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Here is a list of the next story ideas for Succubus Ranch that I have already received from readers.


  • one on one long lasting sexual encounter between a man and a succubus (don't know if this guy is going to survive, but if not, he's going to die screaming out his pleasure)


  • nine succubi taking on just one patron (a definite goner, for sure)


  • Latex succubus (going to be a couple with a latex fantasy come true) Chapter Five


  • Spider succubus (have three request for this type of succubus with three different specifications, so look for three stories on spider succubi): One down, two more to go.


  • Investigative reporter breaks in and can't break out (thinking a plant succubus for this story)


  • Mafia hit man comes around to make Jason and Maradith pay up the mafia's share (finally going to show what's behind that door that Jiri almost walked through)


  • naga/snake-woman succubus plays with a married couple (wife becomes one as well)


  • werewolf-incubus (that's right, it's an incubus story instead of a succubus, but you better believe that the woman is going to join the ranch after all is done and over with - Chapter Four)


  • Harpy-succubus fulfils a pilots fantasy


  • Co-ed sports team visits Nevada for a game and players visit the ranch, changed a bit and use new "skills" for the event on the judges and other team to win the tournament.


  • Man visits Succubus Ranch after e-mail correspondence with Maradith and Jason, in hopes of having his fantasy of becoming a young Japanese woman for his lady-friend come true. (Will he get his wish and become a she? Will she want to leave the Ranch afterward? Will his/her lady-friend join him/her into the world of sexual feedings of succubi?)


  • Married man hears a siren's song on the radio that leads him to the Ranch. The siren, a succubus of course, sings her lustfilled song and keeps him wanting and willing to give his all to her.


  • A cop comes to the ranch, looking for a possibility of a connection between the business and some missing people that were last seen in the area. Salem, the witch succubus, gives him a guided tour of the place, and gains a regular customer. (Case closed? Maybe.)


  • A drow (dark elf) finds her way through a portal in her world and is thrust somehow into the Nevada desert. You can guess what the cloesest building is that she comes across.


  • Several men get it in their heads that the best fantasy to have come true at Succubus Ranch will be to gang-rape a woman. Poor guys find out that even with just one woman as their victim, they will still become her prey instead.


  • A hunter of demons comes to Succubus Ranch, but not for the purpose of stopping the lustful natures of the Ranch's employer and employees. There's a threat nearby, and that is the hunters target. The lucky guy's going to be well rewarded for protecting the ranch, I promise you.


  • Customer finds his love for cecaelia is fullfilled at the Ranch.


  • Man's wish is granted to become a she-male (changed to look like a woman but with male genitalia). (going to take some time to figure out how to write this story)


  • Opposites attract - a very skinny man visits the Ranch and finds his greatest love, a large-chested/wide-based woman.


  • Want to get in on the fun? Don't see your fantasy listed here? Want to visit Succubus Ranch as a patron and let the succubi/incubi please you? Well, let me know. If you've been reading my stories, you know how to get in touch with me already. Just put Succubus Ranch in the subject line, or I won't see it (junk mail folder gets deleted without being read and Succubus Ranch subject lines go straight to inbox).


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Comments (10)

Randall said

at 11:46 am on Apr 14, 2009

A few suggestions for Succubus Ranch stories;

Some geeks attending a sci-fi, fantasy, and/or gamer convention nearby discover the ranch and live out their respective fantasies. This could probably be a mini series.

A man takes his son to the ranch to "make a man out of him."

The ranch provides a behind the scenes public service by luring in sexual predators. I know there are certain fantasies that you will not write a story for, and I approve wholeheartedly, but that doesn't mean the ranch can't "cure" or remove these people.

How about a few stories from the P.O.V. of some of the succubi?

Jason said

at 4:06 pm on Apr 14, 2009

Good suggestions, Randall. You are right about my issue with certain fantasies. None of the succubi will ever show up as children to a customer; and no children (being under the age of 18) will be allowed into the Ranch. Other than that, I do have a request for several rough biker-gang types to actually show up at the ranch and demand their fantasy of gang-banging/raping a single woman. They find out the hard way that this one woman is so much more than all the guys together can handle. Those about the only types of sexual predators that will end up being taken care of at the club. The other ideas are good to think about and I will put them into my mental list and I'll leave the comment up for others to read and hopefully comment back on. Thanks.


Randall said

at 8:16 am on Apr 20, 2009

Glad to hear that you like my ideas. Here are a few more that I hope you enjoy.

Perhaps the nine succubi that take on one customer are fulfilling his harem fantasy? Will they be the succubi from your Pit of the Nine Sisters story?

A thief thinking to rob the ranch is seduced by a succubus that looks like a gold statue, until he gets close enough for her to caress him.

A man has his Adam & Eve fantasy fulfilled.

A story involving either a real angel that fell into the Ranch's lustful trap, or a succubus in the form of an angel.

e-man said

at 12:39 pm on Aug 23, 2009

I have a idea as well. Maybe a slightly nerdy kid has just turned 18. He hears about the Succubus Ranch and goes there just to lose his virginity.

e-man said

at 5:25 pm on Aug 23, 2009

Let me try to explain the whole idea I have thought out in greater detail.

The story would start at the kid's 18 birthday party full of people he knows. As he blows out the candles on his birthday cake a mysterious red letter shows up with the insignia of the Succubus Ranch on it. He opens the letter and decides to go and see if they really could fulfill his fantasys.

After the long six hour drive he finally arrives at the ranch and is greeted by the lady of the house. He explains that through the years of schooling he has been rejected by every woman he had a thing for either due to his reputation as s nerd , his less then perfect looks, or the way he acts. He tells her that he just wants to have someone to hold in his arms and tell her how he feels.

The Lady decides to hook him up with a dragon succubus ((normal human body but with a powerful dragon tail covered in spikes and a pair of large wings coming from her back)) At first the kid thinks that she is just fake but over the next few hours realizes that she is genuine and takes her. After their love making the magic of the ranch turns him into a knight in shining armor who has to "slay" the dragon every night.

After his transformation a small piece in the newspaper is run about his dissappearence and likley death.

Heh hope you like it. I have plently of other ideas if you want to hear them as well.

Solidness said

at 4:23 am on Nov 21, 2009

Where in Nevada is this ranch? I must go.

loki61089 said

at 9:09 am on Jul 20, 2010

Hmm... how about...

"A Man Goes to the Ranch, looking for a Spa treatment and possibly a good time, only to find out that his masseuse is a googirl."

Hope that sounds good... ^^;

JJ said

at 8:58 pm on Sep 12, 2010

I got a idea, for the monstergirl encyclopedia, have a man sleeping a bit till he keeps having strange dream of a dominating woman, hearing that it may be some monster, he created a trap and catches the monster but is shocked to see a timid Nightmare whimpering a bit.

darkapple said

at 3:13 pm on Jan 10, 2011

darkapple said

at 3:16 pm on Jan 10, 2011

I would love to read story about man captured by Jorougumo. Haven't seen story with Jorougumo yet!

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