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Aaron treaded carefully along the open plain.  He kept the shaft notched to the string, and his arm tense, ready to pull back before letting the arrow fly.  Carefully watching his step, he walked across the open field, the grass as tall as his muscular thighs.  He couldn’t see his target, but he knew that when get got close enough to it, his target would make itself known.



A light wind blew in his face, and he was glad for that.  If his prey had been downwind, then it would have smelled him from about a quarter of a mile away.  He scanned the tops of the grass, waiting for his prey to do what it does best.  Then Aaron would do what he always does best.



Suddenly there was a strange rustle in the grass off to his left.  Aaron’s arm drew back as the rustle neared him and he spun noisily toward the sound, making the bow bend as far back as it would go.  His noise caused his target, the flock of pheasants off to his left, take to the sky.  Aaron followed them with his arm and eyes before his fingers let loose the shaft.



As was always the case, Aaron’s aim was true.  He had hit his mark perfectly through the breast of one of the large birds and it fell to the ground dead before it knew what had hit it.  Aaron raced over to the spot where the bird crashed and picked it up by the feet.  It was a good sized bird, and he could see at least three meals for himself coming out of it, if not four meals.



Aaron sat down right there and field dressed the bird with his sharp knife.  He removed the feathers easily enough with his strong arms, plucking out all the feathers.  He then cut the bird into several pieces and stuck them in the pack that he always carried with him while he was out on a hunting trip.



With his mind concentrated, he did not notice the very subtle sounds of rustling grass all around him.  His mind blocked it out as just more pheasants that had not taken flight before, but a nagging sensation in the back of his brain told him that it sounded like the rustling was making a large circle around him.



Aaron began the slow trudge back the way he came from his camp site, when he heard the grass rustling near him once more.  The young man knew that dangers still lurked everywhere on the open plains.  He could even now smell the faint flowery scent of the alraune’s in the far distance releasing their alluring smells to trap unwary travelers in their embrace.



He notched another arrow too his bowstring and began to walk more slowly, perking his ears up in an attempt to catch the sound of possible danger.  All it did for him was to make the sounds of the waving grass become almost a dull roar of sound.  Then he heard the rustling grass once more, much closer to him than he could remember it being the last time he heard it.  Aaron came to a complete stop and listened even more intently.  All the same, he could not make out where the sound was coming from, either to his right, left, in front or behind him.



“Show yourself,” he called out, expecting whatever bird was walking in the grass to leap to the sky at the sound of his voice.  Still, it sounded like the rustling was everywhere around him.  He began to walk again, but quickly came to a stop when he saw the danger lying before him.  A thin layer of blue slime lay on the ground in front of him, curving to each side before the rest of it became hidden by the tall grass.



It moved very slowly, causing the grass to rustle as it was split by the blades while it moved around each one.  Aaron took a step backward and saw that the slime was moving toward him.  He had heard rumors of blue slimes, and knew that he was in danger if he was ever been caught by one.  But there was so little of this slime, and they were said to be not very intelligent.



So, if this one took the typical form, and there was only an extra foot to each side that he couldn’t see, Aaron would be able to easily bypass it by going around.  He kept his eyes on the slime as he started walking toward the edge of it, only to find out that it went on longer than just a foot.



After walking around a long circle, Aaron grew uncomfortable, and wondered just how far of a circle he had now walked.  He thought about sticking an arrow in the ground and making the loop again, but he would likely walk right past the arrow, since it was no taller than the grass.  Instead, he did what he knew would be a foolish mistake.



Aaron planted the tip of his tall bow in the soft dirt, making sure it stood tall before walking away from it in a circular pattern.  He still kept his eyes on the slime, noticing that it was looking wider and thicker as he traipsed through the open plain.  When he thought he had made a full circle, he looked for his bow and saw it several feet away, on the other side of the now two foot wide slime ring.



It’s closing in from all around me, he thought to himself.  I’m going to have to jump over it.



Aaron was about to make a leap when the rumor quickly popped back into his head.  The blue slimes were said to be not that intelligent; but this one turned out to be smart enough to circle him and then close around him.  If it was smart enough to do that, then it may be more intelligent than the rumors told.



Keeping his arm muscles tensed to yank back, Aaron stuck his arm out before him and began to walk toward the slime, watching it very closely for any movement besides the advancement on him.  As soon as his hand was fully above the slime at his shoulder height, the wide ring immediately condensed into a very thin ring; but the excess slime pulled into the area shot up like an explosion.



Aaron yanked his hand back, but not before seven large drops of the slime had landed on his palm.  Staring at the mass that had exploded up, he wiped the slime off his hand onto the front of his tunic.  The mass remained at about his shoulder height; but it was so thin of a wall, he could easily see through it, like looking through a blue-stained piece of glass.  He could see it glistening with the moisture and the light reflecting off of it was quite colorful and pretty.



Aaron felt the need to go up and touch the pretty lights that were reflecting into his eyes.  They flashed such brilliant shades of blue, and in a dazzling sequence.  A cool breeze blew across his bare stomach, waking Aaron from the trance and making him look down.  He saw that quite a bit of his shirt was gone, and more of it was disintegrating still.  At the edges of the shirt’s ends was a long line of blue slime, all the way around.



Aaron quickly yanked off the shirt, his quiver of arrows and the pouch he carried his fresh kill falling to the ground as he did so.  When he dropped the shirt, it landed atop his moccasin style shoes and the blue slime quickly began to eat away at the material there.



“Oh shit, I’m in trouble,” Aaron whispered, staring at his feet as he quickly kicked off his shoes.  He never reached down with his hands to do so; afraid of what the slime would do to his bare skin.  He kicked off the second shoe, sending it in a small arc to land in the grass.



The slime that had risen up earlier had gone back to ground again, making a very thin layer about two feet wide.  He saw that his circle of space had nearly closed in completely around him.  Looking all around without moving his feet, he could see the full circle closing much quicker now on its prey…him.



Aaron came up with his last ditch effort of a plan and focused his mind on it, thinking that if he didn’t succeed, then no one would ever find him again.  He moved to the exact center of the slime circle and tensed his strong legs, reading for his most powerful leap he had ever made before.  There would be no room to run and jump when he made this last ditch effort.



When the slime was just under an inch from his toes and heels, Aaron released the tension in his muscles and pushed off the ground, intending to land on his feet on the other side of the two foot slime.  He barely felt the earth beneath his feet disappear before a slippery, yet sticky, substance covered both of his feet all the way up to his ankles.



Aaron’s leap was stopped in mid-air, and he saw himself falling face first toward the ground, but it was instantly covered by a thick layer of slime.  He put his hands out to ward it, in an attempt to keep from landing his whole body in the dangerous stuff.  His hands hit the surface and sank slowly into the thick ooze.  It slowed his descent enough that he only bent his elbows a little.  His face came to a stop just inches above the surface of the slime.



He could see his reflection in the surface as he stared at it; but the face looking back at him looked more feminine.  Then it no longer looked frightened as a smile spread across its features.  Aaron quickly straightened his arms and noticed his body was in a push up position.  His feet and hands were mired in the goop that surrounded them; but there was no burning sensation as he had expected after seeing what it did to his clothes.



It feels kind of nice, actually, Aaron thought to himself.  Maybe the rumors were completely wrong after all.  Maybe the blue slimes didn’t devour men after all.



Aaron looked around beneath him and saw that he was currently right above the entire pool of the slime.  It had covered the ground just beneath his body, and nowhere else.  He knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold this position for very long and wondered what would happen if he lowered his knees into the slime.



He figured that if he did so, it would easily eat away the material of his pants; but so far, it was not destroying his flesh.  With his knees down, he would have more leverage to be able to move back to a standing position; or maybe even roll to the side and out from above and away from the slime.  If he can do that, then he can go back to camp naked and put on a new set of clothes.



Aaron took the chance and lowered his knees to the slime, feeling the surface give just a little before his knees actually sank through the surface.  The effect was instantaneous.  The pants around his knees disappeared as soon as they broke the plane of cohesion of the slimes surface.



As they sank further in, the pants quickly became no more.  His bare legs from the knees down were quickly covered by the blue slime as it rose up and took away the lower legs of his clothing.  As soon as it was gone, the slime sank back into itself, but leaving a thin blue coating of itself on his calves with a thin membrane between them and the top layer of the slime.



The feel of the slime on his skin was warm, and it just barely tingled with an interesting, but nice, feeling to it.  There was no burning sensation, as Aaron had first expected from the supposed acidic nature of the slimes.  As he remained on his hands and knees, he looked at his legs and saw that a line of blue slime had not just stopped at his calves.  It continued to eat away at his pants very slowly, leaving another thin layer of itself behind along his bare flesh.



The same sensation began to cover Aaron’s arms and he looked down at them, a feeling of calm coming to his mind suddenly.  The touch of the slippery and sticky material was extremely gentle and comforting.  After the slime on his forearms reached his elbow, he finally had the right word for it.  It was a gentle woman’s touch that he was feeling.



Aaron looked back down at what he had thought was his reflection and now saw that it was really a woman’s face formed by the slime.  A touch of fear tried to rise up in the back of his mind; but the soft caress of the slime that already coated almost all of his legs and arms just insisted that there was no danger here.



Aaron didn’t know anything about the physiology of the blue slimes, as did no one else.  With each section of his skin covered, the slime covered pores in his flesh and sank soothing toxins into the capillaries of his blood stream.  As these toxins increased, so did the sensation of calm and happiness at his current situation.



The slime woman smiled up at Aaron, and her head began to rise up from the slime like a woman rising up out of bath water.  She glistened with the sun, along with the hands and arms that that came up out of the slime near Aaron’s sides.  Her body slowly formed beneath him, her breast taking on the supple size of what he guessed would be between that of a grapefruit and a cantaloupe.



Aaron’s hands were no longer sunk into the slime up to the wrists but resting in a very thin layer of the slime lying beneath the womanly curves that were forming beneath him.  Her blue slippery arms slid around Aaron’s chest and up along his back until the fingers rested on the back of his shoulders.



He felt the slime around his knees was now gone and the sensation of two thighs, one on each side of his own, caressed his outer legs.  Those soft blue legs tightened around his as did her arms, trying to pull him closer.  His body relaxed in the tightening embrace as Aaron looked into the shinning eyes of the slime woman beneath him.  He felt himself moving lower atop her body, only barely noticing that his pants were completely gone now.



Her breast touched his chest first, the smooth surface pressing against his flesh, but not accepting him into her.  At the same moment, his flaccid member came to rest between her soft, slippery blue hips and his own.  The slime quickly coated it along with his midsection as it was already doing to his upper body.



Aaron had no idea that he was being covered by such a thin layer of blue slime anymore.  All he knew was that his woman beneath him wanted him, actually, she needed him.  He could see it in her eyes.  She needed him in a very bad way; and her eyes promised it was going to be very good to let her have him.



Her mouth opened just a little and Aaron’s mouth did the same as his head titled a little to the side.  She pulled him the rest of the distance and brought his mouth to hers.  Her lips felt slippery at first, along with her tongue; and it caressed all inside his mouth as she hungrily tasted him.  Aaron did the same, finding the flavor of the slime much greater than he had expected it to be.



His mind sank into a fuzzy haze as her lips became sticky like liquid glue and connected him to her in a way he had never felt connected to a woman before.  Her tongue became a probing serpent, coiling around his own before reaching every crevices of his mouth to taste every inch of Aaron’s mouth.



When she had coated his entire mouth with her slime, the membranes quickly absorbing it into his system, she drove her tongue to the back of his mouth and down his throat.  Aaron’s body was almost completely relaxed from her toxins and did not even gag as she probed deep past his tonsils and well into his esophagus.  He automatically swallowed her tongue as far as it would go, then tried to swallow it further and felt it break apart inside him.



Aaron’s stomach accepted the offered portions of her tongue as she pulled back the rest of it into his mouth to continue the lurid kiss that she had been giving him.  All the while, the slime from her body had been moving along the hunter’s face, coating it in a thin blue layer just as it had already done with the rest of his body.



The kiss and feel of the woman’s curves against his body caused Aaron’s need for pleasure to rise over the calm and soothing sensations that her toxins had been giving him.  He raised only his hips and lowered them gain, feeling his rapidly growing erection slide and down her slippery surface.  The coating on his rising hard on stretched with him and tingled even more at the sensation of the rising endorphins in his body.



The slime woman, reading the chemical changes going on in Aaron’s body better than he could, moaned into his mouth as her body tensed around him.  Her slippery legs wrapped behind his thighs and hooked behind his knees.  She reached one hand down to between their bodies and placed her fingers around his hard cock.



As she stroked it, Aaron gave his own groan of need as he grew even harder with the ministrations.  His hips jerked in the encasement of her hand to coincide with her movements; and he never noticed how enclosed his cock had become by her hand.  Her fingers melded together and her thumb became part of slime coated tube that now moved with Aaron’s thrusts, bringing him closer to orgasm.



His mouth began to fill with more of her slime as her body shuddered beneath him.  Her slimy tube-hand immediately absorbed the pre-cum that seeped out of Aaron’s erection and the tiniest amount of slime pushed itself down into the eye of his penis.  The sensation of the invasion went unnoticed by the captured hunter as he swallowed more of her goo into his stomach and felt his body heat up even more.



Aaron lost control of his scrotum and came inside her tube-hand as soon as the tendril of slime reached his ball sack.  His back arched and his mouth tore away from hers, as he screamed out the ecstasy of the moment.  His orgasm seemed to keep going on longer than normal, but the blissful feeling of such pleasure pushed the worried thought from his brain.



Aaron kept his body rigid as her tube-hand continued to slowly stroke up and down his shaft, keeping it rock solid in her warm slippery grip.  When the last spurt of his cum escaped his testicles and was sucked into her slime body, Aaron felt more spent, and yet more aroused, than he had ever felt before.



His arms were weak from the exertion and his body sank full atop the blue slime woman below him.  Her body was completely solid and held his weight; but it felt like his cock did press against her body for only a second before it sank into her core.  His stomach did not break that plane of her body, though.



He moved his head and looked at the slime woman beneath him and she just smiled at him with the look of a woman that was pleased with her lover and wanted more.



“You want more, don’t you?” he asked her.



She did not answer him with any words, and her face did not change its expression; but the light in her eyes shown that she was still in need.  Aaron tried to move, not sure if he could give her more; and just wanting to pull away for a moment to regain control of the situation.  Her legs around his became solid as rocks as did her arms around his back.  Her smile did not change, but there was a new look in her eyes that he understood.  He’d seen it before in the eyes of some of the other monster-ladies he had seen just as they got their talons, paws, tendrils, petals, fangs, and/or hands on their prey.



It was a look of pure, unadulterated, sexual hunger.



“Oh no,” Aaron whispered, his the high of his orgasm clearing the fuzzy feeling of euphoria from his brain for a second.  He began to struggle in the slime woman’s grip, feeling his body with its thin blue layer of slime slipping around in her grip.  As he moved, he felt more of her slime rising up and covering his legs and up to his buttocks.



Aaron turned his head to look over his shoulder and saw that his legs were covered in a blanket of the blue slime.  He could see the bulges of his own legs beneath it and what looked like bulges of her legs; but he knew it was just the same slime that had covered him so far.



He looked back down at the slime woman’s face; her visage still had that desiring hungry look on it.  His own look became one of panic; and he pushed with one of his hands in an attempt to roll off of her body and away from her, as he had planned much earlier.  With the last of his strength, he pushed up with his arms and shoved/rolled sideways, knowing that he had failed in his attempt to escape.



Worse yet, Aaron knew from the weight of her body and slime attached to his as he began to roll over meant that she would now be on top and in full control.  He landed with a squelch and was not surprised to find that she had moved some of her slime over for him to land in.  Unlike the rest of her, it felt stickier than it did slippery.



Her feminine curves pressed atop his body, and her lower body slime moved in delicious ways.  Even though his mind knew that this was a trap of no escape, Aaron’s cock remained hard inside her warm, tight, slippery core.  She continued to smile down at him now, her arms still wrapped around his torso.  She brought her head closer to his, her eyes staring intently, hungrily, at his.



The sun shined high above, and for the first time Aaron noticed it had a blue tinge to it.  He now understood that he was completely covered by her already, and even if he did escape her whole, she would always be with him.  As his mind took this in, his eyes drank in the beautiful light that was refracted through her slime interior and back out of her eyes.



She has such beautiful eyes, Aaron thought for a moment.



For a monster, his rational brain added.



But how can this pleasure come from a monster, his body questioned as his cock was suckled on by the slime that now cover his entire lower body.



So it can trap you in its body to digest you, his mind answered.



It hasn’t killed or eaten me yet, and I’m so close, his body said, a grunt coming out of Aaron’s mouth as his body started to thrust up into the slime woman’s body and meet the suction that was there with rising excitement.



It will when it completely tires you out, his mind answered, but the response sounded distant now.



Go away and let me be happy, his body said, still moving with the motions of the pleasure.



The other thoughts did not respond, and the lack of response helped Aaron sink further into the spell of the toxins of the slime woman’s body.  She leaned down and his hand moved up to stroke her face as she did.  He helped guide her mouth to his once more and closed his eyes as her delicious taste filled his mouth again and he swallowed more of her slime into his body.



As his stomach filled with her, his cock filled her sex with his semen as another great bout of cum exploded out of Aaron’s body.  He tensed beneath her, trying to hold her tight to him; but his hands sank through her back and became locked inside her slimy body.  He didn’t care, as his world became centered on the head of his dick and that tingling tickling pleasure that her slime caused.



Aaron lay beneath the slime woman as she sucked the orgasm straight from his body, his nerves screaming with pleasurable tension.  Finally, she broke off the kiss and sat up, her sex keeping his cock deep buried inside her where a woman’s natural sex is.  Her smile was still the same; but her eyes no longer had that hungry look to them.  If anything, she looked sated from her meal that he had just fed her.



He then saw something that he couldn’t understand.  The slime woman rose up on her long legs while looking down on the man still stuck to the pool of sticky blue slime.  Her eyes looked pleased and thankful for him before she turned sideways and moved her legs like she was walking.  Aaron could see that her feet never really left the tiny pool of slime that surrounded her young girlish figure, so she really didn’t walk off and leave him.  She just slimed away.



The thought made him begin to giggle, but the giggling didn’t stop when he noticed the tickling sensation between his legs.  Aaron raised his head as far as he could and saw that she had left quite a bit of her slime behind.  Actually, a huge sized blob of it was pooled between his partially spread legs, and it seemed to pulse and twitch there.



You’re fucked now, said the rational part of Aaron’s brain, once more returning to remind him he was in a bad situation.



Before he could do anything, two feminine hands rose out of each side of the large blob of slime and placed themselves on Aaron’s inner thighs.  They slid up to his groin and one slowly cupped and caressed his balls.  The other slipped the fingers around his still hard cock and slowly stroked it.  Instantly, he felt his pleasure building again and wondered what was going on.



As he watched, he got a frightening feeling that it was going to go on as long as he lived.  A woman’s head, not much different than the one of the slime woman that had attacked him and left, rose from the slimy blob, but it barely had any cohesion to it.  Her eyes shown with raw and insatiable hunger as she stared not at Aaron’s face but his raging hard on.



Her mouth opened wide and her face slammed down on the man’s groin, his cock breaking through the plane of her face and sinking into the molten core of the blob that had been her head.  The insides of it pulsed rhythmically around his shaft and stroked and sucked him toward another orgasm.  As his pre-cum leaked out and was instantly absorbed, Aaron saw the blue blog growing in size.



His eyes didn’t remain open for long as another orgasm was ripped from his body with an uncontrollable need.  Aaron’s hips arched up as his body tried to bury his cock deep inside the non-existent woman that was giving him the best fellatio that he had ever experienced.  His hips shuddered as his cock twitched and ejaculated deep inside the ever growing blob that was sucking out every last drop of his cum.



Aaron’s head fell back and he stared up at the sky as the suckling sensation at the tip of his cock continued.  He felt a weight growing across his body as the pleasure of that wanton mouth continued to keep him hard and aroused.  Soon, the weight reached his chest and shoulders, then he saw the slime that had stretched across his body begin to form the lower half of a woman’s body.



The soft thighs of the blue slime woman’s legs came to rest on each side of his head, pressing against his ears.  He could feel the slime sliding off the surface, as if this new slime woman hadn’t gained full cohesion just yet.  The slime that should have been knees connected with that of the sticky slime under him and then a bit of it began to rise up beneath his head.  To Aaron, it felt like a pair or crossed ankles pressed to the back of his skull, helping to raise his head up to where the woman’s pussy was already forming in the blue slime.



He knew what was wanted of him; and the arousal of the mouth still sucking on his cock made it hard for his mind to think of anything else but sex.  Aaron opened his mouth and planted a passionate kiss on a different pair of lips than he had been kissing a little earlier.



The taste was much tangier that before, but no less pleasant.  If anything, it was wetter than the other slime woman’s kisses, since this new slime woman’s body had not gained full form just yet.  He tasted as her liquid ran down his tongue and to the back of his throat.  He was thirst from all the exertion, and the taste of the slime slaked his thirst better than he expected water to be able to.



Aaron drove his tongue deep into the pussy lips that were now pressing hard against his face.  Soon, the hips attached to that pussy were rocking and pressing his entire face into her sex.  Even his nose had broken through her body and he felt his face was being sucked into a giant pussy.  He didn’t know how; but Aaron could still breath, not understanding that the slime was giving his body oxygen through his skin.



Aaron did not care, though.  Her taste became the center of his world, and it was followed closely by his desire to orgasm again for this new slime woman that was sucking so diligently at his raging hard on.  Aaron’s hunger was soon surpassed by the hungry moaning of the slime woman that pressed down upon his body and took his cock all the way to the base between her lips.



Her insides were much hotter than earlier; and the currents of her slimy interior circulated deliciously all around Aaron’s dick.  They teased and aroused his body beyond anything he had felt before.  He didn’t want it to end; but he could tell she needed it to end many times so she would get what she needed.



Aaron kept up his cunnilingus on the rapacious slime woman’s sex as she began to vibrate around his cock.  His body couldn’t take the new sensation and he ejaculated deep into her mouth, shoving his cock deep into the slime woman’s head.  She didn’t stop the suction or the vibrations; and the currents inside ripped the semen away into her body and added it to her slime to help with her growth.



Aaron slowly came down from the blissful feeling of the orgasm, still feeling the hungry mouth sucking on his cock as he licked slowly across the pussy lips that were no longer trying to swallow his head.  He stared up at the rump of the slime woman and wondered just how long he would be kept by this slime woman for a sexual play thing; but the thought quickly faded when he felt his hunger growing once more.



He started licking more aggressively at the dripping lips, finding them a little more solid than they had been before.  As he did so, they began to leak the slime woman’s honey on his tongue and face, and he drove his mouth’s muscle deep inside her, all the way to his own lips.  He sucked and licked for the honey deep inside her, knowing that only that from here on out would satisfy his needs.



Her hips pressed down on Aaron’s mouth and face again, filling his world with the much needed blue slime that was sustaining his addiction for the taste of her body.  The slime woman in turn sucked more hungrily on his cock, building him toward another heavenly orgasm.  As he grew closer to his release, his hunger was soon abated; but her ankles once again kept his face pressed to her nether lips, keeping him in the position to pleasure her while she sucked the seed from his body.



Aaron felt his body tense again as the orgasm exploded and filled his vision with stars at the unbelievable feeling of such great relief.  The woman atop his body still kept his mouth trapped inside her; but he felt her body shifting around atop his.  Soon he felt the bulge of her breasts pressing into his chest and her pussy’s lips became the full lips of her mouth.  The legs around his head turned into her arms as they wrapped tightly around his own head and held him trapped in the rapturous kiss.



Aaron saw a vision pop into his head and knew in the back of his head that it was just a look at his blissful future.  The slime woman atop him now was nearing her final feeding and was going to leave him soon; but she, like the one before her and the one after her, will leave a large part of her slime body behind.



Each new blob will use his body as it feeds him with the addictive solution of its substance.  In the end, all the exertion of continuous orgasms would take its toll on his body, and Aaron will die in with unimaginable glorious release.  The last slime woman would then use up all the fluids of his body to sustain her until she is able to hunt for her next prey.



The rumors were true, the whispering and dying voice of Aaron’s rational mind said.  They do devour men; but the men welcome their death.



The slime woman atop him at the moment sped up the sticky yet slippery currents inside her hot core, teasing his cock to another great orgasm as she fed him more of her slime.  Her body lost a lot of its cohesion as she must have been having an orgasm as well.  Aaron felt his entire world become wrapped tightly by all of the slime, and he gave himself over to the pleasurable touch of all of it.



Aaron lost all sense of time after that point, his mind slipping into an unthinking consciousness, focusing on only the basic needs of his body.  He had to eat and drink from the never ending line of the blue slimes and he had to return the parasitic relationship by feeding the slimes with his own orgasmic fluids.



It was nearly three weeks later when his heart finally gave out from all the use that his body had been put through.  Over that time, Aaron’s mind never took notice of the fact that each slime woman seemed to change to a much different, darker shade of blue.  When he died from the never ending orgiastic use by the slimes, his vision did not recognize that the blue haze that had covered his eyes had gained a purple tinge movie closer to the color of red.



The nearly purple slime that had taken Aaron’s last orgasm actually felt sadness when the vibrations of his pulse stuttered and came to a complete stop.  She lay fully across his body and her eyes began to leak some of her slime, the bright sunlight shining through it showing how bright red it was inside.  She hugged the cooling corpse to hers and melted completely around Aaron, cocooning him in her goo and mentally thanking him for giving her the chance to live and survive.



As she did so, her slime sank into every pore of his body and extracted the last drop of his body’s fluids, taking every last substance he had to give to her.  Night fell as she continued to drain all of the fluids he no longer needed; and before the sun rose again, she rose off the dried husk of her first lover and looked down on him.



The first ever red slime raised her fingers to her mouth and blew a kiss at her dead lover, a large wet red tear falling from her large glowing eyes.  She had taken much from his body in the end, and she could sense knowledge of communication inside her.  It would take practice, and to do that, she would have to find a man to do so.



As she walked/slimed away from Aaron’s body, her body shuddered with hunger at the thought of finding another man.  She would find another one, and she would talk with him.  She would talk with him while they fed upon each other, she thought to herself.  They would talk and feed for many, many days and nights.


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