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Succubus Ranch Chapter 5

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Chapter Five


Steve and Sue had been meeting like this for several years now. It all began over eight years ago when they both showed up for the first time at a fetish convention. So many decadent tastes out there in how to enjoy pleasure, even mixed with pleasure, but it turned out that both of them had a specific taste in the world of fetish.


They both loved latex. They loved it so much that they both owned adult stores that sold mostly latex items. Sue, who lived on the eastern seaboard of the Untied States, had at least three separate stores in New York City. Steve, however, lived along the west coast. He had two stores one in Los Angeles and one in San Francisco.


When they first met, both were wearing full body cat suits, including hoods, and could only see each other’s forms, but not the others face. Some would have told them that it was love at first sight, but Steve and Sue refused to deny the truth. Love had nothing to do with it. It was all lust.


Each year after that, Steve and Sue kept in touch and made sure to find a way to meet at some convention or another to enjoy playing with each other and exploring their love for the smooth material they enjoyed so much. This time, it was in Reno, Nevada.


Steve and Sue were sharing a hotel room together on this trip, due to funds being tight at the moment. As soon as they were alone in their room, both quickly stripped to show off their latex underclothes. Sue’s small frame was bare, except for a latex bra and thong. Steve wore a smile and latex briefs with a sheath for his cock.


After just a moment of looking at each other, both attempted to attack the other in a torrid embrace, mouth hungrily searching out the others, tongues warring for dominance over both mouths. The kiss, and sex after that, lasted nearly two hours. While lying side by side on their backs, Steve broke the bad news to Sue.


“I won’t be able to see you again after this,” he said to the ceiling.

“I know,” she responded. “But how did you find out?”


Rolling onto his side, Steve looked at her with a questioning look on his face.


“What do you mean how did I find out?”


“How did you find out that I went out of business?”


Steve’s eyes grew large and rolled Sue on her side so she could look back at him.


“You lost your business? What happened?”


Sue lay looking at him, tears quickly rolling down her cheeks.


“Business went down hill when the recent mayor passed his ‘morality’ laws. I had two of my shops closed down for one reason or another regarding the new laws. My other business was then harassed by the city for everything for improper permits to fire codes. Because I had some novelty suckers in my store, I got hit with an injunction to shut down because I didn’t have the proper permit to serve food at my business.”


Steve reached over to Sue and wiped a tear off her cheek and leaned in and kissed her forehead.


“And here I thought I had troubles,” he said. “I had said I wouldn’t be able to see you again after this because my store in LA was burned down during the recent riots. The one in San Francisco isn’t doing very good and I’m already three payments past due on the loan I’ve got to try and keep it open.”


Sue looked at Steve and started to cry in earnest, moving herself into his personal space, holding onto him as she cried her frustration at her loss and his. She felt his chest shake and figured he was crying as well. It was now, after all these times of meeting that they figured out that it was no longer lust that brought them together. Now it was love, not just for latex, but for each other.


After lying there for a moment longer, Sue had an idea that may solve both their problems.


“Let’s get married, and I’ll move in with you on the west coast. All the money I’ve got you can use to keep your business open in San Francisco.”


Steve’s wet eyes flew open in a shot and his arms let go of Sue’s body. He quickly rolled off the bed and sat in a chair, looking at Sue as if she had just told him that monkeys from Mars were coming to rape all the men and eat all the women on Earth.


“Are you serious?”


“Yes! It’s brilliant. I have several thousand dollars in the bank; but, without a business to bring in more money, that money won’t last long. You’ve still got a business open, but need the money I have to keep it open.”


Steve stared at Sue before deciding if he really wanted to let her in on the full story about his loan. He could see in her eyes that she was not only serious about this idea, but it was set in her mind to do it. From all the times they had been together, he knew that once she had that look, it was either give in and do what she wants; or have a long sensible argument with her, giving all the finer points as to why they couldn’t or shouldn’t do it, and then doing it anyways.


“Okay, but you should know something about my loan first,” he sighed, hanging his head so he wouldn’t have to look at her as he told her the truth. “I have until the end of this month, three weeks from this very day, to get the shark his money. If I don’t get him the money on time, the San Fran store will be just like the LA store. A burned out husk, only this time, there will be a body found inside it. Mine.”


Steve looked up to see Sue staring at him. This time, it was her turn to stare at him, as if he had told her about the Martian monkeys. She already had a cigar in her mouth and was about to light it with the wooden match in her hand. If she still wanted to marry him, those cigars were going to be as big a debate as was the mafia’s loan shark.


“Steve, you’re kidding, right? You didn’t go to the mob for money, did you?”


He looked back down at the floor and nodded his head. Sue shook her head and struck the match, letting the fire burn up the sulfur before lighting the end of her cigar. Taking several puffs to make sure it was lit, she saw Steve’s head rise and his look of disgust at her smoking habit. She knew that this would be a touchy subject when they got married.


“Okay, how much do you owe them?” she asked, pursing her lips and blowing out the flame, making a show of it for Steve, licking her lips afterward. The little twitch of his flaccid cock let her know that it worked.


“Ten thousand,” he told her, running his hands through the thick hair on his head. “I needed five thousand six months ago, after the fire in LA, and they were the only ones that would loan it to me, with payback in full, plus one hundred percent interest.”




Steve looked at her with a bit of shock. “Done?”


“Done, but on a few conditions.”


“Just as long as it doesn’t involve breaking my legs, I’m game,” he said, chuckling at the relief that he would be able to get the mafia off his back.


“When I said several thousand, I meant I have just over twenty-two thousand dollars in the bank. I’ll take care of your loan, pay for the drive to Vegas and back and the wedding; but you must agree to at least one thing.”


Steve watched her as she took a long breath off her cigar and slowly let the smoke escape delicious lips. As much as he thought the habit was gross, Sue did have a way of making it look sexy for him. Then he suddenly figured out what that one thing was.


“Oh, I get it. You’re going to pay me to let you smoke, aren’t you?”


“It’s not payment, honey. I’m just being the loving wife that’s going to help her husband out in a very tight spot; but I do want some leeway for my habit.”


Sue looked at him with the look that she knew he could resist. A touch of control to her eyes, some caring mixed in with it, plus that half-closed eyes look with her slight smile on her lips was all it took to get him to agree to almost anything. She could tell that this time was no different.


“Okay, you win, but why Vegas? Reno has a couple of all-night chapels.”


“I have to go turn down a job offer I was going to accept, until now.”


Steve drove the small economy car that Sue had rented for them to use on the drive to Vegas, following her directions into the desert. Many miles out of the city and several turns later, he began to wonder what kind of job she was about to take that was so far out in the middle of nowhere, when he saw the large sign on a pole in front of what looked like a southern plantation straight out of a Civil War movie.





“This is the place,” Sue said, her voice reserved.


Steve slowed down and looked over at Sue. “You were going to work for a cat house?”


“I wasn’t sure if I would be working for them or not, really. I met the lady that owns the place in a latex chat room and I just opened up to her about my troubles and she promised to help me out and surround me with latex while she did it.”


“But you wouldn’t be wearing the latex for long in a business like this,” Steve said as he turned on the turn signal. As he made the turn into the parking lot, he noticed that there were just a few cars in the lot. “Besides, it must not be a very good business if there are only a few customers here in the early hours of a Saturday night.”


Sue looked at Steve as he parked the car, her face not showing any emotion as she spoke to him.


“Steve, I had no way of knowing what I was going to do when I lost my stores. I only know how to run a store, and the only thing I ever cared about selling in them were latex items and adult toys. I figured that if I could enjoy latex and get a good lay out of it every now and then, great. The idea of getting paid for it just meant that I wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore either.”


“Yeah, but it’s a whorehouse.”


“I know, but you know how insatiable I am when it comes to sex. Hell, that’s what I like about you. You’re as hungry for sex as I am when we’re together.”


Looking at the two story building outside the car, Steve couldn’t help but feel his prick growing at the thought of sex with Sue again.


“That’s true. Okay. I guess since you’re not going to go through with it, then I won’t dwell on it; but please, make it quick. I don’t want to be sitting out here in case any of the rougher customers decide to make an appearance.”


Sue’s look softened and her hand reached over to Steve’s thigh, giving a light squeeze. She leaned over and gave his neck a kiss, her tongue teasing it a bit as did so. Her lips moved to his ear, kissing along the way, her hand on his thigh sliding to his growing erection.


“Come inside with me,” she whispered into his ear. “I want you to meet Maradith, too. I told her about you and she seemed interested in meeting you.” Her hand had reached his hard-on and gave it a squeeze as she added one last enticement as he moaned with lust. “Just think, while I talk to her and the other co-owner, you can stare at all the other women that work there. Maybe even get teased by them until I’m through.”


Steve quickly turned the engine off and almost ripped the ignition out of the car when he yanked the key clear of the slot.


“Okay,” was all he could muster through his heavy breathing before climbing out of the car. Standing beside the closed door, he adjusted his erection while looking at the house, seeing someone on the top balcony quickly walking into the French doors at the top. He could have sworn that it looked like a woman from the long hair, and the shape of the legs he could see through the banisters; but he shook his head to try and clear the image of pair of black latex wings that the woman had been wearing.


“Come on, lover boy,” Sue teased, now standing beside him.


She wrapped a hand around his arm and pulled him toward the house. As they climbed the stairs to the long porch, Steve wondered who had come up with the idea of a southern-style mansion for this place of business, let alone putting it out in the middle of the desert. As this thought crossed his mind, the door opened just as they reached it.


“Welcome to Succubus Ranch,” the bald average looking man said to them. His black tight shirt, black jeans and shoes showed off the man’s well fit physique. Sue noticed too that it showed off a quite a bulge in the groin too. Steve, however, noticed other things instead. This was no butler or formal greeter at a place of business. This man was more like an owner that’s proud of his business.


They both walked into the building just as two men neared the door, one woman on the arm of each man. Both women looked different than the other, but Steve thought they were still beautiful in their own way. If they had been wearing latex rather than the silk one was wearing and the leather that the other had on, Steve would have just about been any price to be with either one of them for an hour.


Both women leaned into the men and kissed them deeply and passionately before letting them go. As the men walked by and stepped out, the man holding the door open called out to them.


“Ya’ll come back when ever you want, gentlemen. You’ve still got a few more fantasies you haven’t had fulfilled yet.”


Sue had moved out of the way to let the men pass, finding herself next to the doorman. Standing this close to him, she found it hard to resist the urge to reach over and touch him. Something about the bald man just exuded sex. She saw Steve staring at the women, but couldn’t bring herself to be upset about it. They were beautiful, more so than she was, and her mind wondered, like Steve, what they would look like in latex.


When she saw the women kiss the men goodbye, Sue felt herself get wet at the passion that was shared by the two couples. Her body suddenly needed pleasure, and she wanted it now. Maybe when she spoke with Maradith, she could get them to let Steve and her have a room for an hour.


“Sue? Is that you? I thought you weren’t coming until next week.”


The woman’s voice caused both Steve and Sue to snap their head down the hallway and to look at what both of them thought was the most beautiful woman that ever existed. The voice had sounded like a mixture of all sounds that were beautiful and erotic at the same time, causing Steve’s erection to go from almost hard to painfully hard. Sue felt her clit suddenly grow so aroused that it was pressing into the latex panties she wore, giving her a tiny orgasm.


“Ma…Maradith?” Sue questioned while trying to catch her breath again.


“Of course it’s me, beautiful. Jason, this is Sue, the latex lover I told you about...the one that was talking about coming to join us.” Maradith turned her eyes to Steve and looked him up and down like a piece of meat; and then back at Sue, her eyes boring into Sue’s. “But I think she’s changed her mind, would be my guess. I’d say this young man has caught your fancy and is going to be your knight in shinning armor?”


Maradith’s words were not mean or cruel. She sounded genuinely pleased and happy for Sue. The man had closed the door and walked over to stand by Maradith. Upon his introduction, he reached his hand out to Sue and Steve.


“Hi, Sue. It’s good to meet you,” he told her. Steve didn’t notice but Sue’s body shivered as she shook Jason’s hand. She didn’t want her fiancé to know that she had just had another small orgasm at just touching the hand of this exceptionally handsome man before her.


“Nice to meet you, knight,” Jason said with a laugh, holding his hand for Steve to take. When they connected, Steve felt power in the grasp, not like he had dealt with in grade school, when kids would try to crush his hand during a handshake. It was more like a jolt of energy rush into him. This energy seemed to focus on Steve’s libido, and he felt he could go for hours with any woman and still remain hard and ready for more.


“Steve, actually,” he told Jason and Maradith.


“Steve it is then,” Jason said, letting go of Steve’s hand.


“Mmm…Steve,” Maradith moaned, stepping closer to the couple. “I like that. It’s a good masculine name.”


As she neared, Steve and Sue both felt their lust rise. Sue knew that her latex panties were covered with her juices, but wondered if any of it was leaking out and possibly causing a wet stain in her pants. Steve, on the other hand, had no fear of a wet stain in front of his pants. The latex shaft that was part of his latex bike shorts kept his erection fully covered, and collected the pre-cum that he was now leaking.


Maradith reached her arms out of the latex cape she was wearing in a gesture to give one of them a hug and Steve saw that she was wearing a latex catsuit underneath that looked more like it was painted on that pulled on. The body was then hidden when Maradith surrounded Sue with her arms and the latex cape. He felt his cock twitch at the thought of being so lucky as Sue was at the moment and he felt a little jealous.


Sue could only watch as the goddess before her stepped up and blessed her with an embrace. When she saw the latex body beneath the cape, she was instantly near orgasm, the smell of the latex and the presence of Maradith driving her more and more into desire. Once the arms were around her, the cape closed around them both, Sue slid her hands around the thin waist of her friend and leaned into the woman’s body.


The press of Maradith’s breast against her clothes was annoying to Sue. She suddenly didn’t like the feel of her clothes anymore. The only thing that felt right was the latex panties she had on underneath. She whimpered as Maradith’s hands slid down her back, trying to suppress another moan from another orgasm that was making its way through her body.


“I can make you feel so right,” a voice whispered in Sue’s mind. “Just give into the pleasure and all will be right.”


Sue could tell it was Maradith’s voice in her head, though she didn’t know how it was possible, nor did she care at that moment. The small orgasms had only been a tiny relief for her, and she wanted…no, she needed a stronger one to feel better. Showing she was willing and wanted more, Sue tightened her arms around Maradith’s waist and her hand slide to the woman’s ass, giving it a hard squeeze with each hand.


“Jason, I think Sue and I need some quality ‘girls only’ time together,” Maradith said. “Would you see to keeping Steve entertained while she and I get more acquainted?”


“Happy too,” Jason said, a strange smile coming to his face. “Ladies, before you retire to your rooms, do you think you could keep Steve here company? I need to keep an eye and ear out for the door.”


Steve then noticed that the two women that had walked the other two men to the door had actually been standing there the whole time and never left. In Maradith’s presence, he never noticed them until now. Both women had come up to each side of Steve and took a hand each into theirs.


As much as he had wanted to see them dressed like it earlier, he couldn’t shake the thought out of his head that they were dressed differently than they were now. The blonde was dressed in a full body latex outfit, including foot coverings that had individual openings for each of her toes, along with openings for the groin and breast. The brunette was also wearing latex, a red corset that barely covered her breast, black panties, black garters and red stockings, plus black arm length opera gloves. All of it was latex.


“We’d love to keep him entertained, sir,” said the brunette, as she held Steve’s hand in one of hers and put one of her fingers into her mouth and sucked on it. The blonde had taken Steve’s hand and pulled it around her waist and sidled up to his side. “We will keep him quite entertained,” the blonde said, never turning her head as she moaned the words into Steve’s ear.


Steve looked over at Maradith and tried to get Sue’s attention.


“Honey…um…I thought you wanted to get to Vegas tonight.”


“Let’s have some fun first, dear,” Sue said, never turning her head from Maradith, breathing deep the latex smell that had surrounded her. “We’re in good hands here,” she moaned. Steve couldn’t see under the cape, but Sue felt Maradith’s hand sliding through the opening of her now unbuttoned blouse and rubbing latex covered fingers across her nipples.


“Ladies, take Steve to the guest room over here, please,” Jason said, waving his arms to point to a door just down the short hallway on the right, past the start of the stairs leading up to the second floor.


Steve watched as Maradith turned her back on him and the girls, Sue never turning to see him as she also turned in the same direction as Maradith and walked further down the hallway, past the door that the two women were leading him toward.


Sue felt herself being led away from the one man she had come to feel very close to, but she didn’t care at the moment. She and Maradith were closer now than she and Steve could ever be. She wished that she and Steve could be this close.


“Don’t worry, dear,” Maradith’s voice cooed in Sue’s mind. “The two of you will be joined like you have never imagined before. I give you my promise on that. All you have to do is give yourself to me first.” Sue’s body shivered as another small orgasm raced through her sex again.


Steve’s worry grew as he watched Maradith lead Sue away, even as the latex hands and bodies pressed against his and leading him to a room of pleasure. He was unable to fight the feeling that something was wrong with this picture, or resist the urging of the two women that led him into the now open door.


Sue’s eyes were blurred with the constant pleasure that she was feeling. She could barely make out the fact that she was led down a hallway past the stairs leading up into another corridor. Along this one was a door that was marked “basement” and Maradith stopped before it.


“Down here is where I planned on initiating you into our fold, Sue,” she told her. “But I have much more wonderful things for you, now that I’ve met you and know what you truly want.”


Maradith walked away from the door, holding Sue’s hand in hers, leading her further down the hall. They came to a door with the word “SAUNA” stenciled on the door. When Maradith opened it, Sue saw that it was indeed like a gym’s sauna. There were some lockers with a few benches in front of them.


“Undress, dear, and let’s get some of that road grime off of you first. It never occurred to Sue that this room was larger than it should be considering the size of the outside of the house she and Steve entered. All she wanted to do was get out of the uncomfortable clothes she was wearing, everything except for the latex panties she was wearing.


“Those too, Sue,” said Maradith’s voice inside her head. Sue stopped what she was doing and looked over at her friend and was shocked when she saw that Maradith was already nude, her perfect body almost glowing with sexual energy.


“It’s okay, dear,” she said in a sultry voice, stepping close to Sue. “I’ll help you.”


When Maradith was close, Sue could still smell latex in the air around Maradith’s body. Sue put her foot on the floor again and stood still as Maradith knelt before her and reached for the shoes. She couldn’t feel the woman’s skin touching her, but the fact Maradith was so close caused Sue to shudder with lust for her all the same. The fact that she was kneeling before her was the only thing that felt wrong to her.


Sue was never a submissive woman before, and had been a dominatrix a time or two in the past; but with Maradith, she could just didn’t feel it was right for this woman to be on her knees before her. Maradith was then standing before her, and Sue felt the cool floor underneath her bare feet. She never felt Maradith take her shoes or socks off.


“Don’t worry, dear,” Maradith told her out loud. “I only wanted to show you that I am willing to help, not be your submissive. Now, let’s get the rest of these terrible cloth garments off your beautiful body.”


Maradith’s gentle and smooth fingers caressed each inch of Sue’s skin as she helped to remove the clothes. Sue could only stand and moan with the pleasure of each touch, every caress causing the fires of lust to rise higher. By the time she was a naked as Maradith, Sue was perspiring, the sweat running down her legs mixing with her own sexual juices.


When she was done, Maradith stood in front of Sue and looked her up and down with hunger in her eyes. Sue felt proud that she could get this look from the woman that stood before her.


“Come along dear,” Maradith said, her voice sounding much like a moan of pleasure. A grin spread across Maradith’s face that both troubled and aroused Sue, more than she was already aroused. “It’s time for you to enjoy a dip in a sauna to your liking.”


Sue felt the caressing fingers slide over her shoulders and around them, Maradith slowly leading her through the locker room and toward another door. When they reached it, Maradith opened it and let Sue take a moment to take in the sight of the room that had been waiting for her.


The room was darkly lit, every inch of the floor, walls and ceiling covered in red latex. The smell was strong with the scent of the material that always put Sue near orgasm. Since she was already near the point of orgasm, this was just enough to push her a little over the edge. Sue let out a low deep moan, as her body became slightly rigid while the pleasure rushed through her system.


The rush could have only lasted a few seconds, but to Sue, it felt like the orgasm had lasted nearly 30 minutes. When her mind began to clear, she found herself leaning back into Maradith’s chest, the woman’s breast pressing into her upper back. The hardened nipples were small points letting Sue know that Maradith was just as aroused as she was.


Sue could also feel Maradith’s arms wrapped around her body, the hands of her goddess caressing her stomach, barely touching the underside of her breast and the top of her shaved pussy. Each caress kept Sue aroused, but the arms and body behind hers kept her supported as she felt that her legs could barely hold her up.


“Look, Sue,” Maradith breathed into her ear. “That is just for you.”


One of Maradith’s hands had left Sue’s body, pointing into the room. Sue first felt lost without the extra hand caressing her, but she followed where it was pointing and took a deep breath at the sight of it.


Sunk into the center of the room’s latex floor was what looked like a hot tub. Instead of clear water with a light froth of bubbles on top, Sue saw that it looked like black shiny tar was roiling around inside the tub. Sue knew what tar had smelled like, after many years of living in New York City and the constant re-paving of roads, but she couldn’t smell any tar coming through the open doorway. All she could smell was latex…fresh latex.


The smell reminded her of every shipment she had received, when she would open the packages. Sue used to wait until the store was closed before opening the boxes, go into the back, open the boxes, and then just breathe deep. After opening all the boxes, she would sometimes close the door to her office, stepping out of the room and clean up the store, just so she could return to her office and a room smelling just like this one did.


Sue noticed the feel of latex under her bare feet before she noticed she had taken a step into the room. She looked over her shoulder and saw Maradith still standing in the doorway, watching her. The smile of both lust and hunger was still on her face. Sue returned the smile and before looking at the sunken hot tub full of black liquid.


“What is it, Maradith?” she asked, never looking away from the slowly moving substance.


“It’s your fantasy, Sue. What you’ve always wanted, and so much more. All you have to do is give into the pleasure of it.”


Sue couldn’t tell if the voice came from behind her or in her head, but at the moment it didn’t matter. Something about the black liquid had caught her attention. It wasn’t all black. At times, it looked like the stuff was as red as the rest of the latex in the room. Other times, it looked like lavender purple. Many times, she could have sworn that the lights were producing a rainbow effect on the material.


Sue was at the edge of the tub before she had noticed that she had even taken more than that first step into the room to begin with. Looking over her shoulder again, she saw that Maradith still stood in the doorway, not inside the room. She was curious about this, but the material at her feet was more intriguing that the absence of her friend. Turning back to it, Sue knelt down beside the pool and reached tentatively toward it with her hand.


From this vantage point, she could finally tell what the liquid was, or at least what it smelled and looked like. It was latex…heated, liquid latex. The smell from this close was almost overpowering to Sue, but she forced herself not to orgasm again so soon. A larger than normal wave of the liquid latex rolled under her hand, while she concentrated on keeping her body from giving into the rising pleasure. The crest touched her middle finger.


Sue quickly pulled her hand away, not from the heat, which had felt soothing, but from the tiny orgasm that she felt just from the touch of it. She fell onto her knees and held her hand over the pool, expecting the black ooze to drip from her finger and fall back into the pool. Watching her hand, she saw that it didn’t drip at all.


Even with as much liquid as had covered her finger tip up to the first knuckle, it didn’t collect at the lowest point and drip as she had expected. It remained warm on her finger; and every second it remained there, she felt pleasure shooting from that finger tip, up her arm, and into her nervous system. She wanted that feeling on her clit, so that it would push her over the edge and give her the orgasm that she so needed and desired, but she wanted to know more.


Sue folded in her little and ring finger, bringing the middle and index finger tips to her thumb together. Rubbing the tips together, the liquid proved to be easy to smooth around, unlike any liquid latex she had used before. It was always dry in a short amount of time, but this substance seemed to remain in liquid form, almost wanting to be spread along her fingers.


Knowing that it was too thick for her to feel anything through it, she flicked her fingers toward the pool, attempting to throw the material off her fingers. Instead, it only went out a little from her finger tips before snapping back to them, the edges that were now close to the second knuckle of her two fingers and thumb sliding further toward her hand.


As she watched it move, she felt more pleasure course through her from that location and let out a low moan. She knew now that it would be the best pleasure she ever had if she just reached down with her hand and stroked her labia.


“What’s happening to me?” she moaned, looking at her hand with three fingers that now had a thin coating of the liquid latex over them.


“You’re enjoying what I’m offering you,” Maradith told her from the doorway. Sue was barely able to make it out as her three fingers began to tingle with a pleasure similar to what was making its way through her body. “Give into it and enjoy what I offer you, Sue. It’s all for you.”


“Will you join me?” Sue asked, through pants as she slowly came down from the pleasure, but never completely out of it. She looked at Maradith and the woman shook her head in the negative.


“I can’t join you, dear, until you’ve been in the pool.”


Sue couldn’t stand the thought of her friend not enjoying this pleasure. She wanted Maradith, and everyone else she could think of, to enjoy this pleasure. So, with the thought of sharing this pleasure with the world, Sue inched herself closer to the edge of the pool, her knees coming up to her chest as her toes hung over the edge.


“I know something will happen when I get into this pool, and I don’t know if it will be bad or good,” Sue mumbled under her breath, knowing somehow that Maradith could hear her. “But if it will give you as much pleasure as I believe it will give me, then I want to make sure that you can share in it, Maradith.”


She heard Maradith take a sharp intake of breath behind her, but never looked back to see why. She heard the breath let out as both of her feet touched the liquid latex. Instantly, Sue was engulfed with breathtaking pleasure stronger than any she had expected, but it still didn’t put her over the edge. Her body fell back onto the red latex floor, her legs sinking into the pool up to her knees. She felt her pores opening with the warmer temperatures of the latex that now covered her lower legs; but it was the tingling of that liquid on her skin that was causing the slowly rising heat to rush up her legs, past her sex, beyond her waist, past her breast, and nearly shutting down her mind to anything other than the near bliss.


“Help me,” she groaned, throwing her head back and arching her back. She could see Maradith watching from the doorway.


“Help you what, Sue?” the woman asked.


“Too much,” she moaned, unable to explain in words that it was too much for her to move any further into the liquid. “Help me go further.”


“No need, Sue,” Maradith said, still standing and blocking the exit. “It will help you sink further into your desires.”


Sue had a brief moment of wonder at what Maradith was telling her before she noticed that the pleasure was now coming from an area higher than her knees. Using what little strength to do so, Sue moved up onto her elbows and looked at her legs. Though only the part of her legs below the knees were inside the pool, she saw that the latex was already half way up her thighs. When it would reach her apex, Sue knew that she would finally have that orgasm that she needed.


Lying back on the floor again, she willingly let the latex move up her legs, closer to her hips. As it reached the juncture of her inner thighs and the very edge of her dripping sex, Sue moaned at knowing that it was just less than a second away from giving her the greatest moment of pleasure in her life. But it didn’t happen.


Sue felt the living latex continue to slide up her hips, around her waist, even sliding between the back of her legs and ass and the latex floor that she was lying on. The tingling was so close to her lower lips, but it moved no closer.


“No,” she panted. “I need more.”


Sue reached down with her hand, knowing that it was the one that had the latex on her fingers, wanting to smear the stuff all over her clit and go into orgasm. But when her fingers reached her mons, she could feel her bare fingers touching herself, not the latex. Bringing her hand back up, she saw that the liquid had slid off her fingers and up to her wrist, out of reach for her to be able to touch her sex with.


“Why?” she moaned, looking back at Maradith.


“Because you must really want it, Sue. Lying there and letting it take you isn’t going to show you want it. You have to take it, not let it take you.”


Sue tried again, putting both of her hands down on her sex, rubbing it and pressing hard into her clit. No matter how much she tried, though, she couldn’t push herself over the edge. She felt the latex sliding up close to her navel now, but it was slowing, like it was getting to thin to keep moving further up her body. That’s when she understood what Maradith meant. She had to take it.


Bringing her hands up to her lower stomach, Sue placed her hand on the sensual, smooth surface of the latex and pressed and rubbed hard on it, toward her sex. Her hand just slid along the surface, and she felt her fingers slowly being coated by it, but when she reached the edge of her sex, her hand was bare as it crossed over it.


Taking hard panting breaths, Sue focused all her energy again into sitting up. As soon as she was, she looked down and saw the smooth, glossy, sensual, erotic look of her thighs and lower abdomen. She no longer seemed to have that little pooch on her stomach when she sat looking down like this.


Looking down her legs and seeing her legs still in the roiling, bubbling latex, she understood better. She, Sue, would have to climb all the way into the pool to get her sex wet with this stuff. Sliding a little further toward the edge, she tentatively pointed her toes toward the bottom, finding it quickly. When her toes touched the surface of the bottom of the pool, a shockwave of pleasure rocked her back again.


Once again, held at the very edge of the orgasm that would be more than she thought she would be able to survive.


Not caring that it would take her life and knowing that if she didn’t take it, she would never feel this good again, ever, Sue put all of her weight on her feet on the bottom and stood at the edge. She kept her hands on it for support, expecting the latex to cover her sex and knock her unconscious. Again, it didn’t happen.


The surface of the fluid just barely made it up to her mid-thighs, the waves not making it much further up toward her sex.


“It’s deeper further in,” Maradith’s voice whispered in her mind. Taking a tentative step further, Sue did notice the slight decline of the hidden surface. When she had taken two steps, the waves were reaching just below her sex, but not hitting it. A deep breath in and one large step further, Sue shut her eyes tight, ready to pass out and fall into the liquid.


Again, nothing, but more pleasure. Her hands were now inside the liquid, and it was flowing up past her elbows at this moment. The bane of Sue’s lineage had always given her arm hair that she usually kept cleaned off for latex play, but at the moment she looked down, Sue saw that just before the latex reached a hair follicle, the hair fell out on its own. If she had been able to look far more closely, she would have seen the latex actually climb into the vacated follicle, attach itself to her nerve endings and begin to pulse with the pleasure that would reach her mind and sex.


As she watched, she wondered how it was possible for it not to be covering her much needed sex, and reached with her smooth, frictionless fingers for the apex of her legs. To her dismay and despair, her fingers were suddenly uncovered from the material just before the bare fingertips touched her screaming for attention lips.


Unable to keep herself from doing so any longer, Sue shoved her fingers into her sex, searching for that little sensitive spot she knew so well. For her, the G-spot was always deep inside and she always had to bed a little at the waist to reach it. When she did so, she saw her hair fell over her shoulders and touched the black liquid right before her face.


As she watched, still reaching deep into her sex, gasping for breath at the exquisite torture she was enjoying, Sue saw the latex touch and swallow the tips of her hair, and then climb up it toward her head.


Just a little further was her most sensitive spot, but her minds fear of this liquid reaching her head and going into it finally broke free from the lust that was controlling her. Sue straitened up, but found that as she did so, the latex flowed from the end of her hair like extensions, not dripping but actually attached. When she stood up full, the latex hanging from her hair fell across her chest, landing on her breast.


The second it hit her nipples, Sue lost all control of her lust and screamed with the need for an orgasm. Her hands dove back to her sex, still bare fingers on bare lips, but it was better than not feeling anything there. She drove her fingers deep, rubbing the ball of her hand against her clit while rocking her hips back and forth. Her eyes closed with the drive to reach that ever elusive orgasm, never finding that edge that she need to cut the lust with.


Exhaustion was creeping into her muscles from the exertion at reaching her orgasm, and her legs began to shake. Still Sue rocked back and forth in the motions known through out the ages as that of sex. Finally her knees gave way, and so fell on them, falling into the latex up to her neck.


She kept her head above the liquid, her mouth wide open, gasping for oxygen, but only taking in more and more of the latex scent. She felt the liquid sliding up her neck, feeling like thousands of tiny hands caressing her skin at the edge of it. After the edge moved over her skin, the rest of it felt like little lips kissing all over her body, along with tiny pinches that stung just a bit, but felt exciting as well.


The liquid moving up her neck reached her hair line just in time with the liquid that was moving up her hair. She felt the weight of it pulling her head further back; and, being so close to orgasm, Sue arched her back and moved with the liquids pulling, her hips still driving against her fingers. From this angle, she saw Maradith, long since forgotten, standing at the edge of the tub.


The creature, from Sue’s angle, looked to be hanging from the ceiling by its claw like feet. A heel claw stretched from the bottom of the leg and kept the feet in the position of wearing high heels. Following the legs downward, Sue watched a long slender but muscled tail twitch between them, the tip coming to a round edge like a cats, but without fur.


Her sex, standing bare as the rest of it’s body was like any other woman’s, only the lips were pulsating, as if they were trying to suck anything that close enough to them. Sue’s eyes wandered further down and feeling the liquid reach her forehead as she did so. Sue then remembered she was looking upside down at this beautiful woman, who had giant bat-like wings stretching behind her. The breast looked in need of being sucked and teased, but also like they already had been.


Sue accepted that even with the wings and tail, this was the most beautiful body she’d ever seen on a woman. When she reached the face, even upside down with horns coming out of the head, Sue was not surprised it was Maradith’s visage that she was looking at.


“Thank you,” Sue panted, took a deep breath, and fell back into the liquid. She felt it slide over her forehead, over her closed eyes, into her ears, nose and closed lips. At that same moment, whatever was keeping the liquid from touching her sex disappeared. Her mouth opened in a scream of sexual bliss as the liquid rushed onto her sex, encased and attached to her clit, sending shearing jolts of both pain and pleasure into her body.


As her mouth opened, the liquid rushed in. Sue felt the taste of latex as she always remembered it when she would lick Steve’s covered phallus. The taste put her deeper into the orgasm that was rocking her world beyond anything that she had ever felt before. Her mind screamed for her to stand up, to give her body life sustaining oxygen, but Sue’s body refused to move. Even if she had the ability to stop her hips from rocking into the liquids constant pulsating invasion of her pussy, or pull her hands away from holding open her lower lips to give it better access, Sue’s mind knew that the liquid latex wouldn’t let her rise up to the surface.


Sue felt the liquid becoming hard against her skin, as she sank to the bottom of the pool. When she reached the bottom, the touch of the floor felt like the most delicious caress she could imagine on her back. Sue writhed, still trying to breath in gasps, but only swallowing more of the material.


The liquid now filling her sex had also hardened and now felt like a large cock was shoved deep into her depths. The shaft moved back and forth inside of her carnal canals, her own muscles trying to grip it and keep it from pulling out of her. Each time it pulled back, liquid poured from the tiny opening at its tip, filling the empty space between it and her womb. When it moved forward, the hot liquid was shoved deep into her sex, pushed into her tubes.


With each drive in, Sue rocked her hips up to her encasing lover. Each time, the tip would hit her back wall, and small nodules along the shaft would rub her g-spot in excitable pleasure. Sue’s lungs filled with the liquid with each attempt to scream from the raging bliss.


The latex that touched her bare skin now felt like a skin of its own, but it was tightening itself onto her body. She felt the material firming on her breast, forming into hard numbs that not only pinched and pulled at her hard nipples, but also felt like tiny sucking mouths on them.


When she thought that she could take no more pleasure, something probed into backside. Sue’s mind was barely able to come back up from the sexual bliss and try to feebly say no, but by that time, it was too late. The liquid had easily made it past her pucker and was coating her intestines from the inside out. The instant it was inside, her body began to rage anew with sexual wonder. She was full, but wanted so much more.


Sue’s mind felt itself succumbing to the pleasure, its own thoughts now become thoughts of imaginary lovers filling the body with all the pleasures that could possibly be offered. As it slowly sank into the carnal seduction, it took one last stock of the situation that Sue was in.


Her body was underneath many gallons of a liquid latex material that moved on its own. It was assaulting her body with sexual pleasure that no woman could ever ignore or willingly escape. Her body was even giving itself over to the pleasure so much that it was purposely letting the liquid into it from all openings. The body was still holding open the pussy’s lips for more to enter her, as the mouth breathed and swallowed more of the liquid latex into it.


“Stop resisting and become one with me,” said the most sensual voice that Sue’s mind had ever heard. Though the mind has not nerve endings of its own, it could still feel the latex as it seeped past the ears, nose and even into the eyes and began to caress every fold of the brain. Each caress of the liquid covered her mind with dark pleasure. The thoughts that made up Sue were becoming the thoughts of it. Trying to think for herself was no longer possible as the latex sank further into the grey matter, taking over ever little synapses, changing them around to shoot only feelings of pleasure through out the mind.


“It feels too good to try and fight. Don’t resist. Join me.”


It was Maradith’s voice in her mind now. The liquid was part of her, or Maradith was part of the latex. Maradith was changing Sue, body, mind and soul, into what she is.


“No, not Maradith. I am you. You are me. We are one. I am pleasure, and you are pleasure. We give pleasure. Let’s pleasure.”


With each word, Sue’s mind lost more ground on keeping itself intact. The body was no encased, swallowed forever into the sexual bliss that had taken it over. Her mind had no way of escaping the body’s desires, no matter how much it used to want to. Now it didn’t think it wanted to. There was so much good with this new entity that was touching her mind. It was nice, soft, and sensual. It was pleasure.


Sue’s mind gave a little more ground. If it was pleasure, why not enjoy the pleasure. More of the brain began to shut down and surrender to the latex slowly encasing it. And if the pleasure is this intense, then why not share this pleasure with others. A small part of Sue’s mind held out.


Because this is wrong. This is enslavement, it tried to think.


But slavery is pain, and this isn’t painful. This is pleasure. This feels good, too good to resist, retorted the part of her own mind that was now part of the liquid. Let go.


The small part of her mind that was still just Sue had to admit, the caressing tendrils that had invaded her brain to its deepest core were pleasure. And slavery was pain, not pleasure. So this had to be good. It gave itself over just as Sue’s body exploded into the final orgasm she would ever know on her own.


Her eyes flew open and she could still see nothing but darkness around her. The world was all dark now, dark and pleasure. But she felt alone. She needed someone to fill her. The liquid was in her always. She was the liquid. They were one, and they were pleasure. But pleasure came from giving others pleasure. She needed to pleasure others.


Sue stood up, rising her upper body above the roiling liquid. Her black eyes looked around the room and saw her mistress standing at the edge. Maradith, with her wings, horns, tail and most glorious body, was what Sue needed. She wanted to cover that body with herself and give pleasure to her mistress.


“Not now, love. You need to share this pleasure with just one other, first. Leave the body you’re wearing right now and let’s take you to your new lover.”


Sue heard Maradith’s directions and let her liquid form slide off the female form that she had been covering. As she slid off the head, her own sight began to focus on the world in a different way. She could see everything by the tiniest vibrations that everything gave. She felt the body slowly slump and fall just as Sue slid off the body and remained as a puddle on the floor.


“How do I go to my lover like this, Mistress?” she asked, her mind sending the question to Maradith without being able to say the words.


“That’s an easy one, dear. Think of Steve, the last time you saw him in the flesh and flesh alone. Imagine his form and shape, and become that shape of him.”


Sue’s mind saw the picture of Steve the night before, and she felt herself taking the form. Next thing she knew, Maradith’s fingers were caressing her hard liquid latex skin, finding the sheath that would fit Steve’s erection easily. Sue found herself being lifted from the floor, handled ever so gently by her mistress.


Sue, now in the form of a latex body suit that would only fit Steve, felt every step Maradith take, each vibration giving her pleasure. She couldn’t wait to pass this pleasure on to Steve.


Steve saw Sue willingly walk away with the woman Maradith just before he entered the door he was lead through. His mind was thinking about the woman that he now admitted to himself he was in love with; however, his body could only respond to the gentle, but persuasive, touches of the two women on each side of him.


As he entered the room, Steve looked at his new surroundings, ignoring the door that now closed behind him. The room was large, almost dungeon like, the walls, floor and even the ceiling looked as if it were covered in the blackest cloth. His nose, however, told him that the material wasn’t cloth, but latex. His weakness.


Along the walls, several items hung from pegs, such as latex covered paddles, straps, whips, cuffs, and so many other toys that he knew were for both male and female enjoyment. Coming from the walls toward the center of the room, Steve could see long straps hanging from the ceiling and some straps tied to loops in the floor. In the very center of the room was a large four-poster bed. Red latex straps were connected to the posts, lying across the black latex sheet covering the mattress.


While he took this in, his mind thinking of all the pleasures that could be had in this sexual torture chamber, he didn’t notice the two women that had led him in to this dungeon. He was brought back to himself when he felt his latex shorts being pulled down his bare legs, unsheathing his already erect cock from the latex sheath that was part of the shorts.


Looking down, noticing that the women had some how undressed him while his mind was in wonderment at the room, he watched as the blonde, kneeling at his feet, took the opening of the sheath his dick had been in and sucked the latex back upon itself. He heard her moan as she apparently sucked out the pre-cum that he had been leaking into it from earlier. Pulling it from her mouth, her tongue licking it clean of his essence, the blonde looked up at him with hunger in her eyes.


“You taste delicious,” she moaned, reaching for him with her latex covered arms. “I want more.”


“I want some too,” came the sultry voice of the brunette from behind him. He felt her latex covered hands touch his lower back and slide around his waist, up his stomach and along his bare chest. Her body pressed into this back was sent electric shocks of pleasure through his system, especially from where her nipples were poking into his upper back.


“I…I want to see….” Steve lost his train of thought when the brunette’s lips closed on his right earlobe, sucking it into her mouth. He became further lost in the pleasure when he felt the blonde’s hands touch his knees and slid up his thighs toward his crotch. The brunette’s hands pulled on his chest, causing his back to arch backward, thrusting his crotch outward toward the blonde.


“Mmm,” moaned the brunette as her mouth left his ear and kissed along his jaw line. One of her hands had moved up to his face, turning it toward hers. Soon, her mouth was at the edge of his, her soft delicate lips kissing the corner of his mouth. Steve tried to remember Sue and think about her as he fought the urge to open his mouth to return the kiss.


When he felt his balls suddenly being caressed by the blonde’s hands, he opened his lips and moaned, the sound being captured by the brunette’s mouth quickly closing over his. Steve’s right arm reached behind him, grabbing the thigh of the woman behind him, sliding along it along the front of her leg and up toward her sex. His other hand reached for his erection and began to stroke it.


Steve’s lust rose with each swirl of the brunette’s tongue and the blonde’s massaging fingers. Just when her hand touched his hand that was wrapped around his shaft, Steve saw Sue’s face in his mind; its last ditch effort to remind him that he belonged to another. Leaning forward from the grasp of the arms holding him from behind, both of his hands reaching down to the blonde’s hands on his crotch, Steve broke free from their promise of sexual delights.


“I know you’re just trying following directions to keep me company, and that is place is a brothel; but you don’t have to have sex with me,” he told them both, finally out of their hold and backing away from them.


“But you don’t understand, Steve,” the blonde said, rising to her feet and walking toward him. The brunette took her place beside the blonde, advancing on Steve as he inched backward. “We want to have sex. It’s fun, for us and for you, and your bride-to-be did tell you to have some fun, didn’t she.”


“Besides,” added the brunette, one hand on a projected nipple, the other sliding along the latex panties covering her pussy, “you’re already primed for us. You can’t deny that we arouse you, can you?”


“No, I can’t deny it,” Steve admitted, still trying to keep some distance from the girls. “But I don’t want to cheat on Sue.”


“It’s not cheating,” moaned the blonde, her hand pulling apart the latex that covered her sex. Steve couldn’t see where the seam came from, but her lower lips were dripping down the latex on her thighs. “She told you to have fun, and we are certain she and Mistress Maradith are having similar fun right now.”


At the thought of Sue and Maradith being wrapped around each other in a sexual embrace, Steve’s cock jumped with arousal. The co-owner of this brothel, even when she wasn’t present, was imprinted on his mind as a sex object and the idea of his Sue being involved sexual with Maradith was very enticing. Without thinking, Steve stopped his backward inching and stood still, imagining himself joining Sue and Maradith on the latex bed that he could see ahead of him, both women pleasuring his body in ways that no man had ever felt before.


Steve could even feel the hands of his lovers caressing his chest as his other lovers hands slid down his legs. He imagined as the hands at his chest rubbed up to his shoulders and then down his arms. When the reached his hands, they pulled his arms up to the straps at the top posts to tie him there. The hands on his legs did the same, adding a bar between his legs to keep the spread apart.


Steve’s mind wondered what the bar would be needed for if he his legs were tied to the widely spaced posts at the end of the bed. Then he noticed that his arms were spaced apart as he had imagined on the bed. They were directly above his head, straight above him, strapped to a ring in the ceiling. Looking down, his legs were spread apart by the bar, the center of which was connected to a ring in the floor.


“LET ME GO!” he yelled at the women. “RELEASE ME! NOW!”


“But, Steve, we can’t do that,” said the brunette, standing so close to him that he could just barely feel her nipples touching his chest. “We’re supposed to have sex with you, to keep you happy while Sue is with the Mistress.”


“WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO SUE?” he demanded, but not sure he wanted to know, fear sinking into the pit of his stomach.


“The Mistress is going to give Sue what she really wants, Steve,” said the blonde from just inches behind him. “And we know that Sue wants you, and we are just preparing you for that time.”




Then it occurred to him. Sue had said she and Maradith were talking a lot online together before this meeting, they must have spoken of Sue’s enjoyment of latex. Surely their conversation would have been of Steve and his equal love of the sensual material. Maradith even knew who he was when he came


“The Mistress is going to give Sue a gift of latex, and I believe that she’s going to give you a latex gift as well. But right now, we must keep you entertained and ready for when Mistress comes with your gift.”


The brunette’s words were soft and pleasing to his ears, just as much as her hands were as they caressed up and down his legs. Looking down, he saw that she was spreading a clear liquid, something that looked like oil, but caused his skin to tingle where it touched.


“This will help you slip into whatever latex the Mistress brings for you,” the blonde breathed into his ear from behind. Her hands had already caressed and massaged the oil into his back. Her hands were now gliding up and down his sides, spreading the liquid along his ribs and underarms. Finally her hands began to reach his arms and coat them, too.


With his legs spread open, the brunette had started to add the liquid to his inner thighs, always close to his scrotum, but never quite touching it. Against his wishes, his cock had jumped with anticipation each time she came close to the ball sac. When the brunette’s hand went all way between his thighs, Steve felt her hands slide up the curves of his ass cheeks and massage the oil into them. He tried not to think how close her mouth was to his erection, but that was kept hard to do as each moaning exhalation of her breath blew across its head.


The blonde now pressed her body into his back again, her entire latex body sliding along the oil that was there. Her hips swayed ever so often, at the same time he couldn’t feel the brunette’s fingers pinching his cheeks or sliding between them. Steve figured that she must be putting her hands on, or into, the blonde’s sex. The blonde’s mouth was at the back of his neck, her lips kissing and her teeth nibbling on it between the short moans of need.


The hands that were reached around his sides had begun to glide the oil all over his chest and stomach. He felt that it would be the blonde that would begin to oil up his member when he felt her hands going lower to his crotch. He was harder than he had ever been before and he truly wanted to feel one of them take his shaft in their hand and stroke him.


“Not yet, Steve,” groaned the brunette, her breath still blowing on his erection as her hands were now around his outer thighs, rubbing the oil into them.


“We need to oil the rest of your body first. Then we will take care of your lust as we prepare it for your gift,” moaned the blonde, her hands now at his neck, rubbing the oil along it, then gently around his cheeks.


Steve’s mind wondered where the oil was coming from, since he never saw a bottle in the room when he came in, but at the moment, other things were on his mind, such as relief from this sensual, torturous massage they were giving him. As he moaned his need, he felt one of the blonde’s hand slide down his chest, across his abdomen, straight down the middle and directly for his rising cock.


In anticipation, his cock bounced with the twitching muscles inside it, the head of it just bouncing off the back of her hand. The touch of the bulbous hand seemed to case the hand’s direction to change course. Steve groaned with the loss of the approaching hand as it took a different direction and slid around his side toward his lower back. Her other hand, now massaging his forehead began to run slowly down his face.


Steve closed his eyes, feeling her oiled latex hand covering his nose, cheeks, and now his lips with that same oil. It smelled of latex and he couldn’t help but want to taste it. Peeking the tip of his tongue between his lips, he wasn’t surprised to find that it had a hint of latex to it, but the shock came when the latex fingers pressed to his lips and slid into his mouth.


At that same moment, the blonde’s other hand slide between his ass cheeks and with the help of all the oil, slipped a finger into his anus. The sudden plunge into his back side caused Steve’s eyes to open violently and his hips to thrust forward to escape the invasion. Instead, his thrust forward only served to force his cock into the deepest depths of the brunette’s throat.


Steve’s mind went into overload at the rape he was feeling at the moment. His hips started to work on their own, thrusting into the woman’s mouth with violence to escape the invading finger, but pulling out of the mouth and impaling his ass again on the long appendage to get the pleasure of the suction that the mouth had created. Trying to scream his anger, hatred, and extreme lust, he could only get out grunts and groans past the fingers that were now sliding all around inside his mouth. His tongue reached to taste the delicious flavor of the oil and what it brought to his mind, while his teeth wanted to bite down on them in retaliation of the other hand’s invasion of his rear.


His hips rocked back and forth, the tongue that was at his cock constantly flicking over the head when it was at the tip, and the throat massaging it when it was plunged into its grasping muscles. The finger inside his anus had not kept still during its invasion. Each time Steve unwillingly impaled himself on it; the finger tip would curve and apply pressure to his prostate. He could feel the brunette’s fingers between his splayed legs, massaging the prostate from the outside, as well.


All the sensations sent Steve’s body into overload with pleasure. His hips pulled back hard from the sucking mouth, driving the finger deep inside. As soon as the digit curved and pressed into his prostate, the ring around its knuckle tightened and Steve’s hips thrust forward, driving the head of his dick into the depths of the woman in front of him. Her throat muscles tightened around the head, massaging it, as her fingers massaged his prostate from the outside, pressing and rubbing it between it and the finger inside him.


His prostate wasn’t the only thing that was being pressed between the two women. Both of them were holding his body as still as possible, pressed between theirs. His hips tried to pull from and push deeper into the throat but there was no room as it continued milking his very sensitive head. Steve tried to groan his frustration at being so close but not have cum yet, but now all three fingers were in his mouth, and he was sucking the oil down his throat and breathing in small gasps through his nose.


Steve closed his eyes, knowing that his orgasm, one of the strongest in his life, was just on the edge of exploding from his body like a bullet from a gun. Then the worst thing that could have possibly taken place happened. The door to the room swung open, the brighter light hitting him in the face. Suddenly thinking that Sue was there and seeing him in this ménage-a-trois, Steve lost his composure.


His ejaculation exploded into the woman’s mouth, the suction now pulling it out almost faster than it could have moved on its own. Trying to break free from them and not be seen by the woman he loved so much in this position, all Steve was able to do was thrust his cock deeper into the brunette’s hungry maw or harder onto the probing finger. He heard his wail of despair come out of his filled mouth of oiled latex fingers; the sound to his ears, though, was that of a man having the greatest sex of his life.


Feeling the last dregs of his cum emptied from his dick by the sucking mouth, his body started to sag from exhaustion of the sex he just had. His mind was screaming that he must get to Sue and apologize, but his strength would not return to him quickly enough. The woman’s finger was removed from his anus, exiting the tight ring just as the brunette’s lips let his head escape their confine. Her tongue licked the hole just as the blonde’s finger traced around the opening it had exited.


Steve hung in the bindings by his wrists, unable to get his weak legs to hold his weight completely. He never looked over at the door and to his bride-to-be’s angered face. He couldn’t bare the sight of seeing her hatred of him so soon after they had professed their love for each other.


“Poor dear,” said the voice of an angel. “You should lie down and rest before you go see Sue. Ladies, help him down and lay him on the bed.”


Steve looked up and saw Maradith standing directly in front of him. Her arms were crossed underneath her naked breast, lying across them was a black latex body suit. Steve tried to stare at the suit, or at least raise his eyes to look Maradith in the face, but her breasts kept his rapt attention. They also caused a rising effect on his dick.


The bodies pressed against his sides as the women worked to release Steve’s hands from the straps hanging from the ceiling. When he was released, Steve did his best to keep himself standing, but the women on each side of him were necessary. His arms instantly went over their shoulders and they took most of his weight for him. Their hands closest to his body were around his lower back and their opposite hands held his over their shoulders, pulling his fingers down to their nipples.


“Can we play with him some more after he rest?” asked the blonde on Steve’s right.


“He does seem to be willing,” came the brunette’s sweet voice on Steve’s left. He could tell by the feel on his lower chest that she was looking at his rising erection when she spoke.


“No girls, he needs to rest and be dressed properly for his union to his bride.”


Steve suddenly had the strength and will power to snap his eyes off Maradith’s breast. He met the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen and his cock reached its full length at the lust that he could see in their depth.


“Where’s Sue?” he asked through a dry throat.


“She’s close by,” Maradith said with a bit of a chuckle. “Now, let’s get you over to the bed and lay you down.”


As she said this, the girls began to walk, Steve barely able to take full steps as this toes dragged along the latex floor. When he reached the edge of the bed, the girls climbed onto it with him, laying Steve on the bed between them. Their hands were already caressing his chest and stomach, just inches away from the head of his once again engorged cock.


“Girls, enough play time,” Maradith said in a sultry, but authoritative voice. “Here. Help Steve get dressed in this.”


Steve looked up and saw the suit fully. Maradith was holding it out in front of herself and he could see that it would cover him from the tips of his toes all the way to his neck. He even noticed that the latex suit had a sheath in the crotch area for his already hard member.


The thought of being encased in the latex made Steve’s cock jump with anticipation, let alone the fact that at least two of the three beautiful women would be helping him get into it. He felt the weight of the women leave his side as the moved to take the suit from Maradith’s hands. The women brought the suit to where his feet lay. The next touch was of their latex covered fingers touching his bare feet and lifting them off the latex sheets.


As he looked down his prone body, tired and weary from the sexual assault they had done on him earlier, he watched as the two women began to slip his feet into the footy portions of the suit. He didn’t know where the opening came from along both legs because he never saw a zipper or heard Velcro being pulled apart for it to open up.


The inside of the suit wasn’t cool like he was expecting it to be. The material was warm to the touch and already had a slight touch of oil to it so it could just slide easily over his toes. As his feet were slipped into the confines of the suit, it seemed that each toe was wrapped tightly and separately by the latex suit. Looking down, he noticed what he didn’t see before. The feet were not like slippers, as he thought earlier, but actually had toe-slots for each one of his toes; and they fit perfectly to his feet, as if it was custom made for him.


The women walked up the bed on their knees, lifting Steve’s legs off the mattress at a nearly ninety degree angle from the mattress. He watched as the women softly pressed the inside of the suits legs to the back of his, running their fingers along the outside, making sure there were no wrinkles. When they reached Steve’s upper thighs, just shy of his ass, they stopped and gently lowered his legs back to the mattress.


Steve expected the women to go back to his ankles and start sealing the suit around his legs, but instead, they moved up his body, their hands caressing his bare skin again. Both of them had touched and caressed his hard erection, but didn’t linger there for very long. Their hands were quickly up to his neck and chest, caressing the smooth bare skin there.


Steve tried to see past their hands, because something felt odd about his legs. It felt like something was crawling up the sides of them. When he was able to catch glimpses over the roving latex fingers, he saw the latex suit was not as wide open as it had been earlier in many places; and it was completely closed around his ankles and lower portions of his shins.


Trying to comprehend what was happening was very hard for Steve. The caressing hands were now tweaking his nipples and the lips of the two women were kissing and sucking on his earlobes. The last chance he got to look down at his legs, he saw that his thighs were now covered tightly by the latex suit’s legs. There was no seam in the material showing. It had closed up completely.


The women then slid their hands under Steve’s shoulders and lifted him into a sitting position. Their soft fingers slid along his back, caressing it and sending shivers of pleasure up his spine. His cock once again jumped at the erotic thoughts that were crossing his mind, but each thought was followed quickly by the sight of Sue’s face.


He could see every detail, from her pouting lips and sad eyes at him being with two women besides her. He felt guilty at lusting after these two women, but their touches were too much to be able to resist. Slowly each picture of Sue in his mind became one of her looking at him in a different manner.


Sue’s hair was mussed, as if she had just been given more sex than she could truly handle. Her half-lidded eyes smoldered with lust that was unquenched and demanding more from him. Her nostrils seemed to flare with each deep breath that she would take in his vision of her. Her full lips were partially open, sometimes with her tongue licking across them, other times as if she were letting out a moan of great pleasure.


What caused him to think of Sue so much was the feel of his fingers being slid into the hands of the suit. Steve would look over and see his hands pulled to the crotches of the women, where their fingers would slip one finger at a time of his into their sex and then slide that finger into the gloves, the moisture of their sex adding to that of the oil that was already inside the suit. Once his hands were encased, the women slid their hands down his bare back again.


When they reached Steve’s tailbone, their fingers left his skin then the suit was being pressed and caressed up his back. He didn’t remember lifting his ass up off the mattress so the suit could slide underneath him for this to be possible, but the warm touch of the latex on his skin wouldn’t permit him to think about such things.


As the suit was pressed higher to his back, Steve was lowered gently back to the bed. By the time his head was against the latex sheets, he could feel the latex suit’s arms were already closed around him up to his elbows. The feeling along all of his skin that was covered with the latex was like the tiniest of mouths, kissing, nibbling and sucking at his skin.


Steve tried not to think about this feeling being on one certain part of his body that was harder than it was earlier when he was hanging from the ceiling. The idea of his shaft being slid into the sheath that the suit had caused his erection to try and grow more than it was possible for him to do. The slight bit of pain at his arousal actually added to the pleasure of the moment.


Then the tickling began as the suit under his back began to slide up Steve’s ribs and into his armpits as it closed around his shoulders and upper arms. Steve couldn’t keep from releasing a little giggle as the soft kissing and nibbling that he felt from the latex crossed his ribs and underarm. Each millimeter of his skin that it covered was exciting, teasing and erotic, and Steve found himself wanting more of it.


The vision of Sue was still crossing his mind, but her looks were growing more and more erotic, as was the suits caressing touch. He was now imagining Sue was caressing his body, instead of the two women that were lying by his side. Somehow, he could imagine that it was Sue times two and not the two other women, lying atop his latex covered arms, his latex fingers buried deep into their grinding pussies. It was Sue’s body pressed against his, all around him, everywhere but that one place that needed her to engulf.


Steve let out a pleasurable need, wanting Sue to take him deep into her, she wouldn’t move any further off his arms. He looked over at Sue on his right and was quickly brought back to reality, staring into the burning lust-filled eyes of the blonde, her mouth open as she neared the orgasm his fingers were pushing her toward.


Looking to his left, Steve saw the brunette was just reaching her peak as well, her mouth reaching for his. Not wanting to cheat on Sue anymore than he had so far, he pulled his head away from the woman’s reaching mouth, turning so he wasn’t facing her anymore. Instead, her mouth latched onto his neck, just above the tight collar of the suit. The blonde’s mouth also began to suck on the other side of his neck at the same time.


As if on cue, the latex suit had reached Steve’s chest and covered his nipples at the same moment. Four points of sucking, two hungry mouths at his neck and the feel of the sucking latex on his nipples, sent Steve into a haze of lust. He drove his fingers as hard and quickly as possible into the sex of both the women, letting his mind go back to think it was Sue that he was pleasing.


The mouths at his neck released their lips from his skin and moaned into Steve’s ear as their orgasms crested over them. Steve moaned with them as he felt the suit coming to a complete close over his belly button. He could feel it tightening against his skin all the way around his waist, around both of his legs from the tops of his thighs to the tips of his toes, forming itself to fit his body almost completely. It felt like someone had taken latex, made it to act like cling wrap, and encased his upper body with it like a long-sleeve shirt and his legs like a pair of chaps or crotch-less pants.


His cock bounced with need of release, each time it touched his covered belly, Steve swore that that the material actually tried to hold it with little sucking kisses on the head. Each touch sent thoughts of Sue in his mind, how she had several times teased him while he was tied down for her pleasure.


She would caressing his thighs, just as it felt the suit was doing to him now, her lips just barely touching the head of his cock or the tip of her tongue just lightly caressing along the shaft. The women were now resting still atop Steve’s arms, his fingers remaining still inside their pussy’s lips.


“Girls, Steve needs the rest of the suit to be put on,” came Maradith’s voice, silky and seductive as the suit itself.


As one, both girls slide their hands down Steve’s new second skin. Unlike a regular latex suit, where he would only be able to feel a dull pressure where there hands were pressing against the outside of it, he felt their light touches as if they were rubbing down his bare skin. Each slow inch of their gentle gliding fingers was like an electric touch of erotic pleasure.


Steve let out a moan, his mind flashing pictures of Sue caressing his chest, not the two women that were on each side of him. When their hands reached his thighs, he felt them slip their fingers along the inside and caress his balls lightly as they reached the flap that was lying between them.


Then one of the hands came up and grabbed hold of Steve’s hard shaft, the grip gentle and soft, but demanding as it lifted it to stand perpendicular to his hips. The slight pain at being held up like that helped Steve to focus through the lust-filled haze he was in and he looked down in fascination to watch them slip the latex sheath over his erection.


To his surprise, Steve saw them lift the flap and hold it against his groin. The latex instantly took form around his balls and seemed to kiss and suck them into its erotic caressing touch. Instead of lifting the sheath over the top of his cock, they placed the outer edge of his sheath on the underside of his shaft and just pressed it there.


As the material seemed to grow around his shaft like liquid, only moving around instead of down with gravity, Steve’s erection started to twitch at the sensations it was giving him. His heart began to pound with how close the feel of the liquid like latex was taking him to orgasm. A fear began to creep into his mind as he watched shocked, horrified and aroused beyond comprehension. This stuff was moving against him and it was going to make him cum harder than anyone else had ever done before, even Sue.


Steve watched as the latex came to a close around the base of his shaft and began to seal up to the tip. As it reached to just under the head of his cock, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to hold out for another minute, if even that. When it began to form up the extremely sensitive head, Steve could no longer control himself any longer.


His first jet of cum only released the first half of the shot before the latex covered his opening. As soon as it was over his shaft completely, Steve felt the suction of the whole suit focus on his prick’s head, sucking each explosion he had to release. In his throes of lust, Steve’s hips began pumping up in the air, pushing into a non-existent mouth that was sucking his will out of him.


His head was thrown back as the two women on each side of his body pressed against him, cooing and caressing his body, never touching his twitching shaft. That needed no help with the latex that seemed to be pulling out every drop of fluid that his balls could produce for it. Steve could see stars beyond his eyelids as he squeezed his eyelids shut tight and screamed out his pleasure, the pleasure going from erotic bliss to orgasmic pain.


When he knew he could take no more, apparently the suit must have thought the same thing. Suddenly everything stopped. His body was as weak as a newborn, every muscle finally relaxed from the great strain of that explosion of his seed into the hungry latex that covered him now.


Steve only barely noticed the two women climb off the bed as he lie there trying to gain the strength to move on his own. Trying to lift just a finger was impossible, though. Then his body moved of its own accord. His upper body sat up like a bad rendition of a vampire move. Then he slid on his ass so that his feet were hanging over the edge of the bed.


Each move slid his latex covered body over the latex sheets he had been laying on; each sensation feeling like it was caressing his bare skin with the most seductive touch. When his feet touched the floor, it was like he was walking in the most comfortable slippers in the world, his separated toes allowing him to feel each touch of the floor beneath him.


Steve tried to will his tired and weary body to lie back down, but instead it rose to a standing position. He could hardly keep his head lifted, being as tired as he was, so he could not understand how he was able to stand up. Then the thought hit him. It was the suit.


“Why?” was the only thing Steve could barely say in a whisper. That use of his body’s energy nearly caused him to fall asleep.


“Because Sue wants you to join her, Steve,” came Maradith’s voice, her breath right next to his ear.


He felt her hand just under his chin as she lifted his head to look up into her magnificent eyes. He felt himself falling into black pools of liquid latex, her eyes boring into his mind and soul as they searched him for something.


“And you want to be with her too, don’t you Steve?”


“Yes,” he whispered again.


“Good, then Sue will help you to join her. You’re too weak to make the journey on your own now.”


“Where…?” Steve didn’t have the energy to finish his question of where Sue was, but Maradith was in his mind, he could feel it and she would know his question.


“She’s here, Steve,” Maradith said, her hand caressing his broad chest. When his eyes filled with love for Sue, Maradith laughed at his look. “No, poor man. She’s not here in your heart. She’s here, all over you.”


Steve was confused and he knew that his weary face was probably showing that confusion.


“Sue, help Steve to understand,” Maradith said, her voice, though melodic to his ears was also more commanding than he could remember hearing it before. At her direction, Steve felt the latex around his neck began to move.


It didn’t tighten, but caressed his skin as it slid up his neck. Steve at first didn’t notice until he felt it crawling along his jaw line and up the back of his head. He found a reserve bit of energy and began to shake his head in a negative, trying to shake the stuff off of him.


When it reached his mouth, Steve tried to scream “NO!” but the latex quickly covered his lips, holding them closed before he could separate them. Taking quick desperate breaths through his nose, he stared with anger and fear at Maradith. When it reached his ears, Steve fought to reach his hands up and stop it, but they felt like they were stuck to his sides with straps formed by the latex suit.


The substance had reached his nose and began to fill his nose with the delicious smell of latex as it went inside it and his ears at the same time. Steve screamed through his glued shut lips as the latex finally covered his head completely. His vision went into a pitch black as it covered his eyes and molded to his face like a plastic mask with no holes for breathing; but he could still feel his lungs filling with air.


“Relax, Steve.”


It was Sue’s voice.


“That’s right. You’re safe with me.”


Her voice was in his head.


“Yes, lover. I’m here with you now. Soon we will be together and complete.”


“Sue? What’s going on?” Steve asked in his mind.


“We are saving ourselves from trouble by joining Jason and Maradith’s brothel.”


“I don’t want to join their brothel.”


“Don’t you want to be with me, Steve?”




“Then join their brothel, lover”




“Because I’ve already joined.”




“Steve, if you want to be with me, you have to join with me and join them.”


“Why would I want to join them?”


“This is why.”


The latex around Steve’s eyes cleared and he saw that he was standing in the middle of a small pool of liquid latex, bubbling and roiling all around him.


“How did I get here?”


“I brought you.”


“What’s going to happen to me?”


“You will join me, in our mutual passion…in the latex.”


Steve felt the latex around his body begin to loosen its hold of his upper body. Instead fitting like a custom made glove, snug against his skin, it was beginning to feel loose around him. His strength had returned to him enough to keep his own head erect as the latex around it began to loosen. Then he felt his connection to Sue disappear just as the latex around his upper body slid off his body like water dripping off him after a shower.


“Sue,” Steve called out, his voice finally found.


“I’m right here Steve.” Sue’s voice was behind him. Turning around, his body still waist deep in the roiling, bubbling liquid latex, his breath caught in his lungs and his voice escaped him once again.


Standing in the pool before him, near the edge, was what looked like Sue’s body. It looked more like a latex version of sue was standing before him. Every inch of her form was covered with the shiniest, highest polished latex he had ever seen, accentuating every curve that his eyes could take in.


Her waist was tightened, almost waspish, as if she were wearing the tiniest of corsets. Her breasts stood full and proud on her chest, her nipples sticking out like hard pebbles, waiting to be licked nibbled and sucked with abandon. When that though crossed his mind, Steve felt the latex under the black bubbling tar-like surface start to caress and stick to his legs. Focusing on Sue’s form again, he moved his eyes away from her arousing breast to her very slender, slim neck, up to the tight jaw line and over her perfectly shaped chin.


Sue’s lips were pursed, ready for a kiss, waiting to have Steve’s mouth pressed to it in a passionate lock of lust, their tongues entwining together. This thought was rewarded with the latex now reaching forming against Steve’s buttocks, sliding along the crease of his cheeks and just toying with the opening that was back there. It almost felt like a rim job that Sue had given him once before.


Steve was looking at Sue’s lips when he remembered that thought of her licking around his ass like that. When she did it, it was not something that he cared all that much before, and she didn’t seem to care for it either. But as he thought about it now, Sue’s tongue reached out and licked her lips. The black shiny tongue looked longer than it had before, as it crossed over the shiny latex covered lips.


The thought of that tongue giving him a rim job was rewarded with the latex under the surface now taking shape around Steve’s balls, caressing and massaging them. Looking past Sue’s sweet, succulent mouth, he saw her pitch black indentions where Sue’s eyes should be. What he saw there instead was just black latex. It reminded him of the time that he and Sue had played with a vacuum bag, sealing Sue inside the bag.


That was exactly how her eyes looked then to. Her mouth was formed into an “O” of pleasure as he pressed vibrators to her vacuum sealed sex and nipples. These memories gave Steve a thrill, as did the liquid latex as it sealed around his manhood. Instantly, he was drawn to a hard erection by the caressing and sucking feel of the material.


“Now you know why I joined them Steve,” Sue’s form said, her voice sounding like it was coming through water, as her lips moved and latex poured out of it with each word.


She stepped closer to Steve, who was held to his spot, unable to pull away from the pleasure that the latex was giving him at that moment. His mouth opened as he neared another orgasm.


“Soon, lover, you will be with me in our new bodies,” she said to him, now just inches from his body. Her arms slid around Steve’s waist, leaving liquid latex in their trail.


Sue stepped closer and Steve’s arms went to her waist to make sure she didn’t pull away. He felt the latex under his fingers start to flow off her form and around his hands, up his wrists and lower arms.


“I don’t want to lose you, Sue,” he told her, his body now pressed to hers as his arms slid around her back, and Sue’s slid up his back and behind his head.


“We’ll be together forever, lover. There is no leaving me once we’re together.” Sue’s mouth was still open as she leaned closer for a kiss.


“I love you,” Steve said just before he closed his mouth over Sue’s.


He felt the latex fill him then. It entered his body through his mouth, his nose was pressed into Sue’s face and she melted around him into living liquid latex that would not be stopped; and Steve didn’t want to stop it.


His body exploded into an orgasm at that point and his knees gave way, casing him to sink to the bottom of the pool. His breath escaped him in many black bubbles raising to the surface as his cum shot his soul into the liquid latex. His spirit mingled with lust with nothingness before it was caught in the arms of Sue’s on spirit. They joined in the most intense kiss that neither had ever known before; their sex was now on a whole new level as they became one while remaining two separate souls, mixed with the liquid latex that would be their living form from here until eternity.


The new report was buried in the far back pages of the San Francisco and New York newspapers. It was no surprised to the very few that did know Sue or Steve a little bit that the two of them were in trouble.


Steve’s body was found, sitting next to Sue’s, in the convertible that they had been driving along the desert roads, where they were supposed to be at a convention. Supposedly, during the late night drive, Steve had fallen asleep behind the wheel, with Sue asleep at his side.


The car was found the next day by the construction crew that had been working the site where they were paving the road. It was still strange how the car had left the road, and ended up in the heated tar, upside down, covering and suffocating Steve and Sue, trapped in their seats by their seatbelts.


An investigation was pending in San Francisco due to some strange financial dealings that Steve had with some unsavory characters. No more was said in the articles. No one cared if a couple of fetish store owners had passed away.


A few reporters that covered the story did find a new love for latex suits visiting the Succubus Ranch brothel.


Copyright 2007 by Jason Morris, mjm202036@hotmail.com. All rights reserved.


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