her song again, and he felt her orgasm from her insides gripping along his shaft again; but she continued to slowly ride up and down his erection.  Each penetration, her song seemed to change its tenor and the tune became more and more intense as her body started to twitch with the pleasure.


Cecelia’s hands slid up her nubile body, coming to rest on her breast.  She gripped them as she leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide with a long note of the song.  As she did so, she sank down hard onto Sir John’s cock and he felt he head press against the back of her sex.  It vibrated against the tip as her orgasm reached its crescendo and the feeling pushed him over the crest of his own wave of bliss.


His hips thrust up and he pushed his cock hard against her cervix.  Cecelia song became another scream of ultimate pleasure and Sir John joined her as he cried out his own orgasm.  Her tentacles wrapped around his buttocks and pulled him as tight against her pussy as they could.  His body seemed to vibrate with the orgasm, sending even more pleasure deep into her.  Soon, Cecelia was no longer making any noise as she could no longer catch her breath.


A few short seconds of the mind blowing orgasmic bliss and both lovers began to relax.  Sir John’s hips lowered to the ground, the tentacles wrapped around him releasing their grasp and moving out from beneath him.  Soon, the rest of her tentacles released him and her body came down to rest on top of his.  He reached up with his arms and wrapped them around her chest, kissing her forehead as she rested on his chest.




Sir John was never heard from again; and the bay where Cecelia’s cave was located had become something of a popular location for lovers to meet on the nearby beach.  It was said that a lovers song could be heard coming up from the sea every so often.  When these times happened, it was impossible for couples not to embrace one another and find peace and solitude with the one that they were with.


Deep under the sea, Cecelia kept her lover well cared for, always bringing him what he needed to cook his food and stealing regular supplies of anything he ever asked of her.  Sure, like every couple with two strong willed lovers, they had a row or two with each other; but the fight would never last long and soon they didn’t have them anymore.  Sir John had become very happy with this woman that was his equal, even if she was different, while Cecelia found that she would never have another mate again that could show her such kindness and devotion just because they loved her instead of out of fear.


Many decades later, the body of an old man washed ashore in the bay.  No one could recognize him as the royalty he once was, and there were no recent reports of a missing elderly old man on the sea.  Attacks by the giant tentacle sea monster in the areas near there stopped at the same time.  Cecelia did not leave her cave again after she gave Sir John’s body back to the world she had taken him from.  Her heart was broken and she could not find the joy in life to continue her escapades in pirating from other ships.


Copyright 2009 © by Jason Morris, mjm202036@hotmail.com.  All rights reserved.


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Randall said

at 1:02 pm on May 30, 2009

This is not a comment on the story. Merely a request for a clarification on your author's note at the beginning. I would never presume to tell you how to tell your story, but what if I notice a typo or other error?

Jason said

at 11:17 pm on Jun 3, 2009

What I was talking about is the fact that I know there are several misspelled words, comma misplacement and other errors on the page. I will take time later to actually copy-edit my story when time permits me to do so. I don't like letting editors do this because they prefer to say stuff like "this paragraph would look better here," or "This person should be saying this instead of that." I'm sure you've noticed several of my stories have a few errors in them, and I assure you that I know about these errors. I left them in there for specific reasons. I hope that clears up the question. Cheers.

Randall said

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Ah, I think I understand now. You've had a few bad experiences and prefer to find and fix errors yourself rather than deal with what someone else might see as an error to be corrected. I hope none of my comments have given you the wrong impression about me then. I do try to be helpful but I know I sometimes rub people the wrong way.

Jason said

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A few bad experiences is a very polite way of putting it. I used to write for newspapers and I hated editors that would take my stories and demand that I had to write it their way even though it said the same thing. I don't mind comments, but as these are rough drafts, I would prefer that no one points out the errors that I haven't had time to look for yet.

Perentie said

at 1:19 am on Jun 10, 2009

Hard to see this as a rough draft. Most of it seems pretty much complete and awesome. I can't believe I never considered before how the suckers of a scylla could be used like hundreds of lips. And I love how it is a love story, weird as it may be.

The ending leaves me wondering though just what happened next. The scylla finding no joy in life any more makes it sound like she proceeded to allow herself to fade away and die to join her mate. Or at least that is what I want to think happened as her living for however long you decided a scylla can live lonely and miserable seems worse.

Cranfree said

at 7:10 pm on Dec 9, 2009

Another wonderful story. Nice pace and everything. As with hulstaurus, bit of a depressing ending, but no need to change it.

Oh, and you used to write for newspapers? How old are you?

Jason said

at 9:51 pm on Dec 9, 2009

I was a journalist for base newspapers when I was in the U.S. Marines. I'm currently 39, and I'll be 40 next year.

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Jason, the story's of your is very good and the short story's of Enclyclopedia of Monsters is very good, but a lot of monsters don't have a story. Please update the Enclyclopedia soon.

The monsters that I wait with more anxiety are : Lesser Succubus; Arachne; Roper; Werecat; Jurougumo; Queen Slime; Amazoness; Angel; Dark Angel; Orc; Sphinx and Anubis.

Waiting for your update


superhyoga@... said

at 7:40 pm on Mar 6, 2010

Jason, the story's of your is very good and the short story's of Enclyclopedia of Monsters is very good, but a lot of monsters don't have a story. Please update the Enclyclopedia soon.

The monsters that I wait with more anxiety are : Lesser Succubus; Arachne; Roper; Werecat; Jurougumo; Queen Slime; Amazoness; Angel; Dark Angel; Orc; Sphinx and Anubis.

Waiting for your update


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